"Well, Doofenshmirtz is at it again. Go get 'em Agent P!"

Perry the Platypus saluted Major Monogram and took off to his hover craft, off to face his arch nemesis, Dr. Doofenshmirtz. It was going to be the normal day. Perry crashes in, is momentarily trapped by Doof, who gives his little monologue or backstory, whichever one he chose for the day. Then Perry escapes from the trap, stops Doof's plan and leaves to Doof's calling of "Curse you Perry the Platypus!"

And Perry makes it back to his home just in time for snacks. He can always count on the boys to drop him bits and pieces from the table.

Perry smirked thinking of his home owners and soon the huge building of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated loomed closer over him, nearly matching the dark color of the sky, which was heavy with rain clouds. Perry thought briefly, "I hope it doesn't rain today."

He crashed in to the window, shattering it to millions of pieces. He landed dramatically crouched over, one hand reached out and his tail sticking up to keep his balance. He looked up, his eyes barely visible behind his dark fedora. Doofenshmirtz turned from working on his newest machine and growled, "Perry the Platypus! Really? Really? Must you always crash through my window? I have a perfectly good door right over there!" The doctor pointed at the door and Perry's eyes flickered over to it, then back to Doof. He didn't say anything and Doof just glared at him before pressing a button, having a cage fall down onto Perry, trapping him where he stood. Doof placed his hands on his hips. "There. That's what you get for crashing through my window. These things are hard to replace you know. Now. Listen as I explain to you my new inator."

Doof turned and began walking to his new creation, blabbing on about it. Perry took note that today was neither a backstory nor a monologue. It was a musical number, meaning Doof would be far too distracted to take notice of Perry starting to escape from his cage.

Perry started working on it immediately, taking a file out from under his hat to begin grating away at the bars to his cage. He didn't know how long the song would take so he had to do this quickly.

"Perry the Platypus? Are you trying to es-cape?" Doof's voice took a sing-song note on 'escape' and Perry looked up, unfortunately noticing that the scientist's song had ended, being quite short today. Doof sighed, "Really Perry the Platypus can't you just sit there for once and let me accomplish my evil plan?"

The platypus just met his gaze silently.

"Yeah I guess not," Doof sighed. Perry never said anything but they two nemesis were able to understand each other quite perfectly. Any normal person who walked in and listened in on their little conversations would just think that the strange man in the white lab coat was crazy by talking to himself, but they both really got each other. What Perry lacked in speech Doof made up for it. It was actually a nice little thing they had going. "Well if you must thwart me Perry the Platypus, I would oblige, but I particularly like this evil scheme and I will not even think about setting you free. Sorry. It's nothing personal. It's just business."

But just then Perry tackled the scientist to the ground. He leaned back his fist lightning fast but just as he was about to knock out his nemesis, there was a crash of lightning and thunder. The platypus froze up and Doof took this moment to punch Perry right off of him and knock him several feet away. The platypus landed on the hard black floor and shook his head, getting on his knees and looking up with a small bit of blood at the corner of his lip and a bruise starting to form around his left eye, yet his hat remained on. Doof got to his feet and smiled cruely at his foe. "It's a shame you're not doing so well today Perry the Platypus. Too bad. For you at least! Haha!"

But instead of moving over to the machine Doof stood there for another moment, watching and waiting for Perry to move, offer some sort of resistance or something. But another flash of lightning lit up the evil lair and Perry let out a growl of shock and curled in to a small ball, squeezing his eyes shut. It was as if the secret agent had totally forgotten his mission to stop Doofenshmirtz.

"Perry? Perry the Platypus what's going on? I-I mean you usually foil my plant at this point are you feeling okay?"

Perry opened his eyes and growled at the scientist before letting out a whimper when the thunder roared above them. Doof's eyes widened as he looked down at the trembling animal, putting two and two together. "Perry the Platypus, are you scared of lightning and thunder storms?"

The shaking Perry didn't respond and Doof stared down at him for a moment, not really sure what to do. But then another flash lit up the sky and the frightened Perry launched himself at the nearest thing to him, which was Dr. Doofenshmirtz's leg. He stood there cowering like a terrified child, gripping on to Doof's leg tightly. And the evil scientist felt himself stiffen as he looked down at the teal colored platypus. "Perry?" he asked in his thick German accent. "Perry the secret agent is scared of . . . thunder storms?" Another peal of thunder rumbled overhead, like an exclamation, and making the platypus whimper again in fear.

What a strange thing for an agent to be frightened of, Doofenshmirtz thought to himself as he looked at the cowering creature. But then again Perry is a platypus, and most animals are scared of thunder and lightning I suppose.

He looked dejectedly over at his Hot-inator, made to melt all of the ice and snow everywhere so it would never be cold anywhere again. It was a perfect plan, flawless, and Doofenshmirtz had been excited to show off to his nemesis and have him watch the melting of the ice and snow everywhere. But now. . .

Doof looked at the shaking Perry, then at the Hot-inator. It would be more than easy to start his new inator, but it would almost seem too easy, and no fun if he didn't get to fight with Perry the Platypus.

The scientist gazed dejectedly at the machine and turned back to Perry. He reached down and patted his head uncertainly. "There there Perry the Platypus. Would you mind if I go over to my closet for a moment? It's for nothing evil I just uh, could get something for you."

The agent didn't look up at his arch nemesis and tightened his grip for a moment, then after another second, released the leg. He was on his front paws and knees, shaking ever so slightly and casting terrified glances over at the balcony which showed off the storm outside. He looked over jerkily as Doof walked over to a closet and pulled out a soft woolen blanket that was a light shade of violet. He came up and picked up Perry in his arms, wrapping the blanket around him before taking him over to the couch and placing him there. He took Perry's hat, "There you go Perry the Platypus. You just wait here, okay?"

Doof walked to the kitchen and made two steaming cups of hot cocoa topped with small marshmallows. But when he walked out to give Perry one, he found the platypus shivering in fear underneath the blanket. Doof stared for a moment before walking over to him and pulling up the blanket, handing a mug to him. "Here," he says. "The chocolate will help I think. Just wait here Perry the Platypus." Then Doof went and closed and bolted all of the windows and closed all of the blinds, slightly muffling the sound and getting the storm out of Perry's mind as best he could, but no one could stop the loud sounds of thunder from overhead, sending Perry to grip his mug as hard as he could without breaking it.

The evil scientist took note of the time and quickly changed in to his casual wear, just some sweats and a loose dark T that read 'Evil' in thin and jagged white letters. He got his own mug of hot chocolate and sat on the couch beside his arch nemesis, turning on the nearby TV and turning on the DVD player. "Let's see what movie is in here . . . Ah! It's that Megamind movie Perry the Platypus have you seen it yet?" he addressed the platypus, who shook his head in answer to the question. Doof looked shocked. "That's horrible Perry the Platypus! You must see it!"

They started the movie and Doof tried not to take notice that whenever thunder sounded, Perry couldn't help but inch a little closer to the human closest to him. Normally if there was ever a storm, Perry would have Phineas or Ferb to run to and hold him until it was over. Sometimes even Candace, but that was extremely rare. As well as this situation. Finally after just ten simple minutes of Perry's jumping, budging and squeaking, Doof flung his arms up in the air. "Goodness gracious Perry the Platypus just come here already!" He then roughly reached for his nemesis and Perry prepared for his hands to be strong and firm, even painful, but he was surprised that the long hands grabbed him rather gently, carefully bringing him over and placing the nemesis on Doof's lap. He released him and Perry lay down gratefully, purring gently as the long hands stroked his fur calmly and he soon forgot about the storm, falling asleep in the hands of someone who he was supposed to hate.

Hours later Doof was asleep, lying on his back with one arm draped over Perry, his head resting on a soft and cushiony pillow. Both were sleeping soundly, a small long blanket over them with Perry's head close to Doofenshmirtz's and his small blue body sprawled out over his nemesis. The TV had turned off automatically after ten minutes when the movie had ended. Doof slept soundly and Perry made gentle snoring sounds.

When morning came it was Dr. Doof that woke up first, murmuring slightly half awake to himself. He struggled to remember the events of the night previous and when he did remember, he suddenly realized who the platypus resting on him was. Oh yes, this is Perry the Platypus. He almost looks like a normal platypus. It's a very good disguise. I can barely tell he is Perry the Platypus right now. The evil scientist looked over his nemesis and reached up a hand to gently stroke the fur along Perry. "He's kind of cute," he whispered, smirking quietly to himself. He held both arms around the platypus now and gave him a gentle squeeze. Then he looked left and right, making sure that no one was around. He hadn't turned Norm on yet so he was still sleeping. It was just him and the platypus.

He looked fondly at Perry and gently leaned his head forward to kiss the top of the platypus's head. Doofenshmirtz smiled to himself in triumph when the platypus didn't wake up and leaned his head back, closing his eyes again to get a few more minutes rest.

But Doofenshmirtz didn't see it when Perry opened one eye and smirked at the Doctor.