A/N: I don't own any characters. Most of these definitions came from Google. MMORPG: Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. WarScape is made up. CC: gamespeak for Clan Chat. Cybering: a virtual sex encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via computer network send each other sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience.

Chapter 1: Gamer Girl

Kairi booted up her laptop and bit her bottom lip in anticipation. She had lost all track of time! How could she have done this to herself? As soon as the welcome screen was up and revealed her panda background she clicked on a sword icon.

That's right. Kairi Hayes was playing an online game. An MMORPG to be exact. The game interface popped up, ready for her to type in her username and password.

Welcome to WarScape!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message from: Fainn

Ari, where the hell are you?

Kairi sent back a private message, praying he was still on. A few seconds later he came back with quick reply.

Fainn: We're on the way to Garis. Three-headed dragon.

Ariae: On my way, teleporting now.

She cast the right spell on her character and moved her to Garis. Gari was a poor city on the game and always in danger of big enemies. A news letter that was sent out yesterday let all players know that an enormous three-headed dragon would be paying the town a visit. Who was brave enough to fight the fire-breathing beast? Kairi and her gaming friends were.

Geir joined the clan chat.

Fainn: I got melee.

Geir: Maging.

Ariae: I'm ranging then.

The three characters came upon the large dragon as a group of players were leaving the arena. Each had 3 health left and were running for a safe zone.

Fainn: Noobs. We got this.

Ariae: Everyone got food? Potions?

Geir: Yep.

Fainn: Ari, find a safe spot to range. Geir, heal me while I melee this drag.

And with that, Kairi watched Fainn run up to the beast and hit a 300 with his special weapon. She moved her character carefully behind a rock so the beast could not hit her and equipped her character's bow and arrows. She set her attacking method to 'rapid' and let the arrows fly then sat back and watched Fainn and Geir do the harder work. Fainn tried dodging the dragon's fire breath and hitting high points while Geir tried his best to follow Fainn and cast healing spells while also trying not to get hit himself.

Mika joined the clan chat.

Mika: Hey guys!

Geir: Stfu. Drag.

Mika: Fainn? Are you busy?

Fainn: Yeah.

Mika: PM me.

Kairi rolled her eyes. Mika was a girl who obviously had a huge crush on Fainn. Although, she couldn't blame her. Fainn was really nice and a great guy. She almost wished she knew him in person... Wait. Kairi shook her head and told herself to stop. This was a game. Fainn could be an acne-covered sixteen year old who lived on dorito's and video games. What kind of boyfriend would that be?

With a final hit from Fainn, the dragon went down. The players all ran over to collect their rewards. Kairi recieved a new set of unique armor, 500,000 gold, and a new bow. She punched the air and did her signature happy dance.

Fainn: Good job guys!

Geir: Woot! Got experience in magic!

Ariae: Grats. :)

Mika: PM me Fainn.

Fainn: Mika whatever it is, just say it in the cc.

Mika: I can't say this here...

Geir: She wants your body bro. Give her some of that amazing cybering you boast about.

Kairi felt her cheeks turn red. Of course. Why should she think highly of any boy on the internet, especially on a role-playing game. Even though they had known each other for a few months, none of the teens had shared any personal information with each other. Everything had to do with the game, except when it came to Mika.

The group had come upon Mika while she was still in the begining stages of the game. She was trying to fish for low-level fishes as part of a tutorial quest but couldn't figure out how. After a few minutes of Fainn coaching her while Geir poked fun and Kairi sat back and watched, the newbie finally got it. After their help, it was like they had fed a stray dog. Mika followed them everywhere. No matter that she was a much lower level than the others. And she instantly started crushing on Fainn, which annoyed them all, except maybe Fainn himself. He didn't act like it affected him but Fainn could be private messaging her now with sexy, sweet nothings for all Kairi knew.

Fainn: Puhlease, bro. :/ That is so noobish. Cybering? Tsk, tsk.

Geir: You want some of those virtual girl parts. ;)

Fainn: Lol. For real dude, stop. You'll make Ari uncomfortable.

Ariae: Thanks Fainn. :/

Mika: Fainn. PM me.

Geir: OMFG. Say it noob.

Mika left the clan chat.

Fainn: ... -.-

"Kairi, dinner time!" came a call from down stairs. Kairi sighed and looked at her character. Her adventures would have to wait. Her stomach growled in agreement.

Ariae: BRB guys. Dinner is ready. :D

Fainn: TYT.

Geir: Hurry up.

So Kairi rushed through her dinner and hurried back to the world of WarScape. The trio did a quest together for another hour before heading back to their clan headquarters. Kairi sat her character down at the clan table and blushed slightly when she saw Fainn sit beside her. Okay, so she was totally crushing on a fictional character on a game that someone in real life played. Great...

They planned for an outting the next day to take on a quest that was a pre-requesit to another, much harder, quest. After the planning was done, the small clan began casual chit-chat, staying away from real life subjects. Kairi glanced at her computer's clock and realized how late it had gotten. It was already 12 AM. She sighed and began saying her good night's to her two good friends and was about to log off when she recieved a private message.

Fainn to You: Ari, I need to ask you a personal question. You don't have to answer if you feel uncomfortable.

You to Fain: Shoot Fainn.

Fainn to You: Ah, nevermind. I gotta go.

Fainn has logged off.

Kairi sat back in her chair and twirled her auburn locks. What was that about? She turned off her computer and climbed into bed. She would just ask him tomorrow. It was too late at night to worry about it now...

Somewhere else...

Sora hit his head over and over on his desk. Why couldn't he just ask this girl her name? Thud. Thud. Thud.

His bedroom door opened and there stood his younger brother, Roxas, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Sora, it's 6 AM. Why are you up this early? It's Saturday."

"Just, uh, playing a game." Sora grinned and scratched the back of his head. Roxas shook his head and closed the boy's bedroom door. Sora's face fell. What had he gotten himself into? Then her heard a buzzing noise from his nightstand. It was his cell phone. He had a new text from his best friend, Riku.

You got it bad for Ari. I see it in Fainn's eyes.

Sora glared at the screen then put his phone back on the night stand. So what if he liked this girl? Then he fell into his bed and put his hand behind his head. There was plenty wrong with it. She could be younger then him... or a lot older. Or really ugly. The only thing he knew for certain was that she was across the world... In a different time zone. There was a six hour difference between him and her.

He sighed and flipped off his lamp light. This could wait until lunch time when he got to talk to her again.