The walls were closing in on him. What state would he be in before someone found him? Would his uniform be in order? Would his square moustache be the same? How long would it take for someone to find him?

Until someone opened the cabinet, he had the comforting thought of the arrival of the British in a blue box to keep him company…

He awoke a few hours later to the sound of the door handle being rattled.

"Meine Fuhrer?"

"Die Engländer! Die Engländer sind da! Vier von ihnen - ein Mädchen mit roten Haaren Feuer, ein Mann mit Haaren, dass die Schwerkraft trotzt, eine schwarze Frau mit einer Waffe und die meisten awesome Mann, den ich je in meinem Leben getroffen habe! Wo ist es? Wo ist das blau box?"

"Meine Fuhrer braucht einen Arzt"

"Ein Arzt? Nein!"


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Let's Kill Hitler really had nothing to do with Hitler at all, did it? Oh, the irony of the Fuhrer coming out of the closet…