A/N: This is for a prompt fill on the angst meme. None of the chapters will be long, all around this length. I'll update every day or two.

Pay attention to the dates at the top of the chapter, because it's going to jump between 2011, 2002 and 2000.

This is set in the beginning of season 3 (just meaning everything from seasons 1 and 2 already happened, including all pairings) so spoilers for both of those (none for season 3 that I know).

Seeing the Past

Present Day

They were in the middle of some song, but Kurt honestly couldn't remember the words. He couldn't remember anything, actually. It was like he was eight years old again looking at the empty casket being lowered into the ground except his dad's hand wasn't there to hold him steady and he got the oddest sensation that he was floating a few inches above his body. The strangest thing was that no one else seemed to notice.

He just stood in the middle of the stage, trying to force his body to respond, to do something, anything. It wasn't until someone ran into him – it might have been Rachel or maybe Tina – and he had to catch himself before he fell. The song fell apart around him after that until it ended in a train wreck of missed notes and forgotten choreography.

"What's wrong with you, Kurt?" It was a testament to just how far gone Kurt was that even Rachel's voice wasn't enough to shock him out of his trance. It wasn't until Finn walked over and put a hand on his shoulder that even noticed he wasn't breathing. His breaths came in short, painful gasps and if he could move he would have clutched his chest to stop to the pain. Instead, when he finally could move, he lifted one hand to his mouth and put the other on Finn's hand on his shoulder.

"What's up, man?" Finn asked in an almost terrified tone. Kurt still couldn't answer – he didn't trust his voice. Instead, he pushed Finn's hand off him and forced his feet to move. He started slowly at first, building momentum as he ran down the stairs of the auditorium stage and then out into the hall. The figure that had sparked the attack was nowhere to be found, but he hadn't been running to her.

He barely made it to the bathroom, bending over a toilet that he normally wouldn't have even gone near, and emptied the contents of his stomach. When he finished, he just stayed sitting on the disgusting linoleum floor, head resting against the side of the stall. He recognized Finn's footsteps in the hesitant steps that approached a moment before the door opened.

"You okay, Kurt?" Finn asked, leaning down and lifting Kurt to his feet like he weighed nothing. "You look like you saw a ghost or something. You're all pale."

"I…I'm okay." Kurt said softly, not even resisting when Finn led him to the sink. He was starting to recover, but still wasn't strong enough to object when Finn grabbed a handful of paper towels and wet them before wiping Kurt's face gently. Kurt let him for a minute before taking them and finishing.

"I saw a ghost once," Finn said. "I mean, it was only a flash and I was going on like…72 hours without sleep but….Oh, nevermind. That was just Puck trying to freak us out. But I thought it was a ghost so…"

"I appreciate the gesture, but I did not see a ghost, Finn," Kurt was pleased that his voice seemed to be under his control again. He rinsed out his mouth a few times, feeling his strength return as the taste of vomit vanished. "Now, I've got a glee club to apologize to."

"You still don't look great. I can take you home and…"

"No. I said I was fine. Let's go finish rehearsal."