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He sat down on the wooden bench clutching his phone for dear life. His fingers were numb and he was shivering due to the rain that he had been standing in for 3 hours. His brother was supposed to pick him up from the library when it had closed…2 hours ago.

Many people stared at this young beauty. His hair stuck to his baby like face and his green eyes were beginning to close on their own. Although he knew it would be bad if he fell asleep like this, because he would probably die, he still slouched over and closed his eyes. The wood from the beach was hurting him but still he felt comfortable.

A vibration jolted him out of his sleepiness state. He sat up and looked around; smiling sheepishly at the man sitting down next to him who was reading something on his phone he looked for the source of the vibration. He noticed it was his phone ringing and he picked it up with his usual greeting, "Misaki Takashi speaking".

"Oh hi Misaki it's Minami, I'm sorry but we can't pick you up tonight. Is that okay?" Minami voice cackled because of the lack of service Misaki was getting on his phone.

"Y-yea…it's no problem, but why didn't you call earlier? I've been waiting f-for 3 hours." Misaki stuttered back to Minami. He blew his hot breath onto his free hand and rubbed his legs. They were beginning to feel numb also.

"3 HOURS? Ugh, I'm sorry your brother didn't mention what time he was supposed to pick you up. Hey listen; do you want me to pick you up? Its no problem really…stop mommy's on the phone Masahiro."

If it was no problem why didn't you come 3 hours ago Misaki thought bitterly. "N-No it's okay...I d-don't w-want to inconvenience y-you."

"Your such a sweet kid. I'm sorry but some of Takahiro's bosses came over for dinner, if this goes well he could get a promotion to chief detective." Manami beamed over the phone.

"G-G-Good for him…o-o-oh wait, d-do you need any h-help with the c-c-cooking or c-c-cleaning?" Misaki asked not wanting his sister-in-law to become over stressed.

"No I'm fine thank you though." A thud was heard then Manami came back to the phone, "Shit."

"Y-y-you okay?" Misaki asked worried for Manami.

"Oh I'm fine I just dropped the mayo…oh crap I forgot to mention do you think you could stay over your friend house for the Christmas break?"

"W-what? Why?" Misaki asked worried that something happened between his brother and Manami. Misaki sneezed and his head throbbed. He was sure that he was getting sick because of the rain.

"Well these people are from America and they need somewhere to stay. Instead of shipping them to a hotel we thought it'd be great to keep them here…maybe score bonus points for Takahiro's promotion…anyway we thought it would be best if you didn't come when they're here."

"W-what d-does that m-mean?" Misaki said defensively. He didn't like where this conversation was going.

"These people like normality…and knowing you you'd probably bring your friend over here and who knows what sorts of things you would do in front of them. I'm sorry it's like this Misaki but you chose to conduct yourself in this way…"

"S-Sumi is my boyfriend! He's been my b-boyfriend for two years and it's not like we're g-g-going to have sex in the m-middle of the living room…He's not e-even here!" Misaki raised his voice slightly causing the man to look at him oddly.

"Oh god. I know you wouldn't do that to your brother but I find it concerning that you might…well find one of the men attractive and seduce them."

"I-I wouldn't! I j-j-just wanted to spend C-Christmas together like a family. L-last y-year me and Takahiro made chocolate and watched movies…why c-c-can't we d-do that together this y-y-year." Misaki was on the verge of crying.

" Misaki you know as well as I do that Takahiro has a family now…stop being selfish. Now, do you have anyone to stay with? What about Sumi?"

"He's with his parent's on a 4 d-day cruise…I d-don't have anywhere to go…besides my other b-brother."

"No. You know that he's in a gang. I don't want you speaking with him. He's a bad character Misaki and we don't ever want you even talking about him…hey Taka-san give me back the phone…. MISAKI!" Takahiro's voice boomed into the young boy's ear.

"Brother…a-are you d-drunk?" Misaki sneezed again; he shivered feeling colder then he had been a few minuets ago.

"A little…anyway, I'm sorry we couldn't pick you up but you know what would happen if other people knew about your abnormality…they'd shun us you know? And plus it is your fault that you can't come so stop acting selfishly to my wife okay."

"A-Are you…a-are you kicking me o-o-out because I'm…gay." Misaki whispered the last part-hoping people didn't give him anyway weird stares.

"No. Our brother was gay, you're too smart to be gay your just confused…and until you clear your head you'd best not come back."

"W-why n-now?" Misaki was crying now as he hugged himself.

" Just for this week okay Misaki. No he's allergic to shell fish Manami I told you a million times…okay well gotta go Misaki. Bye."

Takahiro hung up before Misaki could tell him bye. He noticed that the rain wasn't hitting him anymore so he looked up. There was a big black umbrella above him and the guy next to him was holding it. Misaki wiped his tears away quickly.

"Oh you don't have to do that…I was just…um leaving." Misaki said cursing himself for lying at the man. Now he really had to leave, with nowhere to go Misaki began to cry harder.

"Do you need somewhere to go?" The black haired man asked Misaki. He held out his hand in which Misaki grabbed it with his own shaky hands. "My name is Nowaki, you can come with me if you'd like."

"I-I can't I'm sorry, I'd impose on you. I-I don't w-w-want to be a…" Misaki trailed off due to the dizziness he had just felt. He collapsed onto the other man.

"Then we need to get you some warmth…" The man sent a quick text message to his work and called his friend. After explaining the situation he hung up and brushed hair out of the young boys face. "You look just like my Hiro-san."

"Mm, Oki d-don't leave me here a-alone…p-p-please." Misaki mumbled in his fever-induced sleep.

"I wont…hm you never told me your name." Nowaki wondered why he felt like he had to protect this child. He felt like a mother. Nowaki laughed as the car pulled up onto the sidewalk some 3 minuets later. He gently picked Misaki up, who weighed literally nothing, and placed him in the car.

"Where to?" The driver asked, "A beautiful man like you shouldn't be going anywhere alone at 10 at night."

"Don't flatter yourself Shinobu and just drive to my house." Nowaki rolled his eyes when the other male 'hmphd' and turned his head around to face the window.

Misaki woke up when the car had hit a pothole. He noticed his head was on the strange man's lap. He quickly sat up, regretting doing so, and scooted away from the man.

"Ah, I-I-I'm sorry I p-p-passed out on you…it must've been trouble c-c-carrying me." Misaki bowed his head in thanks but felt dizzy again and let his headrest on the window.

"It's no problem. My name is Nowaki if you can't remember…anyway we're almost at my house so it's okay."

"T-thank you N-Nowaki-sempai." Misaki began to feel dizzy again so he closed his eyes. Within a minuets notice Misaki had begun to sleep.

"That kid sure is going to be in a hell hole when Hiroki comes home." Tanaka said.

"I'll explain everything…Hiro-san will understand." Nowaki laughed nervously now realizing the full weight of taking home another person…especially a male. His Hiro-san was real jealous easily if the 3 men he sent to the hospital wasn't proof of that then how about the 2 teenagers he made pee their pants.

"Or maybe he'll kill the kid." Tanaka said shrugging his shoulders, "But what do I know, I'm just the driver."

"He won't kill him." Nowaki said getting out of the car when it had been parked in front of his apartment complex. "Probably."

After getting Misaki upstairs to his apartment Nowaki laid the young boy on the sofa. He went into the kitchen and began cooking soup a remedy that was suppose to cure all sickness. After boiling the water he put the canned soup into the pot and reached towards the cabinet to get some Advil for his guest.

"I'm home." Hiroki said smelling chicken soup. He smiled imagining Nowaki's good cooking being devoured by him. He walked into the living room but stopped when he noticed the lump on the sofa facing away from him. He knew this was a guy because of the type of clothes* he was wearing and the way his back was shaped.

His blood ran cold. He saw red spots. He was PISSED.

"NOWAKI! WHO THE FUCK IS ON OUR SOFA?" Hiroki cursed and screamed at Nowaki. Nowaki came running into the sofa just in time to stop his Hiro-san from pulling out his gun and killing the man.

"He was kicked out of his house by his brother! He fainted so I brought him here…don't kill him please Hiroki I fear he's already on the verge of death." Nowaki fake cried. "No sex for 3 months."

"I'm sorry, I won't shoot him." Hiroki kissed his lover, which was very rare, so Nowaki opened his mouth for more. "If he isn't gay."

"…That's why he was kicked out." Nowaki said sighing when Hiroki pulled out his gun again.

"I don't need more ass holes hitting on my Nowaki." Hiroki was about to pull the trigger but Nowaki stepped in front of him. "Nowaki move."

"No. I'm tired of you hurting people just because they are attracted to me. If they don't do anything to me a simple rejection is suffice! You don't need to kill people to protect me Hiroki…" Nowaki raised his voice promptly shutting Hiroki up.

Hiroki's eyes widened in surprise when Nowaki said his name; he realized that Nowaki might not love him anymore because he was head of a gang. Maybe the killings had finally gotten to his younger lover.

"And I'm tired of cleaning up bodies for mistakes your idiot henchmen make. Do you even know how hard it is flirting-"?

"Flirting?" Hiroki raised his eyebrow.



"Mingling with the medical examiner to overlook the body? It's freaking hard okay! And…oh…um…hi?" Nowaki said noticing that Misaki was awake. Misaki's flushed face from the fever, his eyes that were slightly closed, and his panting body made Nowaki madly blush.

"Misa?" Hiroki questioned the boy trying to find out his name.

"Oki, w-what are you doing here?" Misaki coughed. He looked down and noticed clean clothes on him, "Who c-changed me?"

Nowaki blushed harder. "Sorry you were shivering…. so how do you know Hiro-san?"

"Ah, w-were friends…" Misaki trailed off. He looked at his hands refusing to look at Hiroki. The wound that the other male had left on his heart was still there only it was hurting more than it did 10 years ago. " J-Just friends…" Misaki tried to stop the tears that ran down his face but he couldn't hold them back. So he cried.

"Oi… what's wrong?" Nowaki said vaguely noticing Hiroki's silent movement to the boy.

Hiroki grabbed the boy and stood him up. Misaki flinched worried that he had upset his…friend. He always did have a temper back when they were kids. Instead Hiroki pulled him into a hug and Misaki sobbed loudly. He had missed this. His Hiroki hugging him tightly.

Nowaki was becoming slightly jealous of Hiroki's actions towards the boy. He fumed when Misaki clutched onto the back of Hiroki's shirt.

"I'm sorry I left you alone Misa…but Takahiro kicked me out and-and I had no place to go, I couldn't bring you with me."

"Oki, he…he kicked me out too." Misaki cried louder this time ignoring the dizziness that had hit him. "I just wanted to spend Christmas with him…all of us together… but he said I was being selfish and it was my fault that he left me in the rain."

"Shh, it wasn't your fault." Hiroki soothed the boy's head, "Here. Sit down and Nowaki will get you some food."

Nowaki turned away fast and went to get the chicken noodle soup he had forgotten about. Thanking god that it wasn't burnt* he served it on the table slightly jealous that he was clinging to Hiro-san's shirt.

"I'm sorry to impose on you Nowaki-sempai I hope I'm not a burden towards you or Oki."

Hiroki blushed. "Misaki your not 5 anymore, you can call me Hiroki now."

Misaki pouted, "But Oki is Oki's name and I'm the only one allowed to call you that…because were…friends."

"Misaki were not friends." Hiroki said bluntly. Nowaki inwardly smiled.

"O-oh then I'm sorry. I assumed since you said that we aren't…like that anymore we were friends." Misaki put emphasis on that indicating to Nowaki that they had been more than friends at one point.

"It's dangerous with me Misa, that's why you can't stay and that's why we can't be friends."

"What if…what if I don't want to be friends? What if I want things to go back like it was."? Misaki took a sip of his soup and sneezed again.

"Misaki you could get killed…I'm not exactly in a nice business. I couldn't stand it if you were hurt…you know I still care about you okay?" Hiroki kissed Misaki's forehead.

"Because your part of the Bear gang?" Misaki asked causing Nowaki to gasp and Hiroki to widen his eyes.

"Takashi-san, how did you know that?" Nowaki feared that this boy might be involved with the wrong people.

"You can call me Misaki…oh and my brother's the head detective of catching the 3 heads of the bear gang." Misaki sneezed again as Hiroki and Nowaki paled. Nowaki eyed where the secret gun was wondering how long it would take to get it. He went to go but was quickly stopped by Hiroki who grabbed his arm and shook his head.

"Do you know who the family is?" Nowaki asked again trying to show Hiroki that this boy was a threat to the family.

"Yup. The heads are Akihiko Usami with his brother Haruhiko Usami, both 26, Oki who is 29 and Miyagi…I think he's 30. Anyway Oki is dating you," He pointed to Nowaki, "And you help Oki get rid of the bodies. While Miyagi is dating Shinobu whose father is the headmaster of a rich school; the family owns many hospitals and police stations…of course they also have a strong influence in the military…um oh and there money stash is hidden under the Akihiko residence, combination number is 77690…. I think that's it."

"Oh my god Misaki…how do you know all of that?" Hiroki was sweating bullets of nervousness now. If he knew this then surely Takahiro was onto them.

"My brother said you were bad and to stay away from you so I played detective and I found out everything. I find it funny how no one knows any of this by how sloppy you guys are…I mean the body you threw away a month ago wasn't very subtle which leads me to an interesting fact…"

"Misaki please stop before you get yourself in trouble."

"I think the family has connections in America as well as Russia, and is attempting to make war with the two countries so japan would be able to take over both Russia and America."

"...Do we have to take him to Haruhiko?" Hiroki asked suddenly fearful for Misaki. "Yes."

"Oh man…I wasn't supposed to say all that. I'm sorry Oki." Misaki's voice was becoming raw from talking so much. "I don't feel good."

Then Misaki passed out with with a worried Nowaki and a frantic Hiroki at his side he finally experienced what a family was supposed to be.