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21 September 2021

Kurt's hand reflexively settled on his abdomen as if he could feel his scar under his clothes. It was nearly invisible almost ten years after the surgery, but every so often he would catch a glimpse of it in the mirror when he was getting dressed. Thankfully he wasn't one to walk around topless so it was easy to hide.

A few times he had regretted the surgery, especially in the weeks after when he was reduced to relying on his dad and Finn and Carol's help to perform even the simplest task. When the pain flared up and he had to take pain medicine that knocked him out effectively for a day at a time, he cursed Emily and himself to the point where his dad started talking about setting up an appointment with a therapist.

Eventually the resentment faded and he resumed his normal life. He finished his senior year and was accepted in to Tisch, but elected go to Otterbein College to stay closer to home for a few more years. That it was located in Westerville and was close to Dalton and Blaine was just a bonus.

He graduated at the top of his program and moved to New York where, after four years, he finally got a part on Broadway where he had more than one line. That night he put the ring he'd bought in his pocket, planning on proposing in Central Park after dinner at the risk of being cliché. That Blaine beat him to it didn't bother him at all, and they spent the rest of the night celebrating.

The date was set for October in Lima, gay marriage having been legalized country wide in 2014. Quinn had agreed to plan it for free, even though she had become one of the most sought after wedding designers in Ohio. All of their high school friends, New Directions and Warblers, were going to come.

Less than three weeks away and Kurt was in Florida, standing outside a park where a dozen families were playing and trying to work up the courage to walk in. It only took him a minute to recognize one of the little girls, though he had never even seen a picture of her. She was taller than the others, just like Kurt had been at four years old. Her hair was a little lighter than Kurt's, but her almost translucent skin was the same. A few times she ran to a woman sitting on a bench reading, laughing and showing off whatever interesting shell or rock or leaf she'd found.

Emily looked different from the last time Kurt had seen her. Even from across the park he could tell she looked older. There were lines around her eyes and lips from smiling that had been absent ten years ago and her hair was a subtly darker color, probably dyed when she started going grey.

He stood there until the sun started to go down and Emily called for the little girl that it was time to go home. Before he could hide, her eyes met his and she froze. Emily leaned down and whispered something to the girl who laughed and took off back to the playground.

"She's a handful sometimes," The smile that Emily cast back at her daughter was genuine but Kurt didn't even get a twinge of jealousy. "Just like you were when you were her age."

"What's her name?" He asked.

"Autumn." They stood in silence for a moment, both watching the girl playing. Emily turned back to him. "I wanted to invite you to the wedding. And I wanted you to know her. But…" She held her hands up and he faced her. "I stayed sober, you know. Over ten years."

"I'm glad," He said, harshly. "Sorry. I wanted to be civil. Can we start again?"

"Of course."

"I'm getting married in three weeks. I..." What she'd said a few minutes ago finally registered. Just like you were at her age… "You remember?"

"I told you about my therapist. Just…one day I woke up and it was all there. What I did was unforgivable, Kurt. Twenty years ago and ten years ago. I should never have asked you, and I certainly didn't deserve for you to do it. You gave me the greatest gift, and I will never be able to repay you."

Kurt hadn't planned it, but he hugged her, holding on tightly and burying his head in his shoulder. He felt like he was a child again and not a fully grown man. She was sobbing against him and holding just as tightly. It wasn't until Kurt felt a small hand tug his shirt that he pulled away.

"Who are you?" He looked down at Autumn and smiled through the tears. Before he could answer, Emily bent down so she was on level with the girl.

"This is Kurt, honey. He's your half brother." Her eyes widened as she looked up at Kurt.


"Yup," He said, sniffing lightly and wiping a tear away with the back of his hand.

"Cool! I always wanted a brother! Come look at what I drew in the sand." She grabbed his hand, and he let himself be dragged along.

He knew everything wouldn't be okay just like that, but it was a step. As he knelt down in the sand, admiring the mismatched shells and rocks and leaves, any lingering resentment at the time he'd lost ten years ago was gone. Blaine had always wanted to visit Florida, and he had a break in his schedule after the holidays. Holding Autumn's hand as they walked back to her house, he knew he wanted to make the effort to get to know this family.

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