Wolf speaking

Human mind-speaking

"You and me need to talk," Bill said staring straight at his wolf.

I agree, Bill's wolf thought inside his mind as his wolf dipped his head in acknowledgement.

"We need to work together for our mate's sake," Bill stated still staring at the reddish brown wolf that hasn't moved.

I agree but I disagree, Bill's wolf answered staring Bill straight in the eye.

"What do you mean?" the red-headed male asked curiously with his brows furrowed.

Bill's wolf rolled his eyes and gave the canine equivalent of 'are you thick?' but answered anyways, We need to work together not only for our mate's sake, but for our sake as well which is even more important.

"Why do you say that?" Bill questioned as he settled on to the floor cross legged.

The wolf took a breath and began explaining, The longer we fight for dominance in this body, the faster it deteriorates leaving your body weak not fit for a werewolf. Your life expectancy is also shortening. Whereas if we were to be one with each other, our life would increase and our strength would grow. If we were to work together, we would be able to help our mate and Alpha. Right now we would be a hindrance something that is beneath the Alpha's mate, the wolf growled.

Bill shrank back a bit when his wolf growled at him, but his wolf did have a point. He had already felt useless when Harry went out to the confrontation and he couldn't do anything except sit and worry.

"But what of what Harry said? He wanted us safe," Bill asked searchingly.

He may not want us fighting on the forefront, but we are meant to protect the home and children and those who cannot fight. Yes you have magic but it would not hold against a werewolf. Right now our body is so weak from fighting each other and fighting for our lives that we are invalid. Do you truly want to be weak for the rest of our lives and cause our mate stress and worry?

Bill looked away shame-faced, he knew Harry was strong, that Harry could only be strong enough to help Bill heal and adjust but not for Bill's entire life. Bill knew he would end using all of that glorious strength on himself instead of where it was needed like the pack. He had seen when Harry was near the end of his strength when his godfather fell through the veil, the haunted, pained and almost broken look in Harry's eyes was terrifying. Harry had always been a pillar of never-ending strength and to see that was shocking and frightening.

The wolf must have sensed what he was thinking since he started once more gently though, No one has that type of strength, our mate is stronger and more determined than others but he still has an end point. That is when we can help. We add our own strength to his to help keep him from crumbling. We support him and stand by his side proudly glaring at any who wishes to break our mate down.

Bill by the end was looking more determined and asked, "How do we become one?"

His wolf grinned and said Speak my name.

Bill stared into his wolf's eyes before stating clearly, "Aiden."

Aiden happily barked and ran straight for Bill.

Bill stood calmly and opened his arms as if waiting for a long lost relative. Aiden charged straight into Bill's chest disappearing into a white light that was absorbed by Bill's body while Bill gasped and fell backwards.

"Ouch?" Bill said out loud as he sat help rubbing the back of his head. He heard a snickering in his mind and asked cautiously in mind, Aiden?

Yes? His wolf answered.

So what now? Bill asked hesitantly glancing at the blank mindset.

Now we wake up from your mediation and transform. Do not fret you won't be mindless like the full moon.

That's good to know. Here we go, Bill responded taking a deep breath and he felt his mind connecting once more to his body. Opening his eyes, he was in his room, which he faintly remembered that it was Harry's room since he apparently didn't want to let go of his mate in his sleep and Harry wanted to be comfortable. Blushing he realized that he may have displaced his mate this night.

We didn't as he has yet to come back to the room since he left, came Aiden's voice whispering across his mind.

What now? Bill asked looking around the room.

With a sarcastic tone Aiden answered, we go at outside and change.

Bill had a feeling that a 'dumbass' was implied and stood from the bed making his way downstairs then outside waiting for further instruction.

Now focus on an image of me and will yourself and magic to change into me, let me take the forefront of our mind, and sit back and just enjoy the ride, Aiden instructed.

Bill receded into his mind letting Aiden and his magic work together. He felt his fingers form into paws and his distort to that of a canine then he lost himself into the change. It wasn't until he heard a bark, focusing Bill noticed that he closer to the ground and his senses were sharper. He watched and felt as Aiden was in control and began testing out his body. Playing with the fallen leaves on ground before bounding into the woods where he smelt something strong, and earthy. It also smelt familiar and comforting and arousing.

That would be our mate's scent, William.

Bill felt himself blush that he that a smell could cause such reactions from him.

It's natural William, he is our mate and we haven't mated yet. Plus the scent is stronger here. I wonder if he is around?

Bill wasn't able to answer since Aiden took off in a certain direction as if there was fire on his heels. Bill was confused as his mate's scent grew stronger and Bill felt as if he was getting high from the smell. He was so lost in the scent that barely noticed when they came across a monstrously huge black wolf who stood still watching them approach. Aiden walk up to the black wolf shoulder to shoulder waiting for a moment before licking the black wolf's muzzle, Bill was confused but didn't distract Aiden.

The black wolf seemed to accept the action as he nuzzled into Aiden before laying his head on top of Aiden's head resting for a moment before letting out a happy bark and began bouncing around Aiden in which Aiden responded to playfulness of the black wolf.

Throughout all of the wolves playing Bill was happy but there was a moment when Bill was mortified when the black wolf who he figured out was their mate, Harry had snuck up behind him and sniffed and licked his back end. While Bill was busy dying of mortification and arousal, Aiden was snickering at him saying, It was pleasant why are you so ashamed?

People just don't up and lick other people like that, Bill responded.

Mmmm, but that wasn't people that was our mate, no?


You know he may do that while in our human form.

What? What do you mean?

Take a good look at our mate's eyes, one is the werewolf amber and the other is emerald. Our mate has both personalities sharing their body. Remember when you first saw him? How his eyes held equal coloring in both eyes?

So they are always sharing their bodies?

They know when to retreat and let the other control depending upon the situation which we will work up to soon. But it seems that right now both want us.

His eyes are both amber now. Does that mean it is just his wolf?

Yes why don't you sit back and think of how you are going to approach him when we turn back?

Good idea.

Bill retreated back thinking of how he was going to face Harry when they were both human. He didn't expect to be so comfortable with his wolf to fall asleep.

When Bill woke up next was in bed surrounded by warmth and heat once again feeling safe and protected. Not wanting to face reality Bill snuggled further into the warm, burrowing almost underneath his mate. Apparently his mate was fine with it as he just shifted his body so that Bill was mostly covered by warm body.

It was a few hours later when Bill woke up ready to face the world and Harry. Shifting so that his head was no longer buried beneath Harry's chest he opened his eyes to find an amused Harry staring down at him. Slightly blushing Bill looked towards the end of the bed only to see Harry was pretty much laying on top of him. It was then that he noticed a rather heavy appendage touching him.

"So I believe a Good Morning is in order?" Bill asked trying to keep his blush from rising or deepening.

"Good Morning Bill," Harry answered with a smile.

"Good Morning Harry," Bill responded in kind when he felt Aiden say call him Alpha and see what happens!

"I mean Good Morning Alpha," Bill said nervously waiting for a reaction. The type of reaction he was expecting was the heavy appendage straightening or leaking, Bill's blush returned full force.

Now say my mate! Aiden pushed.

No! the reaction from Alpha was…quite enough.

Just say it, you'll be pleased!

Can't you leave me alone for now?

I will if you say my mate.


"My mate," Bill whispered demurely looking away from the bright Emerald-Amber eyes feeling Aiden slip away.

Last night when Harry had gone for a run as his wolf, Kai, he wasn't expecting to see a reddish brown wolf walking into his sanctuary that everyone knows to not disturb. Sniffing the air before the other wolf saw him he noticed it was his mate. Slightly shocked that Bill had gotten a hold of his wolf so fast, Harry stood still watching Bill approach. When his mate still hadn't seen him, he growled letting them know he was there. He was even more surprised when his mate approached him as his submissive mate.

He is a good mate, Kai commented as their mate licked his muzzle, they nuzzled back showing that he accepted them.

Feeling content, they laid their head on the other wolf's head as Harry replied, I know. I wish we could have claimed him before that bitch tried to.

As they began to play with their mate, Kai suggested, We should taste our mate, wouldn't you agree?

Definitely, Harry agreed and Merlin was his mate's taste divine, I will leave you to become acquainted with our mate, I'll wait until we are human once more.

Thank you Harry I'll call for you when we are ready to head inside.

Harry let his wolf have free reign waiting for the signal that he was able to his human mate in his arms. As much as his mate was beautiful in his wolf form, his human form was perfection. Getting lost into his fantasies of his mate, he nearly missed the signal. Taking control once more, Harry noticed that his mate had turned back as well only that he was deeply asleep and had Harry's scent all over him and in him?



Did you mate?

Mmmm, yes. He was delicious very feisty, a complete animal, Kai taunted as Harry bent to pick Bill up. Returning to their rooms, because yes it was their room seeing as Bill was his mate and he has slept there since he was injured, he vanished their clothing. Settling down with his nude mate, Harry kept Bill in his arms before drifting off into sleep himself. A little later he felt Bill wiggling around and Harry was still tired and uncomprehending so Kai took control and shifted their body so that they were covering their mate completely.

When Harry finally woke up he was staring down at the red hair and smooth body. Running a rough hand down his mate's back before tracing back up and content to let himself gaze at the few freckles, since out of the Weaselys, Harry thought with a sneer, Bill always had the clearer complexion.

As he watched Bill wake up he was amused when Bill recognized their nakedness and his morning erection.

"So I believe a good morning is in order," he heard Bill say as he blushed. Harry loved that his mate was still so innocent. That evil wench hadn't tarnished him.

"Good Morning Bill," Harry responded feeling his wolf becoming conscious.

"Good Morning Harry…I mean Good Morning Alpha," his precious mate returned. The nervousness shouldn't turn him on this much, but oh Merlin it does especially since the he said Alpha.

Mmmm, even his human side is delicious even if a little shyer Kai stated.

Kai, go away! I left you guys alone, Harry demanded.

"My mate," Bill whispered looking away.

Harry groaned, his mate was too pure and innocent.

I wonder if his human side is as feisty as his wolf side? Kai teased.

Kai, I'm warning you, Harry responded as he leaned down to kiss Bill's slender neck.

I'm going, I'm going sheesh.

"Bill? Have you done this anyone beside that vile creature?" Harry asked kissing his way down Bill's chest.

"Umm….No…" Bill answered sucking in a breath with each kiss Harry pressed to his body.

Harry moaned and shifted so that he was covering his mate completely before settling between his legs. Skimming his hands down Bill's chest, Harry slowly sat up looking down at his panting blushing mate as he trailed his fingers up and down Bill's body and legs.

"I promise to make it good for you, but it might hurt at first, but I need you to trust me. Do you trust me?" Harry asked staring into Bill's blue eyes. Harry smiled since that was a sign that you and your wolf are companions rather opponents for the same body.

"Trust you Harry, I've always trusted you," Bill whispered before he whined and shifted his hips trying to gain contact but still unsure of how to proceed.

Harry smile soften as lowered himself so they were touching chest to chest, thrusting slightly giving his love a little of what he needed.

Bill moaned as Harry's lips claimed his own in a tender and loving kiss. Bill felt like he wanted to cry at the pure love Harry was showing him. He tensed when he felt a slick finger pressing at his opening but Harry stroke his side with his other hand helping to calm him down while Harry continued to drug him with their gentle kiss.

Soon more fingers were added and Bill was starting a feel a little stressed out especially when the fingers were removed and something larger was trying to take their place.

"Shhh my little love, it's alright. I need you to relax," Harry coached running his fingers through Bill's long hair while stroking Bill's length distracting him. It was when Harry laid another sweet and gentle kiss on those soft lips that Harry was able to enter.

He kept it slow and steady, showing patience and restraint letting his mate become accustom to his hardness.

"Why…why is it so different?" Bill asked when he began to feel good, his eyes closed.

"Then that whore?" Harry questioned to ascertain what Bill was referring to.

"Ye…Yeah," Bill answered when Harry's thrust hit a certain spot causing his back to arch.

"Because you are mine, and I love you with my whole being. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you," Harry whispered into Bill's ear licking the shell as he rolled a nipple.

Bill's eyes flew open at that statement, "You really love me?"

"Really, really my precious mate," Harry answered looking into Bill's eyes before laying a chaste kiss on his brow then his lips.

Harry slowly sped up thrusting faster and harder causing his mate to do nothing but pant and moan. Bill was so lost in pleasure that he didn't notice that he was almost at his peak until it happened, but Harry did he had felt the tightening and stiffening. Stroking Bill's member and a final thrust of his own they reached their orgasm together. Lost in their passion Harry bit down into Bill's shoulder triggering Bill own response of biting Harry's shoulder claiming each other.

With the last bit of strength, Harry flipped them over so Bill was resting on Harry as Harry collapsed on the bed. Bill cuddled closer on Harry chest sighing in happiness.

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