After the war, Harry was done with Wizarding Europe in general. No matter where he went people were hounding him, whether from saving them from Voldemort or to being a dark creature. It was always the same praising him and hating him. Tired of all of prejudices of being a werewolf, Harry left and sought political asylum from the United States of Magical Creature. Since the United States was varied in its magical beings they were very tolerant to all types, and they were honored to have Harry Potter be a citizen. They went even as far to help transfer all of his funds to the American Gringotts for him. It had taken a few months to get everything settled and for Harry to find a place to live, but he had done it.

He now lived in the Rocky Mountains with a log cabin manor. Due to his upbringing he hated small places, and since he could afford it, he splurged. Even though he had enough money to never work and spend millions of dollars a day and never be broke, Harry worked part time with the government. He handled all of the new werewolf cases. He was able to help rebuild their life and actually come to love their love like he had. He no longer needs to take wolfsbane since him and his wolf get along. His wolf likes to run the forest but never acts anything. It helps more than anything that all of the other werewolves were relocating to the Rocky's, so he had a pack. And he was the Alpha. Not only was magically more powerful than anybody on the planet, he also had the build for it. Standing at 6'7" with broad shoulders and muscle often put you in the leader position, but since he also had experience and was a natural leader, he picked up the mantel and there was peace. The only thing missing in his life was his mate.

During some of the full moons, the pack could hear the loneliness in their Alpha's howl, but none of them were his mate. So all they could do was offer their support and keep him busy. In fact that was one of projects right now was building a town, a safe haven for werewolves. So far it was coming along well. The werewolf group was so diverse in occupations that they really hadn't need to call for outside help to build or plan. The most amazing though was their Alpha was there helping with every project, either it was building houses or the local grocery market to help making a park for the kids. Harry and several politicians and lawyers petitioned both the governments and became a real town, Hidden Village. When asked about the name, Harry and his group replied, it was hard to find their town, since they were hidden in trees. While partial correct, the real reason was because with the Magical Government's blessing Harry and the other Magical Werewolves create wards around the town, so only werewolves seeking refuge and safety could find it.

When they were officially a town and community, they celebrated. Everyone bringing a dish of some kind, while Harry provided that main course, Pit Roasted Pig.

It was several months later, when Harry and his betas Sam and Paul, when Harry felt the wards tingle, signaling that someone has entered their town.

"Someone has entered the town, go get a free healer to the north entrance," Harry told Sam his first beta. While Sam was smaller than him and Paul, he was faster and quicker reflexes than Paul but still slower compared to Harry.

"I can get Emily, today is her day off," Sam replied turning into his wolf, he raced to find his wife.

"Paul, you're with me. I don't know who it is, but hopefully they won't be trouble."

Paul nodded his head. Paul was maybe barely an inch taller, but was a complete hot head. He wasn't very rational when it came to certain things, namely vampires and his old pack.

Sam, Emily and Paul came to Hidden Village when Sam was kicked out of alpha position due to old law ways. Not only was he kicked out of his position but since he had a hard time dealing with vampires they banned him from the pack. His mate Emily stay true and followed him, choosing exiled over abandoning her mate. And Paul is Sam best friend and beta, he also stayed as a true friend choosing exile. They were one of the first people Harry met and befriended. They live with him at his manor.

Reaching the northern entrance, Harry stopped when he saw a familiar red-head swaying dangerously and looking as if he was being followed. His heart stopped as well when amber-blue eyes met his amber-green. 'Shit' Harry thought, his mate was Bill Weasley. Watching as Bill fainted, Harry surged forward with a speed that only his opponents know and he caught his mate. Sinking to the ground, he ran a hand over Bill's scarred but gaunt face. He couldn't help but wonder out loud, "What has happened to you?"

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