Beck POV

I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday. The time I had with Jade was amazing. I bet she regrets turning me down before.

She even fuckin' kissed me!

I grinned, thinking about it.

I quickly showered and got dressed, grabbing my keys and phone off the table.

From: Jade

Message: pick me up this morning

I quickly typed back a reply.

To: Jade

Message: k babe

Almost instantaneously a new text popped up.

From: Jade

Message: did u just call me babe?

To: Jade

Message: sure did babe. see u in 10

I slid my phone into my pocket, and it buzzed a couple minutes later.

I sighed and pulled it out, opening the new text I had.

From: Kitty-Cat

Message: heyhey Beck! Can u pick me up this morning? Jacksons car stalled

Oh, so now I have to drive Cat to school when her other "special friends" can't take her? I was irritated, and my fingers raced across the keyboard on my phone.

To: Kitty-Cat

Message: sorry. taking a friend. try asking jake

I sneered at the message. She had a bunch of other guy friends to turn to.

From: Kitty-Cat

Message: Plllzzzzzzzz Beck? I alredy tried a bunch of other ppl! Ur my last resort!

I could practically hear her voice pleading. I couldn't resist Cat, and I knew that.

I climbed into my car and drove over to Jade's, where I remembered to open the door for her. I held it open, and I could see there was a small smile tugging at the edges of her lips, seeing that I remembered.

"I've got to pick up Cat too," I tell her, and she glares back at me.

"What, are you some kind of taxi service?" She snaps.

"Calm down, she just really needed a ride."

"You better hope so," Jade replied, leaning back and pulling her large, dark shades over her eyes.

Five minutes later I pulled into Cat's driveway, where she raced out. She was wearing a purple frilled silk tank top, a pair of high-waisted white short shorts, and strappy white wedge heels, which she ran over to my car in, tripping over once.

But then she realized who was in the front seat.

Her eyes widened as she climbed into the back seat, suddenly silencing herself.

After driving with a few moments of silence, I heard a whisper in my ear.

"Pssstttt…!" Cat whispered loudly. "Psssssttttttttt!"

"What? Cat, I'm driving!" I told her, trying to focus on the road.

"But it's important!" She whined, still using a hushed voice.

"Well, it'll have to wait."

Once we pulled into the parking lot of our awesome high school, it seemed that Cat had completely forgotten about what she was going to tell me. She saw Jackson, who she ran squealing towards, who picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her, and I felt a bit frustrated.

That's what I do.

Or, at least what I used to do.

Minus the kissing part, instead setting her down and either tickling her for so long she's begging me to stop or giving her noogies until she explodes with laughter.

Jade entwines her fingers with mine, as we start walking to the entrance together. "In front of everyone?" I asked, confused.

"We're all going to hell anyway," She says, pulling her large sunglasses down and strutting towards the school with me.

I notice the students around us whispering, and I just relax.

Just like Jade said.

In Sikowitz I can almost feel the rumors circling around us, and start feeling slightly uncomfortable/

"I heard that she's blackmailing him to go out with her."

"Really? While I heard he gave her thirty bucks to pretend to be his girlfriend for some prank he's pulling,"

I shift in my chair, and sink down a bit. Whispers swarm me and Jade, who are sitting in the last row next to the door. As things start to die down, they rev right back up again when Jade stretches out her legs and places them in my lap. By now I've learned to ignore it, and before I realize it, I'm drawing little invisible shapes on Jade's bare leg. I think to stop before she notices, but I realize she already has, and she must like it, because she hasn't yelled at me to stop yet. I zone out, and start drawing little hearts on her leg, and start writing our initials in them. BO+CV

…Wait? Did I just write CV?

…Those are Cat's initials, not Jade's. I can't believe I just did that. Why would I do it in the first place? Jade is my girlfriend, not Cat. I'm dating Jade, not Cat. Cat is the one I like to kiss, not Jade.

There I go again.

All my thoughts center around Cat, and I force myself to believe I love Jade. I'm dating Jade. Why won't my brain get that already? I don't like Cat. Cat is my friend. We are friends. Just friends.
I can't help but feel guilty, telling Jade I love her, when most of the time, I'm imagining Cat.

I'm playing with Jade's hair, deciding whether her streaks are extensions or dye. I decide they're dyed when I give the red one a little tug and she glares at me. I can't help but notice that the one I tugged on is the exact same shade as Cat's cherry red locks, and imagine it's her hair. Jade and Cat have similar scents, but they're completely different. Cat had a sweet, tropical, island vanilla scent, while Jade had more of a vanilla-mint smell to her, which made a big difference. I might mention that vanilla is my favorite fragrance.

Can I help liking the sweet vanilla scent of Cat better than Jade's icy one?

Can I help wishing I were dating Cat, not Jade?