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New Years Eve

Two Years Later

Rose sat in the sitting room of her and Scorpius' apartment waiting for him to come out of the bedroom so they could go to her grandparents' home for the annual Weasley family New Years party.

Growing frustrated, she forced herself up and quickly walked back to the bedroom.

"Seriously?" She glared when she found him laying on their bed reading a book. "Scorpius, we're supposed to be there now."

"If we're late then maybe we shouldn't go at all," he replied with a smirk. "I doubt they even expect us to be there tonight."

"They do and we will be," she retorted, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I doubt it," he replied. "We've been married three days, Rosie, I think they'll be shocked if we show our faces before Easter."

"If we don't show up there will be patronuses showing up every few minutes to make sure we're ok," she told him. "This is why we should have waited until July to get married instead of between Christmas and New Years."

"I didn't want to wait a whole year," he stated. "If I had known that I would have proposed last Spring instead of on September 1st."

"Well the deed is done and you're stuck with me and my family for eternity," she replied. "Now put on your Weasley sweater and let's go."

"Alright, but don't look at me for help when Victoire starts talking about her pregnancy again," he said, climbing off the bed.

"You say that, but I know you love our goddaughter Dora," she replied. "I swear every time we see her, you have another gift for her."

"Just making sure I'm her favorite," he shrugged.

"You don't buy me things," she replied with a small pout.

"That's because I already know I'm your favorite," he smirked. "Now, shouldn't we be leaving?"

"Yes, but first take the present for Dora out of your pocket," she told him. "We don't need to start any fights about who gets presents and who doesn't."

Just imagining the chaos that would start made her shudder. There were six Weasley great-grandchildren: Dora was the youngest at eighteen months; nineteen month old Johnny was the only child of James and Amelyn (daughter on Gwenog Jones); Fern and Gemma were Fred and Anabelle's three year old twin girls; and Dominique and her husband Jaques had a four-year-old son, Simon, and a three-year-old daughter, Amelie.

Scorpius sighed and pulled shrunken teddy bear out of the pocket of his jacket before he put it on.

"Thank you," she said. "See you at the Burrow."

She turned on the spot and arrived just outside the Burrow's wards seconds later, Scorpius arriving soon after.

"If you give Dora that teddy bear or any other gift, you will start the new year on the sofa," she informed him before shaking her red hair and walking through the wards.

She heard Scorpius' follow her through the snow covered path and up the front steps. She knocked the snow off her shoes then opened the front door and went inside. Ever the gentleman, Scorpius helped her take off her coat then hung it and his own coat up on one of the enchanted coat racks.

"And you said they'd notice our absence," he smirked when they walked into the sitting room and nobody looked their way.

"Give it a second," she replied, knowingly.

No sooner had the words left her mouth when they heard, "The newlyweds are here!"

That caught everyone's attention, especially Uncle Charlie's when Grandmum shoved a tray of pies into his arms and pushed through the crowd of Weasley's to greet Rose and Scorpius first. It took them fifteen minutes to say their hellos to everyone else while making their way to the food.

"Don't say it," he muttered as she gave him one of her 'told you so' grins.

"Dig in, dig in," her grandmum encouraged. "You two are far too skinny, we've got to get you ready to produce some more Weasleys." Grandmum's eyes twinkled. "Speaking of my great-grandbabies, when will you be giving me one?"

"GRANDMUM!" She exclaimed, scandalized as she slapped Scorpius' back as he choked on the bite of chicken he had just taken.

"I already had Bill by the time I was your age," Grandmum stated. "Pregnant with Charlie, too."

"Grandmum, we aren't ready for kids yet," she said after handing Scorpius a glass of water. "Scorpius is almost done with his Auror training, but I still have two more years of Healer training."

"Malfoy won't be done until he completes the hardest part of his training," Ron said, joining them at the food table. "And don't expect me to go easy on you because you're married to my daughter."

"Daddy," Rose said, warningly. "You two aren't at work so call him by his name."

"It's fine, Rosie," Scorpius said, his voice hoarse. "I want to earn my spot in the Auror department, sir."

"No, it's not," she replied. "He should call you Scorpius or son, not Malfoy, and you should call him dad, not sir or Auror Weasley."

"It's not that easy, love," Scorpius said. "We've been married three days, your dad and I have had a working relationship for a year and a half. We all have to adjust to the new titles in our relationship, but until I finish training, it'll be easier for us to keep it as is."

"I don't like it," she replied. "But I get it." She turned to her dad. "If he comes home from training injured, I will hold you personally responsible, daddy."

"Relax, Rose," Teddy chuckled as he and Albus joined them. "Uncle Ron wouldn't abuse his power as the training coordinator. "He gave James and I the same talk about not taking it easy on us and it was all talk."

"Yeah but you guys were his nephews," Scorpius muttered then added so quietly that Rose barely heard him, "And you aren't shagging his daughter."

She turned and winked at him.

As her dad, cousins and husband started talking Auror business, she took a survey of the sitting room and narrowed her eyes when she saw Lily standing near the stairs, looking at her and nodding her head towards the stairs.

"I'll be back," she told Scorpius before heading towards her cousin.

"Finally," Lily exclaimed, quietly. "I've been trying to get your attention since you guys go here. I need to talk to you."

"What's wrong?" Rose asked.

"Not here," Lily said quickly. "Come on."

She followed Lily up the stairs and they went into the room that had been Aunt Ginny's bedroom.

"What's going on, Lily?" She asked again.

"Devon is being a prat!" Lily exclaimed, speaking of her boyfriend Devon Thomas, Hogwarts' current Head Boy.

"Because of Gerdy?"

"Yes! The prat won't leave me alone about it and I don't know what to do without telling him, but I don't want to tell him."

"I could have Scorpius talk to him for you."

"Really?" Lily asked.

"Yes," Rose smiled. "Is he coming tonight?"

Lily nodded.

"Alright, I'll talk to Scorpius then when Devon arrives, come find us."

They left the room and returned to the party, only to be stopped by a five months pregnant Victoire.

"There you two are," she smiled. "The baby is kicking, feel!" She grabbed their hands and placed them on her belly.

Rose felt the baby kicking against her hand and smiled. She looked over Victoire's shoulder and met Scorpius' eye. He winked then started making his way over.

"There you are," he said. "Excuse us, ladies, I need to steal my wife away."

"Thanks for rescuing me," she said after they were out of earshot.

"I can't turn down a damsel in distress," he smirked, leaning in to steal a kiss. "So where did you disappear to?"

"Lily and Devon are having troubles," she replied quietly. "And I thought you could talk to him since we had the same issue our seventh year."

"Gerdy?" He mouthed.

She nodded.

"Consider it done," he replied.

An hour later, they were talking to her mum when Lily and Devon appeared at their side.

"Devon, you remember Scorpius Malfoy and you know my cousin Rose," Lily said.

"Nice to see again," Devon said, shaking Scorpius' hand.

"You as well," Scorpius replied. "I was going to grab a drink, can I get you something, Devon?"

"Uh, sure," Devon nodded.

"We'll be back," Scorpius told Rose and Lily.

"I hope this works," Lily muttered.

Scorpius returned twenty minutes later with a drink in his hand.

"Where's Devon?" Lily asked, her voice slightly panicked.

"In the kitchen talking to your dad and brothers," Scorpius replied.

"And you left him there!" Lily exclaimed. She pushed past him and hurried towards the kitchen.

"I can't believe you left him in there alone with them," Rose said, hitting him in the shoulder.

"Hey! Your aunt and grandmum are in there, too," he replied. "I just wanted a minute alone with my beautiful wife."

"Such a prat," she stated. "Are you going to tell me how your talk with Devon went?"

"When we get home," he replied, a twinkle in his eye.

"Scorpius, it's not even nine yet," she stated.

"Are you saying you'd rather spend the next three hours with your family than back at our place?" He asked. She opened her mouth, but closed it when he pressed his finger against her lips. "You said we had to come, you didn't say we had to stay."

Rose chewed on her lower lip as she glanced around the crowded room. Spending the rest of the night quietly at home with Scorpius sounded nice, she had to admit, and it wasn't like they were doing anything special here.

She turned her eyes back to her husband and he was grinning like he already knew she was going to say yes.

"We have to say goodbye to everyone," she told him. "And if anybody asks, we say we have another engagement."

It took them half an hour to say goodbye to her family and make their way to where their coats were. He helped her put her coat on and, after he put his on, they went out into the cold night. They walked towards the edge of the wards then held hands as he apparated them back to their apartment and arrived in their sitting room seconds later.

"How did it go with Devon?" She asked as she slipped off her coat.

"Well, I asked him if he loved her," Scorpius stated, tossing his coat on the sofa. "Then after he said he did, I told him that if he really loved her as much as he claimed that he'd back off."

Her face paled and she stared at him.

"Joking," he chuckled before leaning in to kiss her, but she turned her face away at the last moment. "Don't do that, Rosie, you know I love you and the fact that you can pop my ego with your tongue."

"What did you tell him?" She asked, still feeling hurt from his teasing.

"That I acted the way he was acting two years ago and I nearly lost you because I was a stupid prat," he replied, placing his hands on her waist. "I told him that she wasn't in any trouble and that he needed to trust her."

"Do you think he'll listen?" She asked, finally turning her face towards him.

"Probably not," he replied. "But next time you write to Lily, ask her to let you know when the next Hogsmeade visit is and I can go and refresh his memory."

"You are a good man, Scorpius Malfoy," she smiled. "I'm glad I married you."

"I'm glad you married me, too, Rose Weasley-Malfoy," he said before claiming the kiss she had denied him minutes before.

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