Title: Duets Part Deux

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A/N: I started writing this before the announcement was made that Chord wasn't coming back for season three, but I'm really attached to what I wrote between him and Mercedes, so just to warn everyone, this story already strays from canon.

Kurt did his best to keep from nuzzling into the warm gray fabric of his boyfriend's Polo shirt. Nuzzling in school wasn't very dignified. He settled for being curled to Blaine's side and squeezing his arm tightly while they sat together at glee practice, waiting for Mr. Schuester to come in. And who would blame him for holding his boyfriend so close? They were going to the same school again, singing in the same glee club, and hopelessly in love. And so far Blaine was doing great at McKinley. He had endured his first slushie facial with dignity and bravery, and he was a welcome member of New Directions. Barely a week into practice and already he was acting as sort of a diplomat, keeping the arguments within the club from getting too heated with cheerful grins and tender speeches. He fit right in.

Blaine looked down, and saw Kurt staring at him. The countertenor smiled, long past the stage of blushing whenever he got caught gazing at his boyfriend; especially since he caught Blaine staring at him just as often.

The older teen grinned back and kissed his forehead. Since Kurt was already clinging to him like a barnacle he settled for stroking his fingers back and forth over a muscular bicep. They weren't afraid of being affectionate towards each other, especially in glee club; they were just a relatively discreet couple.

Mr. Schue finally stepped into the choir room, rubbing his hands together in excitement.

"Okay guys, now while we have time before any official competition how about we work on getting back into our groove? Revisit one of our old standbys?"

"A tribute assignment to one artist," Finn supplied from the top riser.

Mr. Schuester faltered as he walked over to the white board. "Uh…no, not yet."

"Third annual Boys versus Girls," Kurt asked defensively, gripping Blaine's arm tighter as if he could drag his boyfriend with him. He was going to be on the girl's team this year, damnit!

"N-no, we're—"

"Another controversial musical for a disastrous attempt at wooing—" Rachel started, but Mr. Schue interrupted.

"No, no! Guys! Our second annual Duets competition! And once again, the prize will be a free dinner for two at Breadstix!"

There were murmurs of approval all around the room, but it fast turned into a grabbing tournament for partners.

"Finn and I will be partners!"

"Tina's mine!"

"Obviously Blaine and I—"

"Hold it, hold on guys." Mr. Schue held up his hands with a laugh. He walked to one of the shelves, pulling off the top hat resting there. He grabbed a piece of paper and started writing on it. He then ripped it up into small pieces, tossing them into the hat. "You guys usually pick your own partners, ones you know how to sound good with. So to give you an extra challenge we'll take a page from our ballad assignment, and let your partners be chosen…by fate." He finished with a mischievous waggle of his brows.

This announcement wasn't met with as much enthusiasm. Blaine looked over at Kurt in curiosity, and the younger teen just whispered to wait and see. Rachel, ever one to rally the troops, (even when it wasn't all that necessary) beamed at their coach.

"I think this is a great idea Mr. Schuester. Without a looming competition at the forefront of our minds this will be a great opportunity to stretch our vocal abilities and further bond as a team."

Mr. Schue grinned at her eagerness while most of the group rolled their eyes or groaned at her. "Exactly Rachel. So how about you kick things off for us and come pick out a name?"

She grinned and bounded up to the top hat resting on the piano. Her smile quickly vanished as she read the paper.

"Mike Chang," she said dismally.

Kurt chuckled behind his hand, even though most of the group were outwardly laughing or ooh-ing at Rachel's outraged expression. Even Mr. Schuester was trying to hide his grin. "Alright Rachel, just remember: you have to sing together."

Rachel's mouth tightened and her hands clenched into fists, the first warning signs of a classic Rachel Berry Storm Off. "You do not have to recite the definition of a duet to me Mr. Schue," she reprimanded, before whipping around and stomping back to her seat. Finn wrapped an arm around her with a warm smile and Mike just smirked at her in a strangely sympathetic way.

Mr. Schue called Artie to the piano next.

"…Santana," Artie almost whispered. Santana rolled her eyes and turned away, pretending to be distracted by a curl in her ponytail. Everyone was polite enough not to say anything this time, and Kurt even offered Artie a small smile as their token nerd rolled back to his place. Over the summer everyone had discovered all the details surrounding the Bartie disaster, including Santana's involvement. Santana was still denying being a lesbian, and still denying publicly that she had feelings for Brittany. Any time someone tried to broach the subject the Latina quickly threatened violence and poisoning of their lunch, so they just decided not to talk about it. Kurt could only imagine how awkward this assignment would be for them.


The blonde smiled down at the paper then over at the risers. "Mercedes."

Kurt looked over at his best friend and saw her eyes gleaming brightly as she smiled at Sam. His brows furrowed, but he didn't have time to analyze her expression, because he was called to the piano next. He reluctantly uncurled his arm from Blaine's and approached the top hat with a great deal of hopefulness. Maybe he would be partnered with Blaine and they could show the group just how a good duet was supposed to be done. His hopes were dashed when he read the paper between his fingers. "Puck."

He turned around and most of the club was laughing again at the bizarre partnership. Puck only shrugged and smirked readily, and Blaine was nodding pensively. He reluctantly sat down as Mr. Schue called Lauren up to the piano.

"We can always do a duet of our own," Blaine whispered to his ear, making him shiver. "We sound amazing together anyway."

The brunette smiled as Lauren announced Tina as her partner. "Very true. And we always go to Breadstix, it's time for some variety."

"Finn," Mr. Schue called.

His stepbrother took out a piece of paper, and stared bemusedly at it for a minute. "Blaine," he said, mirroring the shocked voice he had two years ago when Kurt was assigned to be his ballad partner.

Kurt was busy chuckling behind his hand again, and Blaine was blinking, although he didn't look displeased, while Finn was stuttering out a protest.

Mr. Schuester only smiled. "Need I remind you? The Fates have spoken Finn."

Finn mumbled to himself while he sat back down. Mr. Schue looked down at his sheet. "Okay, it looks like Quinn and Brittany are our last duet pairing! Good luck you guys, and um…have a song ready by Friday!"

The club slowly began to separate, everyone moving to meet with their partners, until Mr. Schue added, "Oh! By the way…you can only pick songs from before the year 2000. Just another little challenge for you guys to think about," he said with a grin.

As he strode to the white board with a whistle, everyone stared at his back, a little dumbstruck at the strange twist to the assignment.

"Great," Puck said in agitation, leaning back and crossing his arms. "Our first assignment of senior year, and we're already royally screwed."


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