It's been five months since incidents that fell upon Jessica and her family. Things got better knowing Sam's father and Curtis were going to be locked up in prison for attempted murder and numerous counts of false facts that ruined those people lives. A week after the trail Jessica was awarded with the Medal of Bravery for standing up in a hazardous circumstances. That was a proud moment in her life. Now she was back in school with her new fiance, Jayden. He bought the ring after the shooting. It was a silver band diamond ring. Everything was back to normal. Also Team One was cleared for duty but they were on probation. So today it was the weekend so Jessica came by the SRU with Natalie to see her parents. They found Jules working out with the team.

"Mom" Jessica yelled

Jules looked up to see Jessica and Natalie coming towards her. Jules gave her daughter a hug.

"Hi Jessica. Nice to see you again Natalie." Jules said

"Nice to see you too. It's been a while since everything." Natalie said

"Yeah I know what you mean. So is Sam around?"

"Yeah where's dad?" Jessica asked

Now that everything was out in the air Jessica started calling Sam her dad. It made it feel so right to everyone even Jessica and Sam.

"He's in the back getting something he'll be back." Jules replied

"So Jessica how are things in school?" Wordy asked

"Well things got better. I got even more popular with my new medal on me. I'm known as 'The Brave One' in school. All the meetings for graduation are going well. It's only a few months away. I already sent out my applications for college and I got a few back saying I'm accepted." Jessica said

"Really that's great!" Spike said

"Yeah Jayden got into the same schools as I have. So we won't be that far apart."

"Oh how's is your fiance?" Ed asked

Everyone started laughing at that comment. Jules gave Jessica a nudge to the arm. Jessica smiled.

"Yeah. Ha Ha Ha! Very funny! He's fine. You guys know we're not getting married now. We're getting married two years from now. Yet my friends are still fighting over who's who in the wedding." Jessica said

"It will come down sooner or later. We're all happy for the both of you." Greg said

"Thank you."

Sam came from behind and Jessica ran up to him and gave him a big hug

"Hello Dad." Jessica said

"Hello princess" Sam said

"Aw cute! Sam calls his girl 'princess'." Spike said

Everyone laughed at that and Sam just got a little bit annoyed by the that

"Yeah laugh it up" Sam said

"Hey don't laugh at him. It's true anyway." Jessica said

Sam smiled at Jessica and then looked at his sister

"Hey Natalie." Sam said

"Hey Sam. I came with Jessica to ask you if I could borrow the car? Job hunting is that okay?" Natalie asked

"Yeah sure."

"Thank you. You are the best. Sam is letting crash with him for a few months while I get settled here but I feel like I'm cramping his style."

Before she could finish Sam showed her off to see the headquarters. Jessica made a look at her mom to know Natalie almost blew there cover. So she took a chance to change the subject.

"So I'm going to get the rest of the stuff I have out my locker. I haven't been able to do that because of school." Jessica said

"Okay be quick." Jules said

Jessica ran off to the locker room to get the rest of her stuff.


Jessica got the rest of her stuff out of the locker room. When she left the room she heard her dad and her aunt arguing in the hallway. She went behind the wall to hear what they were saying.

"The thing about cramping my style. Please watch what you say." Sam said

"What do you mean?" Natalie asked

"It could give the wrong impression."

"The wrong impression?"

"Yeah about Jules, that we're involved, which we're not because that could get me fired okay?"

"Okay so that is not her shampoo in the shower or her toothbrush in the sink?"

Sam just gave her a look which Natalie could tell that he was lying about him and Jules

"Can I have the car keys?" Natalie asked

Sam gave her the keys and she started to walk away but then turned around

"I had to use your pay pal account is that okay?"

"You did what?" Sam asked

"It was for my job interviews. I'll pay you back when I can."

"No you can keep them."


"Yeah but I want you out of my house by tonight in return."

Sam started to walk away when Natalie stopped him

"You can't be serious? I really need a place to stay." Natalie said

"You should have thought about that before using things that aren't yours?" Sam said

"You let Jessica stay over there?"

"There's a big difference. She's my daughter. Oh by the way since we're bringing Jessica into the conversation I kept hearing her complain about you and her friends keep bugging her about a wedding for her and Jayden. That has got to stop. She had told you guys before that it was going to be the next two or three years till they get married. Right now she needs to focus on graduating high school and going to college."

"Is that it Sam or is there something you're not saying. You know what I think you don't want her to get married at all because you would be losing her when you just got her back in your life."

Jessica was scared where this was going between her dad and aunt. How can this be such a big deal in any way?

"But you know what Sam she is going be leaving soon for college so that mean she's leaving anyway." Natalie finished

"I never said about me being upset about her getting married. I mean I wish they were older but I would never tear my daughter apart from the one she loves. I just think it's too young for them to take that step." Sam said

"But I guess having a baby at eighteen was not too young huh?"

Sam then her sister flabbergasting look. Never did he think his sister would say something like that.

"I had no idea she existed. If I did know yeah I would be a teenager with a kid but I would have taken care of her and Jules." Sam yelled

"Yet you never had the nerve to try to call Jules or track her down. If you did all the events from Jules giving Jessica up for adoption to Dad trying to kill her would not have happened." Natalie said

"Do you blame me for what happen to Jessica and Jules?"

Before she could answer Jessica came from behind the wall. Sam and Natalie saw her standing there with her stuff and now they felt like idiots for saying those things.

"I don't want to talk to either of you right now." Jessica cried

Jessica walked away from them crying. Sam then looked at her sister who was shocked along with him.

"You happy now? Be out of my house by tonight." Sam said

Sam walked away trying to think of way to fix all of this mess that happened in the hallway.


By the time Natalie left for Sam's apartment to Sam trying to find his daughter in the base Jessica was already gone. Sam got back with the team and they approached him.

"What happened Sam? Jessica went to get her stuff and then she ran off crying!" Jules asked

"Natalie and I had a fight and then I kick her out of the apartment." Sam replied

"So that's all? Kicking her out of the apartment is not a long way to go to get her upset." Wordy said

"Yeah well it didn't really end there."

"What do you mean, Sam?" Ed asked

"Well it lead to Natalie saying how I caused all the events that happened to Jessica. She blames me for ruining her life and Jules' life. I also said to Natalie that I thought that Jessica being married at twenty was too young. She also said that having a baby at eighteen was not too young for me than my daughter getting married at twenty. I lost it after she said that. Jessica came out of hiding while hearing our conversation. She ran off after hearing all that."

"Oh my god. Sam you and Natalie have to fix this." Jules said

Before he could reply the alarm went off. Team One went off to stop an armed robbery. Although when it was over Sam would need to think of how to fix his relationship with his sister and his daughter.


Jessica came by her dad's house to spend the night like usually. She parked her car and saw that her aunt's car was almost filled with her stuff. She was angry at the both of them for saying things like that about her and her family. She got out of the car and went into the building. When she got to Sam's apartment she heard her dad and aunt talking so she decided to listen in on their conversation.

"I'm an idiot and I want you to stay with me." Sam said

"Yeah I was an idiot too. I didn't mean what I said earlier. I was just so angry that I never got the chance to be part of Jessica's life for seventeen years. I mean yeah having a baby at eighteen while not knowing she existed made it more harder on you than me and everyone else." Natalie said

"I know. I didn't mean what I said about the wedding either. I'm happy for the both of them. I can't wait for Jayden to be my son-in-law. I just wished I had more time with her."

Jessica was teared up by what they were saying that she needed to be a part of the conversation. She knocked on the door and what for someone to answer. She saw her dad in front of and was ready to talk to her when she put her hand up to stop him. She walked in and sat down in front of her dad and aunt.

"Look I've been through a lot the past eighteen years. I've been parent less for seventeen years until I found mom and the rest of my family. I was under a lot of pressure trying to keep my school work, my job, and my family members intact. While I was handling everything I could tell how much pain you guys were in. You know how I know cause we were all in a lot of pain including me. Although no seems to hold in more than you dad and I think I know why it's because you don't want to admit how much you're hurting. Yet all that pain cause a big fight between you and aunt Natalie. If you talked about your feelings with past events or future things like graduation, college or the wedding than this fight would not have happened. So I'm sorry that things turned out the way they have but from now on you can't keep your feelings locked up from me or the rest of the family." Jessica said

Sam and Natalie just looked at the young girl in awe of what she said. It was a moment later then Sam and Natalie sat down next to her.

"Okay I won't keep my feelings locked up anymore. It's just I felt better dealing with my feelings alone than with anyone else but now that I have you I need to be honest with you while you get older and with everyone else." Sam said

"Yeah we didn't mean what we said it's just we're still not over how our dad wanted nothing to do with you and did everything he could so you weren't around. Although since he's gone we have to get over it and move on with our lives." Natalie said

"I know it's hard on both of you but like Dad said months ago he made his choice. We all make choices in life we regret but maybe we can learn from them and move on. Like my choice to marry Jayden in two or three years made an effect on you dad. Why didn't tell me you felt that way before?" Jessica said

"I wanted you to be happy and I'll always want you to be happy but it won't mean I won't have certain feelings towards it."

"Dad I will always love you no matter what. Neither Jayden and I want to go away after we get married. We'll always be near by in college or in the city. Also Aunt Natalie did you really think it's my dad's fault for ruining my life and mom's life?"

"Of course not. I know you told me the story of what happened but I was so angry that it just came out. I don't blame him. I love him and you."

"I love you too. So from now on we all talk about our feelings so we have no more outburst?"

"Deal" both of them said

All three of them shook each other's hands then made a group hug. Then Jessica's phone started to ring. The caller id said 'mom'. Jessica looked at her dad and left for her room to talk to her mom.

"So where were we again?" Sam asked

"I think it was me moving back in with you. It will be just a month tops." Natalie replied

"Okay because any longer than one of us has to learn how to cook or maybe we have Jessica do that. She's so good with cooking."

"I heard that." Jessica yelled from her room

Sam and Natalie laughed

"So you and Jules?" Natalie asked

"Yeah?" Sam asked

"Okay look it's not my place and whom am I to say it but the way I see it Sam is you got this amazing daughter, you got the mother of your child, and you got this job. But while you have your job you sneak around with Jules and Jessica being a secret family. That's not much of a five year plan. You have one life. What do you want?"

Then Natalie went off to be with her niece. Sam looked out the window to think over what she said. His family was his whole world but he needed this job too. He just hopes he can come up with what he wants in the near future before it's too late.


Hi everyone. This is the squeal to "Flashpoint: Second Chances". I thought it made sense to make a squeal. Although to let everyone know I will be starting college so I won't be able to update for a while. I'll try to write this when I get free time on my hands. Love you guys. Bye.