Mouths crash against war of domiance fueled by more years of hate and resentment than either cared to together in a strange half-life neither of them had a methodor hope of escaping. Anger and frusteration had bled together to an unhappy physical understanding. Dante had nothing on the imagination used to create the flame-red landscape- and the long dead author undoubtedly thought of a hell with far more occupants then the current two.

"I- haaate-"

He blamed her for this unknown source for noticing him at all. If she hadn't caught the, whoever it/this was that forced them to be here, with her sinister and somewhat hidden violent nature, he himself never would have become a pawn to be used against her in this crazy past this pitiful excuse for one for someone's sick humor and amusement. In return, she hated that every human she had ever encountered, she was stuck with the person who had first reflected her flaws back at her in a way she could neither deny or escape. And the fact that she was here with a man who spent most of his childhood in a horrific snowsuit.

"-you!" She screamed and dug her finger nails in his shoulder, hard enough to draw blood as she finished. And he returned the favor by increasing his deadly grip on her hips.

She rolled off him, the same expression of self disgust she always wore around him firmly in place and tied a robe around herself with short and angry movements before stridding herself into the self made hell of an afterlife.

The heavy door crashed in her wake. Billy smirked and crossed his arms behind his head in self satisfactionat having once again to have gotten so deep under Anna's once perfect skin.

Neither of them was sure how death worked in this limited reality they were trapped in, but the scars that the before life had brought her here with were still as red and angry as they would have been as fresh wounds on the day she died. And Billy found a twisted sort of fulfillment in digging his fingers into the tender flesh- the only type of punishment he was cabable of dispensing on her.

The pride in her heart prevented her from doing more than wincing slightly, before twisting them to dominate again. The banked fire in her brown eyes blazed everytime he got rougher, and she rewarded him with a feral smile for his efforts. She wanted to be punished for being with him in this half hell afterlife- and he was happy to oblige the bitch.

Billy rose from the floor, growing cold without her body heat, and mendered naked into the bathroom. As he started the shower- which looked raw and unfinished, as if it's very existence had been slapdashed on at last minute addition- he turned to examine himself in the mirror, running his fingers over his latest collection of scratches and bruises. Anna's hands were still as sharp as her unflenished temper, this many years later.

He grinned at his reflection before stepping into the punishing whisp of water. No matter how much Anna hated him and the situation, she would be back with him before the week was out. It wasn't as if there was somewhere far away she could get away from him in this lava enclosed wasteland.

Next time, she should think twice before stealing and burning his beloved pink and orange snowsuit.