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William had ignored the fact that Sherry even saw this game... Wait, where did she this game anyway? William got off the couch, and walked to the staircase. Sherry came down the stairs, and smiled.

"Daddy, what are we gonna do now? I really want to spend time with you." Sherry said, smiling up at William.

"Daddy has one question for you, okay?" William said, kneeling down at eye level with his daughter.

Sherry smiled and asked, "Yes, Daddy?"

"Where did you get that game?" William asked.

Sherry patted her father on the head.

"Uncle HUNK left it here. He packed it up in da bag, and I guess he forgot it." Sherry said, standing up.

William smiled down at her daughter.

"Honey, what do you want to do? See a movie? Go to the park? What is it you want, honey?" William asked, wanting to spend as much time with his daughter as possible.

Sherry smiled up at him.

"Daddy, can we uhhh..." Sherry trailed off, trying to think of something.

"Its okay, Sherry, we can do anything you want." William assured her daughter.

Sherry kept thinking...

"Daddy, can we go the Raccoon City Amusement Park? They just opened it, and all my friends are going. Please Daddy?" Sherry looked up at William with bright, happy eyes.

William couldn't refuse. Not with Sherry looking at him like that. William smiled down on his daughter.

"Sure, Sherry. Whatever makes you happy." William said, smiling at his daughter.

Sherry's face lit up, and ran to door, and ran out of the house. William pulled out his keys from his pocket, and went outside. Sherry was getting into William's car. William walked over, and into his car. Sherry buckled herself up, and William started the car.

"Daddy, can we listen to the radio?" Sherry asked.

William turned on the radio, and he heard the most terrible songs he had ever heard in his life. It was Baby, by Justin Beiber.

"Turn it up louder, Daddy!" Sherry told her father.

William just turned it off.

"Daddy...? That was a good song... Why did you-"

"Because Sherry, Daddy doesn't like Justin Beiber, and if Daddy hears Justin Beiber ever again, he is going to commit suicide." William answered quickly.

"Daddy... What is se-we-cide?" Sherry asked her father.

"Forget I said that, Sherry. Daddy will not be very happy if he hears that song, okay?" William told Sherry in terms she could understand.

Sherry sighed. "Okay Daddy..."

There was silence in the car. William tried to think of something to talk about, until they got to the amusement park.

"Soo... You said your friends are going to be here today?" William asked.

"Yea, they said they'd visit on Friday, and they asked me if I was going, but I told them probably not..." Sherry said.

"Why would you tell them that?" William asked.

"You and Mummy always work, hardly having any time for me... I thought that since you guys always work..."

William felt bad. He and Annette knew that they wanted to spend so much more time with Sherry, but they were always so busy. William really did feel bad about not spending time with his daughter. Annette did too. They saw Sherry in the morning, at night, and sometimes in the afternoon.

"Daddy... Do you and Mummy love me?" Sherry asked, sounding a little heartbroken.

William felt a little heartbroken. His own daughter, asked if he and his wife loved her? William wasn't angry that Sherry asked him that.

"Daddy... You haven't answered..." Sherry said, awaiting an answer.

"Sherry... Of course we love you... You just have to understand that Mommy and I work so we can feed you. Its not that we don't love you, we're just busy is all. Can you please forgive us?" William asked.

Sherry looked up at William in the front seat. She smiled.

"Of course I can forgive you Daddy." Sherry said smiling.

Relief swept over William as he drove into the parking lot for the amusement park. Sherry quickly got out of the car, and William got out too. Sherry looked over at some girls who looked Sherry's age. They were getting out of the car, and they noticed Sherry.

"Sherry!" One of the girls called over.

"Hi Laura!" Sherry called, and waved to the girl.

"Do you want to hang out with your friends for a little bit?" William asked.

"Okay, Daddy. Meet me whenever you see me, okay?" Sherry asked, running over to her friend. They ran into the park.

William sighed. At least when he got inside, he could relax before riding rides with Sherry. William made his way into the front gate, and saw the inside of this huge amusement park. Rollar coasters, snack bars, and other rides. Little kids, and teenagers were running around everywhere.

'I don't think I should have kept my white lab coat on... Its going to get filthy...' William thought to himself, walking over to the snack bar.

William sat on a table, and took a deep breath. This place was huge! Hopefully Sherry wouldn't get lost... William became paranoid.

"What if I can't find Sherry? What if pedophiles find her? What if she gets hurt? What if she gets raped...?" William asked himself in paranoia.

William looked everywhere. He got up off the seat, and began to look around. Sherry is with her friend... Shes okay... Right? William didn't want to take that risk. Annette would kill him if anything bad happened to Sherry. No, he would handle this on his own. Sherry is William's responsibilty right now, and nothing was going to happen to Sherry. Not on William's watch.


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