Adam, Rocky, Tanya and Justin teleport into the Command Center. They smile as they see Cestria.

ROCKY: "Cestria! It's nice to see you again."

ADAM: "I just wish it was under better circumstances."

CESTRIA: "It is good to see you again, too, my friends."

JUSTIN: "What's going on?"

ZORDON: "Goldar, Scorpina, Rito and the Z-Putties have begun attacking Angel Grove Harbor. The workers there have all been chased away."

JUSTIN: "Well, we've got our spare Morphers and communicators ready. Let's get going."

BILLY: "It's Morphin' Time!"

Each Ranger holds out their Power Morphers. While Adam, Tanya and Rocky have their same Morphers, Cestria has the Pterodactyl Morpher, Justin has the Triceratops Morpher, and Billy has the Morpher with the Dragon coin inside it.

BILLY: "Dragonzord!"

ADAM: "Mastodon!"

CESTRIA: "Pterodactyl!"

JUSTIN: "Triceratops!"

TANYA: "Saber-Toothed Tiger!"

ROCKY: "Tyrannosaurus!"

The fiery red grid appears on his head and splits vertically to reveal the Red Ranger helmet.

Goldar, Rito, Scorpina and the Z-Putties are trashing Angel Grove Harbor.

GOLDAR: "If we can't ruin the ceremony, we can still ruin the wedding day!"

GREEN RANGER (BILLY): "I don't think so, Goldar!"

The Putties and three Evil Space Aliens turn to the Rangers.

GOLDAR: "That voice! Billy?"

RITO: "Not another past Power geek!"

GREEN RANGER (BILLY): "You picked the wrong day to cause trouble, Goldar! Let's get them, guys!"

The Rangers charge ahead and get into battle.

Blue Ranger leaps at Z-Putty #1 and he kicks the Putty's stomach. The Z-Putty is knocked down, Blue Ranger turns to face Z-Putty #2 and is met with a kick to the gut. Blue Ranger stumbles back, Z-Putty #2 attempts a high kick that Blue Ranger blocks, and he hits the Putty with a left hook.

Yellow Ranger duels with Z-Putty #3. She blocks Z-Putty #3's high kick, but is knocked back with a kick to the stomach. Z-Putty #3 attempts another kick, but Yellow Ranger blocks it and sends the Z-Putty down with a spinning heel kick.

Pink Ranger duels with Scorpina. She blocks Scorpina's high kick, but is met with a sparkly slash to her stomach from Scorpina's boomerang sword. Scorpina tries again, but Pink Ranger dodges the attack and knocks Scorpina down with a foot-sweep kick.

Red Ranger rolls under Z-Putty #4's kick. He turns around and blocks the Putty's high punch. A kick to the ribs knocks Red Ranger back and Z-Putty #4 tries another kick, but Red Ranger sends the Putty down with a right hook. Red Ranger turns to Z-Putty #5 and blocks the Putty's high kick.

Black Ranger duels with Rito and he blocks Rito's kick to his stomach. Rito lets loose a follow-up kick to his chest that knocks Black Ranger back a few steps. Black Ranger lets loose a spinning heel kick that Rito dodges, Rito holds up his sword and he slashes it at Black Ranger. He catches the blade in his hands and he kicks Rito's chest.

Goldar slashes his sword and Green Ranger is sparkly struck across the chest. Goldar attempts another slash attempt, but Green Ranger blocks it with his Dagger. Green Ranger lets loose a spinning heel kick that Goldar dodges and he knocks Green Ranger back with a kick to the gut. Green Ranger recovers, he kicks Goldar's chest, and then he blocks Goldar's sword attack attempt with his Dagger.

GOLDAR: "You're still weak!"

GREEN RANGER (BILLY): "You're still gruesome!"

Green Ranger leaps and slashes Goldar's chest with his Dragon Dagger. Goldar is knocked to the ground.

In the church, Tommy and Kat stand by the table Zack and Ethan are seated at.

TOMMY: "Man, Domminnous and the others sure try to crash a good party."

ETHAN: "Yeah, but the others can handle it. Besides, it's nice to be able to enjoy the wedding."

Ethan looks over at the table that Laura and Angela are seated at. Ethan looks away shyly. Zack grins and playfully nudges his arm.

ZACK: "Come on, man. Let's go on over."

ETHAN: "Yes, well... I don't know."

ZACK: "Come on, man. We all know you've had your eye on Laura for a while now. Just go on and ask her to dance."

ETHAN: "Well, I don't think now's a good-"

Zack grabs Ethan's arm and lifts him up to his feet. Zack walks with Ethan to Angela and Laura's table.

ZACK: "Hey, ladies. Would you care to dance?"

ETHAN: "Of course, if you don't wish to, we'd understand completely -"

Laura smiles, stands up and holds Ethan's hand.

LAURA: "I'd love to."

Ethan smiles at her. Laura walks with Ethan to the dance floor. Zack turns to Angela and he smiles at her. He holds out his hand.

ZACK: "What about you, Angela? Would you like to dance?"

ANGELA: "Sure, why not?"

Angela takes Zack's hand and he smiles as he lifts her to her feet. They walk onto the dance floor and start to dance. Tommy and Kat walk onto the dance floor and start dancing, while Ethan is already dancing with Laura. Kimberly and Jason continue dancing and they notice their friends dancing.

JASON: "Looks like everyone's having a good time."

KIMBERLY: "It's nice seeing everyone being able to relax for a change."

Jason smiles at Kimberly.

JASON: "This is the best day of my life."

KIMBERLY: (smiles) "Me, too."

They lean close and kiss. Jason ends the kiss, smiles back at Kimberly, and they resume dancing.

Back at Angel Grove Harbor, the six substitute Rangers are still locked in battle.

Pink Ranger blocks the blade of Scorpina's sword with her Blade Blaster sword, but is hit by a kick to her stomach. Scorpina tries to slash Pink Ranger again, but she dodges and knocks Scorpina back with a high kick. Pink Ranger sparkily slashes Scorpina's abdomen with her Blaster sword that makes Scorpina stumble back, and she follows up with a jump-kick that knocks Scorpina back several steps. Scorpina falls down to one knee, and then she glares at Pink Ranger.

SCORPINA: "You'll have to do better than that!"

Scorpina shoots out fiery eyebeams into her armored hand and then she shoots it from her palm at her opponent. Pink Ranger flips aside, dodging the beam and it hits the ground with an explosion. While flipping, Pink Ranger simultaneously switches her Blade Blaster to gun mode and she fires a red beam that knocks Scorpina's chest, knocking her down.

Meanwhile, Yellow Ranger ducks under Z-Putty #3's high kick and she sends the Putty down with a foot-sweep kick. Yellow Ranger turns to Z-Putty #6, who punches at her. Yellow Ranger catches his fist, she pulls the Putty and flips him over, sending him crash-landing on his back to the floor.

Closeby, Blue Ranger kicks Z-Putty #1 and he knocks him aside. Z-Putty #2 approaches and kicks Blue Ranger's chest, knocking him back. Blue Ranger side-steps from Z-Putty #2's attempted punch, then he hits the Putty with a jab to the stomach, and floors the Putty with an uppercut.

Red Ranger is hit in the chest by Z-Putty #4 and he stumbles back. Z-Putty #4 tries to punch Red Ranger again and again, but he blocks each attempt. Red Ranger delivers a series of rapid punches to the Z-Putty's chest, each punch making the chest Z glow with white light, and then Red Ranger finally hits the Putty in the chest Z with a jump kick. The Putty hits the ground, glows with energy, and its body breaks apart into pieces as it vanishes. Red Ranger turns around to see Z-Putty #5, who leaps and attempts a jump-kick. Red Ranger drops down and does a side splits with his legs, as the Putty sails over him. Z-Putty #5 lands on his feet and he turns to face Red Ranger, who has gotten to his feet. Z-Putty #5 attempts a spinning heel kick that Red Ranger ducks under, and he knocks the Putty down with a haymaker.

Nearby, Rito slashes his sword at Black Ranger, but he dodges the blade. Rito slashes again and raises sparks off Black Ranger's chest as he's knocked down. Black Ranger falls, but gets to one knee and he holds his right hand out.


His Axe appears in his hand with a flash of purple light. Rito shoots a stream of red energy from his hand at Black Ranger, but he leaps over it and the stream hits the ground, creating an explosion. While in mid-air, Black Ranger slashes his Power Axe down at Rito, who blocks it with his sword. As he lands on his feet, Black Ranger is kicked aside by Rito and he slashes his sword at Black Ranger. He blocks the blade with his Power Axe, just inches in front of his face. Black Ranger pushes the blade away with his axe and then he lets loose a kick to Rito's chest that knocks him back.

BLACK RANGER (ADAM): "And this is for making us walk out during our friends' wedding day!"

Black Ranger sparkly slashes Rito's chest with his Axe and then he lets loose a spinning heel kick that hits Rito across the jaw. The hit sends Rito falling to the ground.

Nearby, Green Ranger is hit by a kick to the ribs by Goldar and then is struck across the chest by a slash of Goldar's sword. Green Ranger stumbles back, but he recovers and knocks Goldar back with a kick to the chest. Goldar slashes his sword at Green Ranger, but he dodges it, he puts his feet together and he hops at Goldar. Green Ranger kicks Goldar's chest with both feet, pushing him back, and Green Ranger lands crouched. Goldar aims his sword at Green Ranger and he launches a flaming energy ball from his sword that Green Ranger barely dodges. The energy ball hits the ground with an explosion and Goldar slashes his sword at Green Ranger, who barely blocks it with his Dragon Dagger.

GOLDAR: "We're not done yet!"

GREEN RANGER (BILLY): "Oh, yes we are!"

Green Ranger kicks Goldar in the stomach, knocking him back. Green Ranger then leaps ahead, punches his fist forth and hits Goldar on the chest. Goldar is knocked to the ground. He gets to his feet and Scorpina and Rito join him.

RITO: "Should we have sis and Ed make us grow?"

BLUE RANGER (JUSTIN): "Go ahead. We'll still beat you. The only difference is we'll be doing it with the Zords."

Goldar pauses. He GROWLS in anger.

GOLDAR: "Very well. We'll go. But we'll be back! I swear it!"

BLACK RANGER (ADAM): "Yeah? Well, we'll be there, ready to stop you!"

BLUE RANGER (JUSTIN): "And when our friends get back in action, they'll kick your butts as fast as we did!"

GOLDAR GROWLS. He teleports away, with Rito and Scorpina following. The Rangers turn and eye one another.

YELLOW RANGER (TANYA): "Nice moves, Cestria."

PINK RANGER (CESTRIA): "Thank you. Delphine trained me how to defend myself."

GREEN RANGER (BILLY): "Go on back to the wedding. Give Jason and Kim a big hug for me."

RED RANGER (ROCKY): "We will. We'll see you guys later."

The Pink and Green Rangers nod. They stand side by side and teleport away.

Adam, Rocky, Tanya and Justin walk back into the church and into the dance hall. They join their friends, who have gathered around Jason and Kimberly. Bulk and Skull roll out the enormous wedding cake out onto a large cart.

KIMBERLY: "Hey! You guys ready for some cake?"

JUSTIN: "Sounds good to us!"

Jason turns to Bulk and Skull and he smiles.

JASON: "Thanks for making it, you guys. It looks great."

BULK: "Not a problem. It's the least we could do."

SKULL: "Yeah. Come on, let's cut out the first pieces for the newlyweds."

Jason smiles and takes the knife from Bulk. He cuts into the cake, cutting out a fairly large piece. Jason then grabs a fork, cuts a bite out and hands it to Kimberly. She eats the forkful of cake.

KIMBERLY: "The cake's delicious, you guys."

She turns to Jason.

KIMBERLY: "Want a piece?"

JASON: "Sure."

Kimberly smiles mischievously as she takes a bit of frosting off the cake piece with her finger. She wipes it on Jason's nose and KIMBERLY GIGGLES. JASON LAUGHS.

Later that day, Jason and Kimberly walk outside, with the other Rangers and wedding guests following. Jason and Kimberly walk up to the parked limousine in front of the church. Jason turns to Tommy, as the limo driver opens the back passenger door.

JASON: "We'll see you guys on Monday. Try not to get into too much trouble while we're gone."

TOMMY: "Don't worry, I'm sure things will be nice and quiet until you get back. Take care, Jase."

JASON: "Later, bro."

Jason and Tommy hug. Jason then turns and hugs Zack, while Kimberly hugs Kat.

ETHAN: "You'd better get moving, or you'll miss your flight."

Kimberly kisses Ethan on the cheek and she hugs him.

KIMBERLY: "We'll see you guys later. Bye!"

ETHAN: "Goodbye, you two."

Jason and Kimberly get into the back of the limousine, while the guests throw rice at their limo.

BULK: "Goodbye, guys!"

SKULL: "Yeah! Goodbye, guys!"

Jason smiles and closes the limo door.

In the Command Center, on the Viewing Globe, Jason and Kimberly's limousine drives off down the road. The guests all wave as the limo drives away.

Cestria, Billy, Zordon and Alpha 5 watch the Viewing Globe happily.

BILLY: "That was a great wedding. I'm so happy for Jason and Kimberly."

CESTRIA: "I'm pleased to see you so happy, Billy. I know how much you've missed your friends."

Billy smiles at Cestria. He holds her hand.

BILLY: "Thank you for being here. You should go back to Aquitar before you dehydrate. I'll be back home tonight."

Cestria smiles and kisses Billy.

CESTRIA: "I will see you later, Billy. Tell the Rangers I said goodbye. Farewell, my friends."

ZORDON: "Farewell, Cestria."

Cestria pushes a button on her communicator. She teleports out in a streak of pink energy.

In Rynar's chamber, a tired Rynar is seated on a chair at a round table. On the table are a crystal ball and a large black box. He looks at a crystal ball that shows Jason and Kimberly's limousine driving to the airport. Rynar smiles.

RYNAR: "Zordon will keep you protected from harm, my friends. When the time comes, you will see me again."

Rynar looks down at the black box on the table.

RYNAR: "And when the time comes, when I awaken from my hibernation, I will be there to assist you. All of you."

Rynar leans back, groggy, exhausted.

RYNAR: "Good luck, Rangers. Until next time..."

Rynar sits back in his chair. He closes his eyes and the chamber's lights shut off. He falls asleep and he fades away, turning invisible.

In the Command Center, Adam, Tanya, Rocky, Justin, Tommy, Kat, Ethan, Zack, Billy, Dulcea, Ionisos, Alpha 5 and Zordon are watching the Viewing Globe.

ZORDON: "We'll be monitoring Jason and Kimberly. We'll have force fields around their plane and wherever they'll stay to prevent any attacks on their honeymoon."

ADAM: "They deserve to be happy, without Rita, Zedd and company messing it up."

ROCKY: "We're glad you got to see the wedding, Billy. This was such a great day for them."

TOMMY: "Yeah, I've never seen them so happy. So what happens now?"

BILLY: "Now, we enjoy our last day before I return to Aquitar. And not even the meanest monster Domminnous, Rita or Zedd can come up with will keep me from enjoying the rest of our visit."

TOMMY: "While you're here, Billy, since we're together like this..."

Tommy holds out his right hand. He smiles at Billy.

TOMMY: "What do you say? For old time's sake?"

Billy smiles. He sets his hand on Tommy's, and then Kat sets down her hand, followed by Justin, then Adam, Rocky, Tanya, Zack and Ethan. The nine Rangers smile, they leap into the air and lift their arms up.

ALL NINE RANGERS: "Power Rangers!"