Okay, I've decided to write the begging of an idea that I have written down instead of the two-shot I said I would type. I also did not type up two other one-shots. I really should just type them up, seeing as I most likely do not know anyone of you guys. Meh. Here is the 5th 1-shot I have ever written. I like this one. I don't own Death Note.

L stared at the figure in front of him. "You are not Light-kun."

The figure smirked. "I'm Ryuk. So, you're half correct in your assumption. The thing is, this is Light Yagami's body."

"What are you talking about?" L asked, his eyes not straying from the knife that was in whoever's hand.

"I am a Shinigami. The moment I felt Light's presence, I knew I had to have it. His body is strong and mind, intelligent. Possessing him gave me his strength and intellect." L just stared in horror at Ryuk, who was Light. "But I can kill without Kira's power. All I need to do is force this knife," he moved the knife so that it was touching Light's heart, "into Light's heart."

L's eyes widened. "You wouldn't." Ryuk grinned. "Oh, but I would, and will."

I know that it's really short, but this is all I have. I will mention anyone and everyone who can give me ideas for what to do next. It's obviously not a one-shot, that's just how I have it written at the moment.