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Chapter 1


"You ready to make like a baby and head out?", called a loud and boisterous voice behind me. I turned my head looking over my shoulder to see Emmett, my best friend and personal body guard. I rolled my eyes at him and gave him a sleepy smile.

It had been another long day of interviews... I hate press junkets with an undying firey passion. I'm asked the same questions over and over; it feels like I'm speed dating and I've yet to find anyone I have any chemistry with. I have just finished the last day of interviews promoting my new movie Forever Young. Yes, that would make me The Edward Cullen, actor, model, and according to People the World's new Sexiest Man. ...That was an embarrassing phone call from my Mother...

Today I spent most of my time fielding off the advances of the women and even some of the men whom were supposed to be interviewing me; from the crass comments and questions, to the overtly sexual undertones, or my personal favorite the coy flirters who think they're being cute and covert about their advances but in reality they're usually the sluttiest ones. All of it is a total turn off!

"Come on Show Stopper, put on your bright and sunny smile you've got fans wrapped around the block just hoping for a glimpse of that pretty face of yours.", Emmett said as he walked up to me and patted my cheek. Ass...

"Yeah, ok Emmy!", I replied with false excitement. He just laughed in response not caring in the least that I used his girlfriend Rose's name for him. That's one thing that sucks about having Emmett around; he dishes out jokes and sarcasm all over the place but he's so easy going that you can never goad him back.

As we make our way to the double doors that will soon open up and lead us into total chaos my sister and agent Alice skipped (yes, she skipped...) to my side and flashed me a smile. "Ready Brother dear?", she asked patting my shoulder.

"Yep, let's get out of here I'm ready to climb into my own bed!", I answered. I saw her nod to Emmett signaling him to open the door.

As soon has the door opened I was overcome with screams and I was doubly glad that this hotel had thought to put up barricades and that I had Emmett. I looked up at him to see that he had a wry smile on his face as he took in the crowd of swarming girls and woman. He thinks my status with the female population is hilarious. He likes to take joy in my pain... I can never have a date, or go out anywhere without ending up with a following and he thinks it's funny... Again I say, Ass... We still had to go about 20 feet to get to our SUV so I was a little freaked out when I saw the fans swarm towards me pushing the barricades inward.

Emmett put one of his baseball mitt sized hands on my shoulder and began to walk me towards the car. After we had made it about 10 feet I heard a loud screeching above the other feminine squeals, It was what I would imagine a pterodactyl would sound like. I looked over to my left just in time to see a pair of girls rush the guardrail running into a woman catching her completely off guard and sending her flying over the railing.

I'm used to the crazy crowds and insane women but I've never experienced a rush like this. I couldn't believe these teenaged girls were getting violet just at the sight of me! This poor girl just got bum rushed because of me!

I broke away from Emmett as fast as I could but not making it in time to catch the girl. I dropped to my knees next to her hoping she was alright. As I was reaching for her I felt a pair of small hands grabbing at my jacket, I turned to see one of the girls that had rushed the barricade was still grappling to get to me. Emmett appeared at my side in a matter of seconds sweeping the crazed fan away from me and my damsel in distress. I heard a faint moan coming from the girl in front of me and brought my attention back to her. Poor thing... This is all my fault...

I gripped her shoulder to help her role onto her back. Her thick brown hair created a curtain around her face so I couldn't make out her features. But I could tell now that she was laying her back she was most definitely a woman! Not a girl! I was reaching to smooth her hair back from her face when Alice appeared next to me on the ground.

"Oh my god! Is she alright?", she wailed.

"Ouch...", came a soft meek voice.

We both turned our gazes back to the woman just as she was sweeping her hair back behind her ear. And oh my god is right... She is gorgeous!

Sweeping my eyes over her face I took in her brown eyes and perfect plump pink lips, her button nose... Which was scrunched in pain, I found the expression on her face endearing, adorable even. But as I kept looking her over I saw a small amount of blood start to trickle from her pretty pouted bottom lip.

"Bella, Darlin' are you ok!", I heard a man yell. I looked up to see a tall good looking blonde man holding a video camera.

At the sound of the man's voice, she glanced over my shoulder. "Uh...Jazz... Yeah I'm ok.", she said though she didn't sound very sure.

"Um... I'm not sure you're entirely ok.", I said. She glanced back at me looking slightly startled as if she forgot I was there before hearing my voice. I swiped my thumb along her bottom lip before I had a conscious thought to do so. "You've got a busted lip."

She reached up absentmindedly to touch her lip wincing her she came in contact with the broken flesh.

There was another commotion behind me as Emmett held the crowds at bay with the help of some security guards. The bustling and shuffling sounds along with the shrill screams of the surrounding fans seemed to snap Her back to herself. As she started to rise to her feet I followed quickly for as she made it to her feet she promptly lost her balance and started towards the ground again, I wrapped a quick arm around her waist steadying her as she leaned heavily into my body for a moment. It was hard not to notice the way her petite womanly curves molded perfectly with my hard angular lines.

"Woah there. Now I'm sure you're not fine.", I stated looking down my body to see her gripping tightly to my shirt.

As if she was just realizing what she was doing she stiffened and stepped back from my embrace quickly like my skin had burned her. Which may be possible with the way your body is buzzing from her mere presence...

"Bell, I think we got all the footage we needed. Are you sure you're ok to go back to the station?", the man She had referred to as Jazz asked.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm good", she answered.

I looked to Emmett and he let the man through the crowd and barricade to our sides. Once he got close enough he put his burden down and pulled Her close to him. I felt a quick flare of jealousy run through me at his proximity to my girl... My girl?...

He placed his hands on her cheeks seemingly to inspect the damaged done to her face.

She shooed him away and he gave a resigned sigh. But as they stooped to pick up their equipment she swayed again leaning over on one foot. I lunged over to grab her this time and at least I made it in time. Deciding that it wasn't safe to leave her on her own two feet and swept up into my arms bridal style, she gave a small yelp of surprise but didn't protest and seemed to go limp in my embrace. As I looked down at the womanly bundle in my arms I saw that she had fainted. I knew she had hit her head at least once during her fall so her loss of consciousness worried me.

"Bells!", yelped her companion.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say she's not fine...", I remarked quite dryly.

"What's your name man?", I asked him.

"Jazz, oh, um, sorry Jasper. Jasper Whitlock... But my friends call me Jazz.", he stuttered out. His eyes had grown wide as he took in the girl in my arms. He swallowed hard and tilted his head indicating her, "And that beauty in your arms is my Bells. Bella Swan, I mean."

As Jasper was speaking I made eye contact with Alice and used my eyes and a nod to the SUV to tell her to go on ahead to of me. I vaguely registered that Jasper seemed to be Southern, with a slight twang to his words and the lilting cadences in his sentences.

"Well Jasper, Jasper Whitlock I think that your girl Bella here is in need of some medical care so I'm going to jump in my car here and take here to the hospital.", I paused just in front of the open door looking behind me to see Emmett coming up behind a still stunned looking Jasper. "Why don't you follow after us in your vehicle?", I asked trying to sound reassuring since this poor guy didn't know me from Adam and was apparently holding his girl.

"Yeah, yeah ok.", he answered agreeably. "I'll meet you there, but I'll warn you Bells will probably be mean as a snake when she wakes up. She doesn't liked to be fussed over or to seem incapable, so she'll be doubly sore!", he finished chuckling a little under his breath. He turned towards the east at quick clip where I saw a news van parked a ways away.

I looked up and met Emmett's eye he nodded to the SUV motioning me in so he could close the door. Climbing into the backseat was easier said than done what with a unconscious woman in my arms because I refused to let her go for the short time I would have with her and with the distraction of all the fans and cameras flashing. A situation like this was definitely not a norm and the other media around seemed to be creating a frenzy amongst themselves and the crowds.

After I had both myself and Bella safely tucked away in the backseat Emmett closed the door quickly and then loaded himself into the passenger seat patting his hand lightly on the dash to indicate to the driver we were ready to go. I could faintly hear him giving Felix our driver instructions to head to the closest hospital, but my focus lay with the woman curled tightly in my arms.

...Bella Swan... It fit her. I watched her silently, somehow transfixed by her quiet subtle beauty. A rounded heart shaped face, high cheek bones with a natural bloom of color across their tops, her button nosed that turned up ever so slightly at the end giving her a regal air, and her beautiful (practically sinful) lips - the top one with it's perfect cupid's bow and the bottom one just larger, giving her a chronic habitual pout.

My eyes left her face and took inventory of her whole being. She was small, petite but not like Alice. No she looked all her own... Like a living contradiction; her face looked youthful and her hair was long and a little unruly with it's wavy curls. It gave her a youthful almost girlish flair, but looking at her body you could tell she was a woman with her rounded curves, slim waist, perky and full breasts. While I was taking inventory of her body I finally stopped long enough to take in her appearance, she was wearing a dark navy blue wrap shirt secured around her frame with a little tied blow on one curved hip, nice black pants, and pair of silver and blue flats. She looked simple but beautiful...

"She's quite pretty, isn't she?", Alice asked interrupting my train of thought. I looked over at her a little sheepishly for being caught openly ogling Bella.

"Yes, she is.", I answered softly, honestly.

Emmett looked back at us from the front seat and eyed me critically. He searched my face for a long moment and then nodded his head apparently satisfied with what he had found. "We'll be there in 5.", he stated before turning back to the front. I heard Alice sigh to my left and looked to see her eyeing me with Bella resting her head on my chest while wrapped in my arms. She smiled slightly at me and then turned towards her window.

I looked back down at Bella trying to memorize her features and how it felt to have her wrapped up in me. I had never felt such longing for another person before...and I didn't even know her... Yet...

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