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L's eyes narrowed. "You think I can't stop you from killing either Light-kun or me, don't you?" Ryuk grinned, "I know you can't. You try to get rid of me, bye bye Light. You come close, bye bye you. So, what are you going to do, L Law-li-et?" 'If a charge him, he'll kill me. If I run, he'll either chase after, amused, of kill Light. Wait, he said something about trying to get rid of him, so, there is a way. I just have to think of it.'

"If you just stand there for much longer, I'll get bored." L's eyes widened, realizing what he had to do. 'Burn the Death Note. But, first he had to capacitate the Shinigami.' L drew in a large breathe before sprinting towards the body of Light, actually surprising the Shinigami long enough to tackle him the ground.

"You're going to pay, Lawliet!" the Shinigami growled. "I don't think so!" L and the Shinigami wrestled until L was finally able to pinch the nerve that knocked people out. He sighed, before getting up and quickly going to the safe where the Death Note was stored. He entered the combination and pulled out the cursed notebook. Then, he headed strait for the incinerator, not wanting there to be any chance of being saved.

After throwing in the notebook, he headed back to where Light was. "Light-kun, he's gone." Something didn't feel right. "Light-kun? Are you alright?" L knew that Light would be unconscious because of his previous actions that had given him the opportunity to actually burn the Death Note, but, something was terribly wrong. "Light-kun?"

Upon further inspection, L found that Light, wasn't breathing.

*Evil Laughter.* I ended it on a cliffhanger! *More utterly insane laughter.* A-hem. Please ignore that. It was the utterly psychotic and insane part of my mine who finds this hilarious. Actually, I don't know what to do next either. I just wanted to end like that. And now my psychotic half is laughing at me saying, "Aw, poor FemShizu-chan, you left yourself a cliffhanger, in your own story!" and then she laughs more. Yeah, I'm insane, but don't tell anyone I know. If you don't get the FemShizu-chan remark, its because I took 15 different which Durarara! character are you quizzes and got Shizuo Heiwajima the most amount of times. And, I have to say, I am a lot like Shizuo, in some respects. FemShizu-chan because I'm a female while Shizuo is not. The Shizu-chan part because that's what Izaya calls Shizuo to piss him off more than what he already is when he sees him. I'm going to stop rambling and upload this chapter now. Bye.