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I held Bella's prone body closely to my chest the rest of the short drive to the hospital. Alice went inside first to tell them that we were here so our group could be let in a more inconspicuous entrance. The last thing we needed were more raging fans. Once we got inside we headed straight to an exam room. I reluctantly laid Bella on the bed, I hadn't known her but 20 minutes but it seemed so wrong to see her body limp and looking so lifeless.

We had been in the room about 10 minutes when Jasper showed up. Alice had told the front desk we were expecting him and she went out to retrieve him. Later after the doctor had come in and we'd explained what had happened he thought that it would be prudent to have a CAT scan just to be sure she hadn't done anything serious. As soon as I heard him say that I got so nervous for her, I was scared... It was my fault she was here... A nurse came and carted Bella off to have her tests run. While she was gone I tried to pay close attention to how Jasper was reacting to all this. He seemed pretty calm...not acting like the caring boyfriend he should be. Alice must have sensed what I was thinking because she turned to Jasper and started up a conversation.

"So Jasper how long have you known Bella?"

"Oh, um Bells and I have known each other since high school. She moved into town to live with her dad junior year."

"Really? So you're close then?"

"Oh yeah. We went to college together in Seattle and then when she got a job here at M.A.S.N. she asked if I would come with her. As fate would have it right after we had moved into our apartment the station ended up losing a camera man. I ended up getting the job."

"Wow, that's nice.", she said. I noticed that her voice had lost a little of it's fervor. I think might sister might be interested in Jasper...

"Yeah.", he said. He looked over at me, "I hope you're not missing anything important to be here.", he told me.

"No, I was done for the day. Just heading home for the night. Did you have plans?", I asked.

"Well not really... It's Friday so Bella and I have our weekly date night.", he told me. I was a little puzzled as to how he said they didn't have plans but that they had a date. And not just a date they're weekly date...

Just as I was about to question him the door to the room opened revealing Bella's bed waiting to be pushed into the room. The nurse told us that the would be in soon to give us the results of her scan and to talk.

I lost track of the conversation going on around for the time being as I took up vigil next to Bella's head again. She looked like an angel laying there so peacefully. I'm not sure how long I sat staring at her features, but I noticed her eyes start to shift under her lids. After another 5 minutes or so her fingers started to twitch, then her eyebrows pulled down into a frown. As I watched her eyes lids started to flutter, then she let out the slightest groan before dragging her hand up her body to lay over her eyes.

"Bells?", Jasper questioned as he walked up to her or the other side of the bed.

"Shit... Jazz how much did I drink? You better have said yes to our marriage pact if I feel like this...", she moaned out.

Marriage Pact?

Jasper starting chuckling, "What the hell are you talkin about?"

"So you're not hung over?"

Fighting back his amusement Jasper grabbed her hand pulling it from her face, "No Bells, I'm perfectly sober. And you're not hung over. Do you remember what happened at the Cullen shoot earlier?", he asked her.

I sat up a little straighter in my chair, hoping to hear something positive about today...

"Oh, fuck Cullen...", she said sighing.

"Why 'fuck Cullen'? That's not very nice...", I commented showing my amusement at her reaction.

She gasped as her eyes popped wide, then she groaned from the light hurting her sensitive eyes. I had no doubt that her head must be hurting.

"So that wasn't just a really bad dream? I really did make a fool out of myself in front of all those people and the other news crews...", she sounded so pitiful...

"Yep Bellsy, you sure did! Just like old times huh?", Jasper told her before breaking into a huge smile then laughing heartily.

"You ass!", she hissed while slapping in his general direction before she started to giggle.

"Well not that you two bickering isn't very entertaining but I'm hungry so I'm hittin the vending machine!", Emmett stated before nodding at me.

"What up Em, I'll come too.", my sister told him. She winked at me before she skipped after him.

"Well I suppose I should introduce you to your savior my dear.", Jasper stated while patting Bella's head.

She sighed at the contact and asked if we could take the lights down some. I got up from my post for the first time and went to the switch finding the dimmer easily. After I had reduced the lights I stood at the end of her bed feeling anxious again and shifting from foot to foot.

Bella finally opened her eyes slowly and smiled when it didn't cause her too much pain. She immediately met my eyes and blushed a bright pink before lowering her gaze nervously. I chuckled at her reaction finding it adorable. The moment was broken when Jasper cleared his throat.

"As I was saying; Bella meet Edward.", he said gesturing between us.

"Hello...", she told me sheepishly.

Before either of us could say anything else there was a knock on the door before the doctor came in. I took my seat back by the head of Bella's bed as he stood by her feet and explained that her scan had come back fine, but he would like to put a stitch in her lip where it had been busted open. Bella seemed quite displeased by that and frowned deeply before she started to fidget. After the doctor left the room to gather his supplies I asked her if she was alright.

When she looked over at me again she blushed once more and answered, "Yes, I'm fine I just hate needles..."

"You'd think they wouldn't bother you anymore, Bells.", Jasper said with a large smirk. I was beginning to see they had a very playful relationship... The kind that I would love to have with a woman like Bella, (i.e. Bella herself.)

"Haha Jazz. You know I've pretty much grown out of my clumsiness. This wasn't my fault.", she pouted.

I laughed as she stuck out her lower lip while crossing her arms and humphing. She looked at me and raised her eyebrow. "You think all of this is funny?"

"Well not all of it...", I told her honestly.

That seemed to appease her as she smiled gently then blushed again. I really wish I knew what she was thinking.

"Edward would you mind if I spoke to Jasper alone for a bit?"

As much as I wanted to decline and tell her no, I knew I couldn't do that for many reasons. A few being he was her boyfriend, I had no claim, and it was also just plain rude...

"Of coarse. I'll just see where my sister and Emmett have gone to.", I told her forcing my lips into at least a semblance of a smile. When she looked at my expression she seemed a little worried... I guess my face had appeared more pained than I thought.

"Thank you."

I got up from my perch and left the room closing the door quietly behind me. I wasn't very keen on being out in the open like this especially when Emmett wasn't around so I asked one of the women at the nurses station if there was some place I could go, she pointed me towards a family lounge (which I considered better than nothing) around the corner.

When I entered the room I was met with the concerned eyes of both my sister and best friend.


I watched as Edward got up and walked out if the room. Edward... That still seems weird, that we're on a first name basis... I couldn't understand his attitude. On tv and in his interviews he seemed so confident and self-assured, but the man that just left here wasn't those things. For lack of a better word(s) he looked troubled, sad, upset... My vocabulary is seriously lacking right now, must be from the fall... His shoulders were slumped and his last attempt at a smile failed terribly.

"You've really done a number this time Bell.", Jasper said interrupting my thoughts, but it didn't seem like he was huts talking about me. So I turned my attention to my best friend to see him looking very amused.

"Can you tell me what the hell happened? I remember the fall now, but how did I end up having Edward Cullen as my nursemaid?"

Jasper just laughed me off and explained that I had fainted after Edward had picked me up and that Edward had insisted on accompanying me here.

"I feel so stupid, Jazz... I made a huge fool out of myself today..."

"Oh, you've done worse!", he told me cheerily.

I glared at him not amused at all, "Yes well I don't normally make a giant ass out of myself with hundreds of people around me and fellow anchors who are making live broadcasts."

"Oh, you don't have a giant ass, Darlin. It's just right.", he said chuckling.

"Oh really? My ass is like Goldielocks?"

Laughing harder Jazz murmured his agreement giving me a smug grin when I slapped his chest. Then his face turned serious for a minute.

"I'm glad you're ok, Bells.", he told me before kissing my forehead. Just as Jasper was standing upright there was a knock at the door then the doctor, Edward, Alice, and Emmett came in.

"Well Ms. Swan lets get that stitch done so you can get out of here!", the doctor said. I don't think it's right for him to be so up beat and happy about putting a needle through my lip... "If you all could step outside for a moment while I fix up Ms. Swan that would be great!"

Jasper squeezed my hand one last time then whispered he'd be back soon. I looked over to see Edward eyeing me with a serious expression that I couldn't quite identify, after a minute he shook his head then gave me an awkward wave as he followed everyone else out into the hall.

"Ok Ms. Swan there's going to be a slight pinch as I numb the sight then I'll make quick work of that split lip.", the doctor told me.

I sighed deeply before sterling myself for what was to come. I wish Jasper or Edward could have stayed...


As I followed Jasper, Alice, and Emmett into the hall I thought back over the conversation I overheard before reentering Bella's room.

"I feel so stupid, Jazz... I made a huge fool out of myself today...", Bella said.

"Oh, you've done worse!", he told her sounding highly amused.

"Yes well I don't normally make a giant ass out of myself with hundreds of people around me and fellow anchors who are making live broadcasts.", she snarled back.

"Oh, you don't have a giant ass, Darlin. It's just right.", he said chuckling.

"Oh really? My ass is like Goldielocks?", she asked

Jasper laughed harder before making a sound of affirmation, then I heard what sounded like Bella slapping him.

"I'm glad you're ok, Bells."

They seemed to suit each other... They're familiarity with each other and obvious closeness awakened a jealously and pain in me I had never felt before. I had no right to the feelings but I couldn't help it. I have never believed in "true love" or "love at first sight", but Bella may have changed that for me... And even if I've never been this attracted to another person, or felt this way before I could never come between them. I wasn't that kind of man. I may be part of Hollywood but I try to be as honest as possible.

Once we were all in the hall with Bella's door closed we stood awkwardly for a second;

I reached up to rub the back of my neck as I tried to think of something to say.

"Well it looks like Bella's going to be ok. I'm so glad!", Alice said brightly breaking up the tense atmosphere.

Jasper rolled his eyes laughing, "Yeah well this isn't Bella's first time around the block."

I didn't really like the way he was dismissing her injuries, but I guess it wasn't my business no matter how much I wanted it to be...

"Yeah, we're all glad Bella's ok. But I think that we're going to get going. Um, this is my card. I want to take care of Bella's bill since it was my fault she ended up here.", I told Jasper.

He looked a little shocked then his expression changed and he smirked slightly, "I don't know how well that'll go over with Bell, but you can try!", he laughed. He reached out to shake my hand I took it as he said, "Thanks for all your help Edward. You're a good guy."

Feeling a little shocked myself I shook his hand looking at him dumbly before telling him thanks. As we made our way out towards the car I resigned myself to probably never seeing Bella again. ...I hope he treats you well Bella, see you in my dreams...

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