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Chapter 1

"Belly, it's time to go Sweetheart!", my Aunt Charlotte yelled from downstairs.

...Time to go... So this really is happening then. Hmm, I really thought it was a dream for a little bit there. So that really does mean my Mom's gone and I'm going to live with "my dad". Great...

I grabbed my purse, iPod, and pillow then started for the door. I stopped just before pulling the door to and looked back at my room. It still looked like my room... just more bare. It still held the picture of my mom and I from my 16th birthday last year, my spelling bee trophy from 2nd grade, and my ancient desktop computer. But just like the rest of the house it's lost it's warmth and ...homeyness. This place wasn't home without my crazy hair brained mother. So here I am, Bella Swan, reject daughter and partial orphan at seventeen moving across the country so I can get past the next year, graduate, and be in my own.

When I got down the stairs Aunt Charlotte smiled sadly then grabbed onto my shoulders pulling me into a tight hug whispering lowly in my ear, "You know I love ya like you were my own. I may have just been your mother's best friend but we were always sisters. If I had any say I'd keep you here with me and your Uncle Peter where you belong."

She eased her grip so she could pull back and look me in the face. I could tell she was waiting for some kind of reply but I had just lost my mom and stepdad Phil and now I was losing the only other people I ever considered my family. So in response I just nodded my head and gave her a watery eyed wobbly lipped smile.

She loosened her arms slowly dropping them at her sides, then she grabbed my hand walking me out to her car. When we got to the airport there were tears, more hugs, and promises on both sides to visit as soon as possible and for the holidays.

When I got off my plane in Seattle I looked around and saw all the people; families reuniting... and separating... It just served to worsen my already foul mood. When I reached the entrance I saw that it was raining; which I'd heard happens more days than not here in Washington. Wonderful, just one more reason to love this place.. I looked towards the loading zone and saw that as promised there was a car waiting to transport me to my new 'home', Cullen Prep Academy.

I approached the driver holding up the sign with my name written on it and told him I was Bella Swan, he introduced himself as Felix my father's driver. Once I was seated in the car I leaned back, closed my eyes, and let the calming sound of the rain soothe my frayed nerves. Sooner than I would have thought possible Felix was parked and began escorting me into Cullen Prep. I had learned via email with my father, Head Master Swan, (or Charles) that I would have to share a room with one of the students... The problem with this being that Cullen Prep happened to be an all boys school. Charles told me that his quarters weren't meant for more than one occupant and he had pulled some strings just to get me on school grounds, let alone the housing and classes.

Felix stopped in front of a door with an etched glass inlay that was a adorned with my father's name: Head Master Charles Swan. I looked at the words for a moment trying absorb all that was happening, after I had collected my thoughts I looked over to my left meeting Felix's gaze. He smiled at me slightly and then used two knuckles to knock on the door, there was a large sigh and then the words, "What Now?" from the other side. I looked back at Felix cocking an eyebrow in question, he just shook his head and snickered under his breath before opening the door wide enough to stick his head into Charles' office.

"I have your Daughter here, sir.", Felix said.

"Oh... Um... Send her in.", my father replied. He sounded nervous which didn't jive with the image I still had engraved in my brain from the first and only time I had met him when I was 10. My parents had gotten married their freshman year of college after a one night stand, which turned into a peed on pregnancy test, which turned positive. And Voila, you have Isabella Marie Swan. First, unwanted child turned pride and joy on my Mother's side at least...

I nodded my thanks to Felix, who whispered that he would be back with my things soon. Then I took a deep breath and pressed forward into my Father/Head Master's office. There he sat behind a large oak desk, my father... Charles Swan was a middle aged man with thinning hair, a mustache, of average height, and also a rounded... middle, also he had bags under his eyes that I assumed came from his overworking himself. As I took a seat across the desk from him I noticed the crows feet around his eyes and the frown lines etched deeply into his forehead... I guess a permi-frown was needed when handling a whole school filled will spoiled, entitled teenage boys.

"Isabella, how are you? Did you do well on your flight?", he asked. I couldn't believe he remembered I hate flying...

"Um, yes. It was fine.", I replied a little taken aback by his thoughtfulness.

"Well, good then.", he paused to clear his throat, "I suppose I should give you the specifics on your living arrangements then tomorrow we can talk about everything else. I'm sure you're quite tired from your travels."

"Yes, that would be good.", I replied.

"Ok, Isabella..."

"Please just call me Bella. I haven't gone by Isabella in years...", I interrupted him.

"Oh, um yes of coarse. You have grown quite a bit since the last time we saw each other.", he said nervously running his hand over his face. "Ok, well obviously the school year has already begun and the only open accommodations left are in room 215."

"Why is that the only open room?", I questioned. I knew I sounded a bit bitchy and ungrateful but who could really blame me.

"Well here at C.P. there's a strict waiting list... Long story short the only room we could place you is 215 because Mr. Cullen is the only one of our students who has ever been allowed his own room.", Charles explained somewhat reluctantly.

My eyes widen hearing this news and I started putting two and two together in my head.

"So you're telling me that I'll be sharing a room with a guy who's never had a roommate here so he'll probably hate me for that reason alone...", I stated. Then the name of my roommate clicked into place. "Wait you said Mr. Cullen... As in Cullen Prep, Cullen?", I whispered accusingly.

Charles seemed to notice my mood shift and began to frown, "Why yes, that would be the one. Edward Cullen is our founder Carlise Cullen's son; so he was given a room to himself. But with these extenuating circumstances I spoke to Carlise and he agreed for you to finish out your schooling here this year and for you to be moved into the quarters here on campus, which means Edward's room. Room number 215."

The way he said the room number again seemed ominous. I could already sense that this situation was really not going to turn out well, and not just for me, it seemed everyone involved was getting screwed with this deal. ...Great not only am I the only girl on this whole campus I also have made an insta-enemy without even meeting anyone...

"Fine I get it...", I moaned out suddenly feeling all my fatigue and emotions weigh more heavily down on me.

My father sighed deeply expressing his dislike of my attitude as he handed me my school schedule, a map of the grounds, and a school handbook. ...At least I don't have to wear a uniform...

"Oh, and Bella your uniform should be waiting in your room.", he called after me.

...Great, just freakin great...

So this is Chapter 1... I'm a going to see what response I get on this story before I continue. I'm playing on some fun banter, and really asshole-ish Edward which will lead to some crazy antics and so on.

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