A red car drives up and parks in a vacant spot in the parking lot of the Juice Bar and Diner.

Inside the Juice Bar, the six Rangers - JASON LEE SCOTT, KIMBERLY ANN HART, TOMMY OLIVER, KAT OLIVER, ZACK TAYLOR and ETHAN KAYE - are seated at a table for six. Jason, Zack, and Kimberly are in workout clothes, while Ethan, Kat and Tommy are wearing T-shirts, pants and sneakers. The six Rangers are eating slices from an extra large pepperoni pizza and they have bottles of Coca-Cola on the table by their plates. FARKAS "BULK" BULKMEIER and EUGENE "SKULL" SKULLOVITCH are at the bar, in their Juice Bar work clothes and they are tending to customers. Their usual waitress MARGARET walks over to their table and she gives the six friends a friendly smile.

MARGARET: "Can I get you guys anything else?"

TOMMY: "I think we're going to need another pizza."

Zack has finished the last bite of his slice. He grabs the last, largest slice of pizza left on the plate and he chuckles.

ZACK: "You've got that right."

Margaret smiles and she walks off, as Zack takes a bite out of his pizza slice.

ETHAN: "How many slices does that make now, Zack? Four?"

JASON: "And counting."

Zack chuckles and he takes another bite out of his slice of pizza. Kimberly takes a bite out of her own pizza slice and then she reaches for her soda bottle.

KIMBERLY: "Thanks for joining us for dinner, you guys. It's nice to hang out without having to be called away for work."

KAT: "We know what you mean. It's been quiet here the past few days."

ETHAN: "Let's hope it stays that way."

Tommy smiles and nods in agreement. It'd been a few days since they last had to morph and it was nice having a temporary breather. Kat bites into her pizza slice, while Kimberly takes a sip from her soda. Tommy's beeper goes off. He looks down, picks up his beeper and he looks at it. He smiles to himself.

ZACK: "Who's that?"

TOMMY: "A friend of mine at Angel Grove High left me a message. I'll be right back."

Tommy stands up and he walks off.

In the hallway of the Juice Bar's side entrance, Tommy walks into the hall and he holds out his cell phone. He dials a number and then he holds it to his ear. Tommy smiles.

TOMMY: "Hey, buddy. Thanks for calling back. What's up?"

Tommy pauses. He smiles at what he heards.

TOMMY: "Good, good. This is going to be such a great surprise."

Tommy pauses, listening. After hearing the reply, Tommy chuckles.

TOMMY: "Oh, man. I can't wait, either. We'll see you guys tomorrow. Good night."

Tommy hangs up the phone. Kat walks into the hallway.

KAT: "Is everything set?"

TOMMY: "Yeah, we're all set for tomorrow."

KAT: "Oh, good. Let's go finish dinner."

Tommy nods and he follows Kat into the next room.

Later that night, in the master bedroom of the Scott home, Jason is in his black pajamas and he gets into bed. The bathroom door opens and Kimberly walks out, wearing a pink nightgown.

KIMBERLY: "Hey, honey. Tonight sure was fun."

She gets into bed next to Jason, who forces a smile.

JASON: "Yeah, it was nice hanging out with the gang."


JASON: "But what?"

Kimberly smiles. He was still a terrible liar.

KIMBERLY: "You can't fool me. I know how you act when you're upset."

JASON: "It's nothing. It's just... we're finally going to walk down the aisle next week."

KIMBERLY: "And you're worried that the big day is going to ruined by the latest monster attack."

JASON: "I just don't want anything to go wrong."

KIMBERLY: "If something does go wrong, we can handle it. We've handled worse things before. Just try to relax."

Jason smiles and he holds her hand.

JASON: "Okay. Good night, Kim."

KIMBERLY: "Good night, Jason."

Jason and Kimberly kiss, and then they lie down in bed.

Late at night, the Lunar Palace of the Evil Space Aliens is ever-present on the Moon. The light to the throne room is still on. DOMMINNOUS stands on the balcony and he looks at the Earth. Domminnous stares at the Earth with his cat-like yellow eyes, his scaly pale gray skin of his hands and bald head left uncovered by his black robed uniform. He glares in anger, his hands made into fists. RITA REPULSA and LORD ZEDD enter the main throne room and then walk out onto the balcony.

RITA: "Domminnous? What are you doing up at this hour? You should be sleeping."

DOMMINNOUS: "How can I sleep when the Power Rangers remain alive? I've never met enemies like them before. They've ruined our plans, and I am not accustomed to failure."

ZEDD: "We will come up with a new plan in the morning. We're in no shape to plan an attack so late..."

DOMMINNOUS: (interrupts, livid) "You fool! That won't do any good!"

ZEDD: "I warn you! Few people call Lord Zedd a fool and live, Domminnous!"

RITA: "Yeah, right. I do it all the time and I'm still standing. But for once, Zedd has a point. Let's wait a few more hours."

DOMMINNOUS: "No! I'm done waiting. I will not sleep until I know the Power Rangers are dead."

Domminnous exits the balcony. Lord Zedd and Rita exit the balcony and follow after Domminnous into the throne room.

RITA: "Hey! Where do you think you're going, pal?"

DOMMINNOUS: "To do what should have been done years ago."

Atop the familiar double-peaked mountain, somewhere in the mountainous desert of Angel Grove, stands the Command Center.

Inside the main control room of the Command Center, ZORDON and ALPHA 5 are still awake. Of course, neither of them actually needed to sleep since one was a robot and the other was now immortal. Zordon is working at the computer of a control console, while Alpha 5 looks at the monitor of the other console.

ZORDON: "The nightly scans are nearly done, Alpha. Anything on the monitors?"

ALPHA 5: "Nothing, Zordon. Everything's been fairly quiet in Angel Grove these past few days."

The alarms suddenly go off and blare their usual high-pitched sounds.

ALPHA 5: "Ay yi yi! What could be happening at this late hour?"

A five-level apartment complex lies in the eastern side of town, with Angel Grove Plaza visible in the distance.

Inside Apt. #541, RITO REVOLTO leads five Z-PUTTIES down a hallway of the two bedroom apartment, holding his sword.

RITO: "Shh! Quiet, you clay-brains! We need to make this count!"

Rito gets to a door, turns the knob and opens it. He sees Ethan, in pajamas, asleep in his bedroom.

RITO: "There's one of 'em now!"

In the master bedroom of the Oliver home, Tommy, in pajamas, and Kat, in a nightgown, are asleep in bed. Six Z-Putties have surrounded their bed. SCORPINA is with them, holding her sword.

At the same time, Jason and Kimberly are lying asleep in bed in their home. Jason's communicator beeps. He stirs and awakens. His eyes fly wide open as he sees six Z-Putties and GOLDAR, sword in hand, around his bed.

GOLDAR: "Aw! You ruined the surprise!"


Kimberly gives a startled gasp, awakened. The Z-Putties quickly grab the two Rangers by their arms and roughly pull them out of their bed.

KIMBERLY: "Jason!"

JASON: "Get off of me, doughboys!"

Jason stomps on Z-Putty #1's foot, getting out of his grip, and he attempts to kick Z-Putty #2. Z-Putty #3 grabs his arm, along with Z-Putty #1. They drag him to Goldar, who holds his sword's blade at Jason's throat. Kimberly tries to fight off the Z-Putties holding her arms, but can't.

KIMBERLY: "No! Leave him alone!"

GOLDAR: "We've waited a long time for this, Jason! Who would have thought you and your friends could be so easily destroyed?"

JASON: "Our friends?"

In their home, Kat and Tommy lie asleep in their bed. Kat hears Tommy's communicator beeping and she awakens. She reaches her hand out to Tommy, but she is quickly grabbed by her arms by two of the Z-Putties around her bed and they drag her out of bed.


A Z-Putty quickly covers her mouth, just as Tommy wakes up. He looks startled as the other Z-Putties reach for him. Tommy kicks one in the chest Z, it glows and breaks apart. One Z-Putty grabs Tommy's legs, while the other two grab his arms. Scorpina simply laughs at them.

SCORPINA: "This is almost too easy!"

Simultaneously, Zack, in his pajamas, is in bed, asleep. His communicator beeps its usual melody. Zack wakes up and his eyes go wide as he sees Rito by his bed. RITO LAUGHS as two Z-Putties grab Zack from behind and pull him out of bed. Ethan, now awake, is being dragged into the room by his arms by two Z-Putties, one of which has a hand over Ethan's mouth. The two Rangers futilely struggle to get free.

RITO: "My sis and Ed were right! This DID work perfectly!"

ZACK: "What're you doing here?"

RITO: "Duh! We're here to kill you!"

In the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha 5 watch the Viewing Globe. It shows Rito looking at Zack, as he struggles to get out of the Z-Putties' grip.

Alpha 5 walks away from the Viewing Globe. DULCEA, in her Amazonian bikini outfit, and IONISOS, in his alien robes, have joined Zordon at the control consoles. Ionisos and Zordon type and they push buttons on their respective control consoles.

ALPHA 5: "Ay yi yi! We have to help them!"

IONISOS: "We've got a lock on them, Alpha. We will have them out of there shortly."

Back in the master bedroom of the Scott home, Goldar presses his sword closer to Jason's throat, cutting the skin a little. Kimberly struggles more frantically as she sees blood trickle down Jason's neck. Goldar laughs, savoring the sight of the big, bad Power Ranger bleeding in front of him.

GOLDAR: "This is almost too easy! But after all the years that you Power Rangers ruined our plans, it's only fair we get our revenge on you!"

JASON: "If you're going to kill me, then do it, Goldar!"

GOLDAR: "Oh, I will! But I want you broken first! Physically..."

Goldar removes his sword from Jason's neck as he looks at Kimberly. Jason's eyes go wide with horrified realization.

GOLDAR (cont'd): "And emotionally!"

He walks to Kimberly, his sword aimed at her. Jason struggles to get free, but the Z-Putties keep hold of him.

JASON: "No! Leave her alone!"

GOLDAR: "Ladies first, Jason! Say goodbye to your lady love!"

JASON: (screams) "KIMBERLY!"

Kimberly looks nervously at the sword. Goldar aims his sword back to deliver the killing blow, when Kimberly and Jason are simultaneously teleported out of the room in beams of pink and red energy, respectively. Goldar looks around, enraged.


Goldar steps back and he lowers his sword.

GOLDAR: "This isn't over!"

Goldar and the Z-Putties vanish, teleporting out of the room.

The six Rangers are beamed into the Command Center's control room and they land on the ground. The others exchange looks of relief, while Jason and Kimberly quickly embrace. Zordon and Dulcea rush over to the Rangers.

ZORDON: "Rangers!"

Kat and Tommy hug each other.

TOMMY: "Thank God you're all right."

On the Viewing Globe, Rito looks around the bedroom. The Z-Putties garble as they look around, confused.

RITO: "Aw, man! Not again! Rita and Ed are not going to like this!"

On the Viewing Globe, Scorpina and the Z-Putties look around the Oliver home's master bedroom.

SCORPINA: "You won't get away from us next time!"

Scorpina and the Z-Putties vanish, teleporting out of the room. The Viewing Globe goes dark.

IONISOS: "That's the last of them. And good riddance."

Tommy looks shocked as he spots the blood trickling down Jason's neck.

TOMMY: "Jason, you're bleeding!"

The other Rangers notice the cut on Jason's neck. Kimberly looks at Jason nervously, tears forming in her eyes.

KIMBERLY: "If... if we hadn't been teleported out of there, then they would've..."

Kimberly stops talking. She didn't want to say just what would've happened. If Zordon and the others hadn't beamed them to the Command Center, she would've been killed. Kimberly lowers her head, she closes her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks. Jason gently pulls Kimberly close and he hugs her. She sobs on his shoulder and Jason rocks her gently, trying to calm her down.

JASON: "We're all right, Kim."

Tommy and Jason look at one another, both silently angry. Zordon looks away from the Rangers, just as upset.

ZORDON: "They've gone too far this time."