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The same tricks that, that once fooled me
They won't get you anywhere
I'm not the same kid from your memory
Well, now I can fend for myself

I just got kind of inspired to write this. I don't know why I chose Bat. I mean, Bat is my favorite pairing, but I think the concept may have been executed on a Bade story. I do plan on writing a sequel using the same concept, but Beck's the one changing rather than Cat, and possibly a prequel of this exact story, in Cat's POV. I don't know, I'll see how you guys like it. It's a little OOC, but they get more into character as the story progresses. This is my first *real* Victorious fanfic. Well, that I've gotten far enough to publish anyway. So I hope you like it!

Oh, and BTW it's about how Cat and Beck are best friends, but as Cat grows up, changes, makes new friends, and kind of leaves Beck behind. He's used to having her lean on him, but now she's independent. So, as I said, Cat's a little OOC, but Beck's not too OOC.

Beck POV
September 2nd, 2009-The Day Before They Start High School
"No, Beck stop! I don't want you to help me!"
"Are you sure?"
"Of course! I'm not a little girl anymore!"
Cat and I sat in her bathroom, a bottle of dark brown hair dye in front of us. She smoothed her skirt and placed her hands in her lap.
"I don't need your help to do this." She said confidently.
"All right, if that's what you want," I say grabbing my phone from the counter, and my jacket off of her bed. "You know where to find me," I state, and she just waves her hand in acknowledgement, busy brushing the color onto the roots of her hair. I sighed and headed out the door.
"Going so soon Beck?" I hear Ms. Valentine ask from the kitchen where she's busily baking red velvet cupcakes, Cat's favorite thing in the entire world.
"Yeah, I've got some homework I've got to catch up on." I lie.
"Oh, at least stay for a red velvet cupcake! I'd be offended if you didn't!"
I shrug and sit down at the dining table.
"Thanks Ms. V!"
"Oh, no problem. Come over anytime!" And I know she means it. After the divorce Mrs. Valentine loves having "the man of the house" over. And I enjoy being there.
She sets down a plate with a warm red velvet cupcake. I finish it in a few minutes and stand up. "Thanks. It was really good. There's no way you couldn't win the bake-off." I carry my plate over to the sink, and run it under the water.
"Ah, what a gentleman!" She exclaims. Ms. Valentine is a nurse, but I know for a fact that she loves to bake.
"See you later!" I call on my way out.
"Take care dear! You're welcome any time!"
I let out a sigh once I'm outside, and kick a rock down the street. Five minutes later, my phone is ringing, and the desperate voice of Cat chimes in my ear.
"What's up Cat?" I ask.
"Beck!" She frantically says. "I need your help! Something went wrong!" I hear her start to cry.
"I'll be right there!" I say, and snap my phone shut. I get a little frustrated with Cat. One minute she's forcing me to go away, the next she needs my help.
No, I can't think that way. Cat needs my help. She's a teen girl, what can I expect? She wants to be independent, and as her friend I'll help her achieve that.
I end up back at the Valentine's and Ms. V opens the door. "Oh, Beck! I didn't expect you back so soon!"
"Cat needed me," I say walking in. I climb up the tall, swirling stair case to Cat's room where I find her crying in front of a mirror.
"Hey, what's the matter?" I say, brushing a tear from her cheek. "This!" She says pulling off the towel to reveal a head of bright, cherry red hair.
"Whoa!" I say surprised. She had originally chosen a deep, rich, brown color. "That's intense!"
"I know," She sniffs. "It's awful." She tilts her chin down and a few more years roll down her rosy cheeks.
"Hey, hey, hey!" I say, gently lifting up her chin. "It's gorgeous. Especially on you,"
I look her in her eyes, her large chocolate brown orbs lighting up the slightest bit.
"You think so?" She whimpers, and I nod.
"Better than that other boring color. Brunette is boring." She smiles and her eyes light up.
"Thanks Beck!" And she reaches forward and hugs me. I grin and wrap my arms around her, inhaling her sweet vanilla scent. "Hey," I say pulling away puzzled. "How did you manage to turn it red anyway?" I ask.
"I don't know!" She stammers. "I followed all the instructions this time!"
I grab the bottle from the table. "Cat?"
"You're supposed to wash your hair first…"

The realization glimmers in her eyes and I can't help but smile.


"Don't worry, it looks amazing," I say, and she smiles genuinely.

We're interrupted when Ms. Valentine opens the door holding two plates with cupcakes which she drops to the floor in surprise.

"Cat! Your hair!"

"I know Mom, "She says smiling. "It was an accident, but I think I like it like this,"

Ms. V smiles as she picks the plates up off Cat's light wooden floor. "Well, if you like it, I love it!"

This makes Cat grin from ear to ear.

"And it matches the cupcakes!"

I laugh and Ms. V just smiles as she holds the cupcake up to her hair.

I glance at the time on my phone and notice it's already 11:00 pm.

"I've got to get back." I say.

"Do you really have to go?" She asks with pleading eyes.

"Yeah," I tell her. "We've got the first day tomorrow,"

"Phooey," She pouts.

I just grin my goofy grin while putting on my jacket. "See you later,"

"Bye bye!" She gives a cute little wave as I exit out the door.

I sigh in the chilly night air. It was incredibly cold for Hollywood. I could see my breath. I've barely started walking when something extraordinary happens. A white flake falls and lands on my hand. I stare at it in wonder. Snow? In L.A.? I smile as I look up, extending my arms to the sky, watching the soft flakes fall softly on the ground.

"Beck! Beck!" I hear Cat cry, and I see Cat running towards me from her house. "It's snowing!" She grins at me.

"Yeah, I noticed!" And I can't help but smile too. There's about half an inch on the ground, probably the most on record. She turns to her mother who's running out the door behind her, laughing and smiling. It's nice to see her smile genuinely. It hasn't happened much since the divorce.

I scoop up a handful of snow with my bare hands, and shape it into a ball. I then hurl it at Cat's neck, and when it hits her, she turns around, playful hatred in her eyes. It drips down her neck and she shivers. "So…Cold!" She gasps, bending over to scoop up a handful of snow. She chucks it at me, and I try to lean out of the way, but end up leaning more into it, getting a face full of snow. I just grin at her. "You're so on!" I challenge, grabbing some more snow and throwing it at Cat. This goes on for about an hour, and then Cat and I fall back in the snow together. We make snow angels, even if the snow's barely an inch deep. "Beck?"


"What am I to you?" She whispers in my ear.

"What?" I ask.

"What am I to you? A freak, an acquaintance, a friend…" She trailed off.

"You, Cat," I say, looking directly into her huge brown dough eyes. "You, Cat, are the awesomest thing that's ever happened to me."I tell her.

And I mean it.

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