Marie woke from her early night slumber and found herself in new surroundings. She was on a kind of soft bed and she sat up and saw Logan on the floor. "Logan?" she asked nudging him with her foot so her arm didn't suffer. He shot up and as Marie expected his claws were extended. "Hi," Marie smiled softly at him.

He looked over at her "hey kid," he smiled up at her. Her heart fluttered and why did it do that? Marie gulped but smiled and rose from her bed.

"I'll be right out," she said grabbing her pack and going to change.

"So you got your pesky mutation under control did ya?" he asked while she was still behind the bathroom door.

"Yup full control it's like a little switch in my head now."

"Oh so you can still use it?" he was amused.

"Yup just a little switch in my head."

"So do you want me to take you back to the mansion?" he asked.

"Would you stay with me?"

"I suppose I could," he conceded.

"Alright then let's start our way to there," she said excitedly emerging from the bathroom.

"Your wish is my command," Logan conceded and they exited the motel.


"Here we are kid," Logan whispered at about eleven PM that night.

She yawned and stretched "it's been forever since I've been here," Marie said smiling lightly.

"Ya me too," Logan said parking his truck and then helping Marie out.

The two walked into the mansion and looked around both feeling nostalgic. Marie took Logan's hand in her own and fought back fond tears. She leaned against him and smiled taking in the view.

"Oh my God Marie!" the was Storm's voice. Storm nearly flew down the stairs and captured the girl into her arms. "I can't believe you finally came home," she kept her tightly in her arms and cried tears of joy.

"Storm I'm so sorry. I wanted to come back honestly I did I was just lost and I couldn't remember anything. Then Logan found me three days ago and he got me back here."

"Bless you Logan," Storm said hugging Logan as well.

"What on earth is going on down- Rogue!" Scott appeared with Jean, Hank, and Bobby at the top of the stairs. He too was down the stairs quickly and hugged the Southern girl.

"When did you get so close to Marie?" Logan huffed at Scott.

"I mentored her before she disappeared," Scott said standing protectively over Marie. Marie was determined to defuse the situation and not allow her first day back to be ruined. She flung herself into Scott's arms once again and his attention was off fighting with Logan and on her return.

"You'll still mentor me won't you?" she asked.

"Ya of course," Scott said and hugged her tightly. "You've gotten skinnier," he poked her ribs.

"Sorry it came with the barely eating thing and the um exercise," she quickly covered. She did not want her past coming back to her, not here.

"Well we'll work on getting you fattened up," Storm said patting Rogue's stomach.

"Hey cutie," Bobby said holding his arms open for her. She smiled and hugged him, he was more toned and his chest was puffing out but that was just him being a boy.

"I missed you Bobby," she smiled.

"Ya I know I'm very missable," he wagged his eyebrows at her and she rolled her eyes.

"Hey," Jean said softly.

"Hello," Rogue smiled and grabbed the older woman into a hug. She knew Jean was too shy to approach her first.

"Beast!" Rogue said. She was one of few kids whom he allowed to call him by his old name. She was fun and playful about it and well it kinda built his ego up.

"Marie," he said fondly and lifted the girl from the ground in a big bear hug. "You can't go disappearing anymore hun," Rogue nodded in agreement.

"So how was your dad sweetheart?" Storm asked leading the group into the living room.

"Oh he was a mess," Rogue said sadly. "He was really torn up about mom. I mean I totally get it they were married twenty years or so but. He was just dreadful," Marie shook her head.

"I'm sorry honey," Storm hugged her.

"I see that we did indeed have some visitors," the professor said joining the group.

"Hi," Marie said rising from her spot and hugging the older man. "I've missed you," she said.

"I missed you too my dear. It's good to see you've found your way back."

"Well I actually have Logan to thank for that," Marie smiled fondly at him.

"Thank you Logan," the whole room pretty much chorused and Logan looked at them all freaked out.

"Yes thank you," Marie said hugging him from the recliner he had claimed.

"Ya, ya no big deal," he rolled his eyes.

"Let's get you two off to bed," Charles said.

"Yup bright and early," Scott said "we'll go in at eight ok?"

Marie nodded and yawned realizing suddenly that she was once again very sleepy. She and Logan walked up the stairs and went their separate ways to rooms. Rogue returned to Logan's room only two minutes later and knocked softly.

Logan grumbled but got up from his bed and opened the door. "What's up kid?" he asked softly.

"My old room now holds three new roommates and I'm really sleepy and-"

"Come on in kid," Logan smiled and Marie returned the smile and entered the room. Logan climbed into the bed first, Rogue set her pack on the floor and just stripped her jeans. She then climbed into the bed as well. Marie was slightly startled when Logan wrapped his arm around her middle but she curled back into him and closed her eyes drifting away to peaceful sleep while being held in Logan's arms.