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Chapter 1

I walked around camp with my head down thinking about what happened yesterday.


I was walking around camp towards the Athena cabin to see Annabeth. When I got there I saw that the door was open and only Annabeth was in the room reading a scroll. I knocked on the door and her head jerked up to look at me.

Hey, how are you doing?" I asked, smiling, but it quickly faded when I saw the frown and sadness and misery in her eyes. I walked forward, worried.

"Annabeth, what wrong? What happened?" I asked but she didn't speak. She pushed back from her desk, stood up, and started to walk towards me but stopped a foot in front of me. When I looked into her eyes I saw that they were glassy and they seemed like they were just about to break and my worry quickly turned into shock.

"Annabeth?" I asked.

"Percy...I don't know how I'm going to say this...so I'm just going to come out with it," She took a deep breath before continuing, "Percy... I think...we should...break up." She stated painfully and I stared at her shocked and hurt.

"What? Y-you want us to b-break up? Why?" I asked.

"You know Nick Mason from the Apollo cabin?" She asked hesitantly and I nodded slowly despite the heart-throbbing pain of my heart. "Well I've fallen in love with him and I...Percy, I love him more than I love you." Right as she said that my heart did one more throb of pain before it broke in half.

"You do?" I asked, sorrowfully and she nodded, looking down at the ground as if she expected me to yell at her. I swallowed the enormous lump in my throat and continued on.

"Well if you truly love him and want to break up...then we will." I said slowly, breaking my heart even more, but I knew that if this is what she really wanted then I will give it to her no matter how much it hurts me. She looked up at me with a tear-streamed face conveying total shock.

"You will? You will let me be with Nick?" She asked her voice breaking twice and I nodded. Suddenly she broke into a big smile, jumped on me, and hugged me tightly.

"Thank you Percy! Thank you so much!" She cried into my shoulder. A second later she pulled back, still smiling.

"But I don't want our friendship to go away so can we stay friends?" She asked hesitantly, her smile starting to fade.

"Not just friends, we can stay best friends." I stated, smiling as happy as I could while my heart was completely torn.

"Thanks Percy," She repeated, her smile now fully recovered, "I have to go find Nick, good-bye Percy see you later!" She called, running out the door.

"Good-bye Annabeth." I stated sorrowfully following her out the door and walking towards my cabin as tears streaked down my face, I had just lost the one I loved to another man. I walked into my cabin and sat down on my bed, continuing crying. After acouple minutes my tears slowed until they completely stopped and right then I made a decision. I swear on the River Styx that I will never love anyone again, because love just ends in hurt and pain.

Aphrodite's P.O.V.(right after the actual flashback scene)

We'll just see about that Percy, I have a lot of plans for your love life and they're going to happen whether you like them or not.

Back to Percy's P.O.V.(after showing us flashback)

So that is why I am acting like this right now. The conch shell blew for lunch and I headed over to the dinning hall to eat. When I got there I grabbed a plate of food, sacrificed some to dad, walked back to my table, and started to eat. I finished my lunch shortly after that and decided to go to the beach. Five minutes later I made it to the beach and sat down at the edge of the surf. I breathed in and the surf went to land and when I breathed out it went out to sea. I did that a couple of times until I calmed down and then I just sat there quietly, enjoying everything. A couple minutes later a golden light appeared in front of me and when it disappeared dad was in its spot staring down sadly at me.

"Hello Perseus." He stated kindly and I bowed to him quickly.

"Father." I replied obediently and he laughed heartedly.

"Percy I'm you dad, you don't have to be all formal on me." He stated, still laughing and I sat back up smiling at him.

"So you're probably wondering why I am here." He guessed and I nodded.

"Well Zeus wishes to speak to you in the throne room on Olympus about something," He stated practically bursting with happiness, "But I can't tell you what he wants, it's not my place." He added when he saw me open my mouth to ask. I closed it and stood up.

"How are we going to get there?" I asked.

"We'll teleport," He answered, holding out his arm, "But first I have to tell you that when we get there you have to kneel at Zeus' feet and then stand in the middle of the room, do you understand?" He asked and I nodded, "Now grab my arm and we'll be there in a second." I grabbed his arm and suddenly disappeared in a vortex of reality. When we stopped spinning I gasped for air, clutching my stomach.

"Good job, most people throw up their first time." Dad commented.

"Can't imagine why." I stated sarcastically.(A/N: I just had to put that in there, I'm a big Harry Potter-obsessed fan!) When my heartbeat and breathing slowed I stood up to see all the gods staring at me with a mixture of expressions, mostly confusion and curiosity. The one that shocked and confused me was Artemis'. I expected a glare but instead I got a look of sympathy, kindness, sadness, and...an emotion I couldn't quite place. When I looked at Aphrodite I saw her looking back and forth between Artemis and me, grinning. What has she got planned? But I dismissed it without a second thought. I walked towards Zeus and knelt at his feet.

"Rise Perseus." He commanded. I stood up and went to stand in the middle of the room.

"Now as I'm sure Poseidon has told you something about this meeting?" He guessed, glaring at Poseidon -who was still bursting with happiness- and I shook my head.

"No sir he hasn't told me anything." I stated and he looked surprised.

"Nothing?" He asked in disbelief.

"All he told me was that you wanted to speak to me." I answered. He glanced at Poseidon who was now smirking.

"See I can keep a secret." He stated smugly. Zeus grumbled something under his breath about brothers and then he turned back to me.

"Well since Poseidon didn't tell you a thing about what this is about, I'll tell you everything." He said, getting back on track.

"Now as you remember Percy has went on a lot of quest since he was introduced into our world he's," He then went on to talk about all my quest and 20 minutes later he ended with the second titan war, "Now because of Percy's accomplishments, especially when he defeated Kronos, I have called him here to tell him something," Finally he is getting to the reason why I was called here, I thought, relieved that he wasn't embarrassing me with talking about all my quests anymore, "Something that is so secret that only Poseidon, Hades, and I know about it," He stated and I -as well as the rest of the gods- stared at him in shock.

Right then I noticed that Hades was there as well sitting straight and at attention and I knew that since he was here and sitting like that then this must be very important, "And it is now that I again ask if you want to become a god, but it has a bigger twist and responsibility then before and if you are to accept it then this responsibility will be yours," Zeus explained and I stared at him shocked, he's asking me if I want godhood again? But the gods never ask someone after they already turned it down and they barely ask in the first place! I exclaimed to myself.

"You see Perseus many millennia's ago after the first titan war when the world was in chaos because it had no ruler and Poseidon, Hades, and I were fighting over the throne, our dearest mother Rhea was told an old prophecy that, until then, was forgotten and this prophecy is one of the most important prophecies in the history of the world," He stated seriously and everyone stared at him confused and extremely curious, "That prophecy decided on how I became a god," He explained and half of the gods faces cleared as they figured out what he was talking about, only to be replaced by complete and utter shock at what he was talking about while I still had no clue what it was!

"Now you are probably wondering what this as to do with you," He guessed and I nodded, "Well this is how the prophecy goes:

Any mortal, demi-gods, immortal, or anything else who defeats Kronos will automatically become king of the gods and if they chose so then the person before will have to step down but if they refuse then the person before them may keep the position.

"Do you know what this means for you Percy?" He asked staring down at me, looking just like Chiron does when he asks me a question like that. Wait a minute does he mean what I think he means? I thought to myself in disbelief. No he couldn't, why would he be fine with giving me the position as king of the gods? He's practically smiling right now!

"So Perseus, do you accept to becoming the king of the gods?" He asked, while everybody looked from him and I in completely shock and disbelief except for Hades and Poseidon who were staring at me expectedly, Hades in curiosity and wonder and my father in plea and wonder. I looked at each god's faces again slowly and then I thought to myself. King of the gods is a big responsibility to take on and do I really want to become a god when I have already turned it down before? But then I turned it down before because I wanted to stay with Annabeth and now Annabeth and I have broken up so nothing's stopping me.

After thinking for acouple more minutes I looked up at my father to see the same look on his face as before but now it was more pleading. He really wants me to be King of the gods, doesn't he? I looked away from him and my eyes landed on Artemis. I felt a feeling that I had never felt before appear in my heart as I saw a look of happiness, sadness, wonder, and begging in her eyes and that look did it for me. I looked back at Zeus just before I answered to see him staring intently at me begging me just like Poseidon and Artemis did. He wants me to take his place, I realized and that encouraged me to say my decision.

"I accept the position as king of the gods." I answered, surely. Suddenly everyone in the throne room jumped up -cheering like crazy- and gave each other high-fives, all except for Artemis who sat, smiling slightly, in her throne. My father strolled down from his throne walked up to me and hugged me fiercely and I returned the hugged. Acouple seconds later everybody calmed down and stood in a line directly in front of me, Artemis standing up from her throne and going into the line and my father let go of me and stood by Zeus who was beaming at me. Every god closed their eyes and Zeus opened his mouth and started to speak.

"Perseus Jackson," When he spoke my name a lot of green mist that reminded me of the oracle flowed out of the gods and wrapped around me in a bubble but I could still here Zeus' voice, "By the power of the Olympians I renounce my place as king of the gods and give my throne to you who will become the new king of the gods," He took a deep breath before continuing, "You will also be god of time, tides, heroes, leadership, natural disasters, friendship, hand to hand combat, compassion, quests, and loyalty as well. Your symbol will be your sword, Anaklusmos, and your animal will be your Pegasus, Blackjack, who will become immortal. Lastly your domain will be at camp half-blood and you will relieve Dionysus from his position as camp director and will replace him," He stopped talking and all the gods opened their eyes as the green bubble around me disappeared, "All hail Perseus Jackson, king of the gods!" Zeus exclaimed dramatically, lighting and thunder flashing, and my first thought as a god was, I'm still confused on why he is not the god of theater.

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