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Chapter 1: The Initiation

Dear Gerdy,

I'm in love with my best friend. Help.



Dear Goner,

Two best friends falling in love is one of the greatest treasures even if it is scary at first.

But before you go rushing off to tell your best friend that you love them, you need to figure out how they feel about you. I don't mean ask them point blank if they like you or send someone else to ask them for you.

Drop hints about how you feel. Go the extra mile where they are concerned. Make them feel special.

When you finally tell them, don't make them feel pressured to give you a certain answer. If they tell you they don't feel the same way, respect their answer. Don't give them an ultimatum either, that could damage your relationship beyond repair.

Whatever their answer is, love them. It might hurt for awhile, but think of how bad it would hurt without them in your life.



Something was up.

Rose Weasley could feel it.

Never in her seventeen years had her parents gone out for dinner on a Thursday evening in the middle of the summer. She knew they had had date nights when she and her brother, Hugo, were younger, but since the pair of them had started attending Hogwarts, their parents had made an effort to make summer time family time.

After watching her parents apparate, Rose wandered into the kitchen and frowned when she saw that her mum hadn't left any dinner for her and Hugo.

"HUGO," she called as she left the kitchen and headed for the stairs. She took them two at a time then peeked into her fourteen-year-old brother's room and found him halfway under his bed. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to find my quaffle," came his muffled reply. "Albus and James lost theirs."

"You're going to Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny's house?" Rose asked.

"Yup, staying the night," Hugo replied after sliding out from under the bed with the quaffle in his hand.

Even more convinced that something was up, Rose turned and headed up the last set of stairs to her attic bedroom. She wanted to know what was going on and she wanted to know now!

"LATER!" She heard Hugo shout up to her before hearing his feet thunder down the stairs.

She was alone now and that was a rare occurrence for a member of the Weasley clan. She could count on one hand the times she had been left totally alone in parents' house and one of them was an accident.

It had happened when she was five. Her parents were taking her and Hugo to visit their muggle grandparents for a few days while they went on a short holiday and she had run up to her room to get her favorite stuffed dragon (a gift from her Uncle Charlie) and had come downstairs to an empty house. It took her all of thirty seconds to start crying and, when her parents returned minutes later, they had all cried together.

"We'll never leave you alone again," her dad had vowed as he had held her in his arms.

And they hadn't. Until now.

So what in Merlin's name was going on!

Rose stayed in her room for a few more minutes before her rumbling stomach convinced her it was time to get something to eat. She stomped down the stairs and regretted not bring her wand with her when she reached the main floor of the house and found it completely dark.

Her heart began to race. Then she heard it, a rustle of fabric.

"Who- who's there?" She asked as a shiver ran down her spine.

"Rose Weasley," a voice she didn't recognize said. "You are the chosen one."

"Chosen one?" She echoed. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, but she still couldn't see a single person. "What's going on? Why -"

"The sisters of Gertrude have chosen you to join our sisterhood," the disembodied voice said. "We will reveal ourselves only when you have accepted our invitation and vowed to protect The Sisterhood of Gertrude and never mention it to anyone."

What in Merlin's name was The Sisterhood of Gertrude? She opened her mouth to ask what was going on, but snapped her mouth shut when a familiar smell wafted past her. She only knew one person who wore that particular type of perfume—her cousin Victoire.

"Viccy?" She whispered. "Viccy, are you here?"

There was no verbal response, but she felt a hand suddenly take hers and squeeze it before letting go. Victoire was there, but invisible. That made her feel better. If Victoire was a member then there was no reason for her to not become one.

"I accept the invitation," Rose said, firmly.

"Good, repeat after me," the voice instructed.

"I, Rose Weasley, solemnly swear to protect the secrecy and reputation of the Sisterhood of Gertrude."

Rose repeated the vow word for word.

As soon as the last word came out of her mouth, the lights in the room suddenly came on and Rose found herself staring at the faces of twenty-four other women; among them her Aunt Luna and cousins Victoire, Dominique, Molly, Lucy and Roxanne. Her eyes then found the dinner table full of assorted treats.

"What is all this?" She asked.

"This, Rosie, is your initiation," Victoire smiled. "You are Hogwart's newest Gerdy."

"I'm what?" Rose asked in disbelief. "But I can't be -"

"You are," Luna smiled, tucking a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. "After the war, I returned to Hogwarts for my seventh year and decided to write a magazine for Hogwarts students. I decided to do an advice section and called it Dear Gerdy because I do love that name.

"Anyway, the magazine didn't do so well, but everyone seemed to love Dear Gerdy. So I continued that on its own. By the end of my year, I knew I couldn't let Gerdy go, so I asked Susie if she wanted to take over the section. She did and the next year she picked Danielle.

"So began the tradition of the current Gerdy picking the next Gerdy. This initiation part came in after the fifth year so we could keep the Sisterhood of Gertrude together and a secret. You, our dear Rosie, are the newest Gerdy."

Rose's eyes left Luna's and made their way to her cousin Roxanne, the most recent Weasley Hogwarts graduate. "Out of everyone, you picked me?" She asked.

"Of course!" Roxanne grinned widely. "You're the brightest girl in your year and with all the boys in our family, you'll be able to offer a wide variety of advice."

"And all of you were Gerdy, too?" Rose asked, looking at Victoire, Dominique, Molly and Lucy. They nodded. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"It's a secret society," Molly reminded her. "We weren't allowed to say anything to anyone. Not even our family members."

A sudden flash of green light turned all eyes to the fireplace and Rose soon saw her mum climb out followed seconds later by her Aunt Ginny. Her mum was smiling and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

"You knew!" Rose exclaimed, rushing over to her.

"Of course, Luna told me just last night," her mum grinned, giving her a hug. "Congratulations, Rosie."

"Are you two members, too?" Rose asked after hugging her Aunt Ginny.

"Not officially," her mum replied. "But Luna was kind enough to offer us honorary memberships."

Taking a deep breath, Rose turned back to Luna and the rest of the sisterhood. "Ok, so what do I do?"

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