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While all that was going on, outside of Rachel's modest house, Malchior and Adonis were lurking in the bushes. Malchior was wearing black boots, black pants with gold inlays, a black fancy shirt with gold cufflinks, a dark purple vest, and a black coat with tails, the fancy tie had a dragon design and his hair was slicked back in a way that reminded many of dragon's tail. Adonis was wearing a red suit that showed off his muscles without ripping.

"So what's the plan Boss?" Adonis asked, trying not to mess with his suit.

"My plan is to go in there and convince her that marrying me is her best option, seeing as any other male suitor thinks she's creepy and weird. She must feel alone after all." He replied with a smirk. Malchior told Adonis to wait outside with the other 'guests' that were waiting, most of the town had gathered for this, and Malchior wasn't about to embarrass himself in front of them. He swaggered up to the door and rang the bell.

Meanwhile Rachel was reading a book when she heard the bell. She got and checked to see who it was. She groaned when she saw Malchior standing outside. She opened the door a little. "What do you want Malchior?" She asked, not the least bit amused.

"Ah, sweet Rachel, so eloquent." He remarked with a smirk as he pushed himself through the door. "I've come to give you a most wonderful choice." He sneered as he looked around the modest house.

"And what would that be exactly?" She asked, not happy that he had just barged into her home.

"Either marry me, or be alone for the rest of your life. I mean really, everyone thinks you're weird, different, dark, and off-putting. Creepy~" He commented slyly, grinning internally as he saw her face contort from his words.

"I-I'm not creepy." She said defensively. "I'm just misunderstood!"

"And people fear what they do not understand." Malchior said with a malicious smile. "Marry me, and they will respect you." He continued, an evil light glinting in his eyes. Rachel looked up at him with teary eyes, she didn't want to be alone, she didn't want to be creepy or weird. She took a hesitant step towards Malchior before pulling back.

"N-No! I'm not marrying a worse creep!" She said angrily.

"Just think of it Rachel, a mansion, you by my side, our children playing by the fire. You'll have a family, a real home. You'll be accepted by all, all you have to do is listen to me, and heed my words." He baited her, but she wasn't going to fall for it.

"No, you just want arm candy and leverage on the council. I refuse to be anyone's puppet!" She declared before rushing at him and began to push him towards the door. "Get out! I never want you around here again Malchior! If I see you near me or my mother again, I will use a frying pan to beat you over the head with!" She said angrily as she practically threw him out of the house, where he landed in mud. Rachel slammed the door and locked it tight.

Adonis walked over to Malchior and leaned down. "So how'd it go Boss?" He asked obliviously. Malchior growled at him and pulled him into the mud before getting out. "Touchy." Adonis said as he sat up. Malchior grumbled angrily after being made a fool in front of everyone and left, the others soon following.

Rachel waited a bit before peeking out to see if he was gone. When she determined that it was safe, she left the house and began to rant. "How dare he say those things about me! How dare he think that I would willingly marry him!" She said angrily as she walked across a field behind the house. Suddenly she heard the sound of hoof beats and turned to see Rol running towards her, but without her mother. "Rol? Where's Mother?" She asked the horse, unhitching him from the machine.

Rol shook his head and Rachel climbed on top of him. "Please Rol, take me to Mother." She asked before he turned around and galloped back into the forest. After a few hours, they arrived at the castle gate, Rol pranced fearfully in front of it. Rachel dismounted and led him through the gate, all the while trying to comfort him. "Oh Mother, where could you be?"

Inside Victor and Richard were arguing. "You just couldn't keep quiet, could you? Just had to invite her to stay, didn't you? Serve her tea, let her sit in the master's chair, need I go on Victor?" Richard asked in a huff. The candelabra rolled his eyes at the clock.

"I was trying to be hospitable. Unlike you." He replied sassily. Meanwhile Rachel had entered the castle as was beginning to explore.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" She asked aloud, wondering who or what lived here. "Hello? Mother are you here?" She asked into the darkness. When no one answered, she continued to explore. Meanwhile in the kitchen Mother Mae-eye was helping the other tea cups get bathed when the youngest hopped in.

"Mother! Mother! There's a girl in the castle!" The teacup said excitedly, getting a glare from the teapot.

"I'll not have you spread rumors Billy." She replied before lifting the teacup into the tub. Just as Billy landed in the water, a feather duster entered excitedly.

"A girl! I saw a girl in the castle!" The pink feather duster said happily.

"I told you so Mother." Billy said with a sheepish smile. Of course elsewhere in the castle, Victor and Richard were arguing again.

"You Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy eared, slack-jawed-" Richard's insults were cut shirt as they heard Rachel call out for her mother. The two of them turned to see Rachel past by.

"D-Did you see that?" Victor said as he rushed to the door and poked his head around it. "It's a girl!"

"I know it's a girl." Richard replied with a annoyed expression. "What about it?"

"Don't you see? She could be the one to break this stupid spell!" Victor said excitedly before chasing after her with Richard trying to stop him. As Rachel advanced down a narrow hallway, Victor and Richard sneaked up on her. They opened a door that lead to the tower where Arella was being kept. Rachel heard the door creak and turned around.

"Mother?" She asked as Victor and Richard rushed off. "Hello? Is there anyone there? I'm looking for my mother." She said as she walked through the open door and up the stairs, unaware of Victor watching her. "That's weird, I could have sworn that I heard someone...Is anyone here?"

"Rachel?" Her mother's voice echoed from the cell on the next floor.

"Mother?" Rachel said as she rushed up the stairs. She got to the next floor and saw the different cells, all empty except for the one that held her mother. "Mother!" She cried before she rushed over to her mother.

"Rachel, how did you find me?" Her mother asked, Rachel took her hands and mentioned how cold they were and that they had to get out of the castle. "Rachel, forget about me and get out of here. There's no time to explain, just go now!" She said frantically when suddenly the Beast grabbed Rachel and whipped her around, causing her to fall to her knees.

"What are you doing here?" The Beast asked as he circled the dark room, save for moonlight coming in from the skylight.

"W-Who are you?" Rachel asked, trying to see in the darkness.

"The master of this castle." The Beast responded with a low growl.

"Please, I've come for my mother. Please let her out, she's sick and needs medicine." She pleaded.

"She shouldn't have trespassed in the first place! She is my prisoner, and there is nothing you can do." Beast said angrily.

"There must be some way I can convince you!" She pleaded with him trying to think of something when it hit her. "Take me in her place, I beg you."

"You?!" He yelled before his expression softened in confusion. "You would...take her place?" He asked curiously, he hadn't see such a noble act in many years.

"Rachel please, don't do this for me." Arella begged, but her daughter's mind was made up.

"If I did, would you let my mother go?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever." Beast said in response, and Rachel realized that she couldn't see him.

"Come into the light." She asked, and Beast stepped forward. What she saw was inhuman. He truly was a beast, he looked like some form of werecreature, but with green fur. He stood at least seven feet tall, and his fangs protruded from his mouth. His eyes were pure white, but it was clear he wasn't blind. She fell back in shock. Arella tried again to convince her to leave, but she was stubborn. She regained her composer and stepped into the light, allowing it to show off her natural beauty. For a moment she swore she saw beautiful emerald eyes gazing at her in surprise, before they reverted back to white.

"You...You have my word." She said, looking up at him.

"Done!" Beast said quickly before moving to unlock the cell while Rachel fell to her knees with her head in her hands. Arella rushed over to her and cupped her daughter's face in her hands.

"Rachel, I love you very much, you shouldn't have to do this." Arella told her daughter, she didn't have much time.

"I love you too Mother, I'm going to be fine." She replied. Arella was about to say something when Beast grabbed her and carried her downstairs. "Wait please! Wait!" Rachel cried as she watched her mother be taken away. Outside the castle, the Beast carried Arella towards an old carriage. He placed her inside roughly.

"Please, spare my daughter, she has no quarrel with you!" Arella pleaded, but the Beast would not listen.

"Take her to the village." He told the carriage, which sprang to life, breaking free of the overgrown ivy vines holding it in place and slunked off like a spider to the village with Arella inside. Inside the tower, Rachel watched the carriage leave from the cell window. She slumped to her knees and began to cry.

The Beast made his way back inside and up the stairs, Victor was still at his post and spoke to him. "Master?"

"What is it Victor?!" The Beast said angrily, making Victor cower slightly.

"W-Well, since the girl is going to be staying with us for a long time, maybe it would be a good idea to offer her a more comfortable room unstead of making her stay in the cell?" He suggested, to which the Beast snorted angrily and stormed back up the stairs. "Okay then, maybe next time."

When the Beast arrived at the top floor, he saw Rachel crying. "Y-You didn't even let me say goodbye!" Rachel said through her tears. "I may never see my mother again for the rest of my life and you didn't let me say goodbye!"

Her words cut him like a knife and he realized the error he had made. After being alone for so long, he had forced the same fate onto another person, something had made himself promise to never do. His anger had gotten the better of him this time and he felt the pang of guilt in his heart. "I-I'll show you to your room." He said softly, making Rachel look up at him, wiping away her tears.

"W-What? M-My room?" She asked in surprise. "But I thought..." She began indicating the cell she was currently in.

"Do you want to stay in the tower?" He asked impatiently, when Rachel shook her head he turned away to led her to her room. She followed him quickly, but started to keep some distance between the two of them as they went farther into the castle. She looked at the hideous sculptures on the walls, the light cast frightening shadows on them. She gasped and hurried to catch up to the Beast, who was carrying Victor to light the way.

The tall creature looked back at her and saw a tear form in the corner of the young woman's eye. "Yo man, say something to her." Victor said in a whisper. The Beast nodded and looked back at her.

"I um...I hope you like it here." He said in a gentler voice, looking at Victor for approval. He motioned for the Beast to continue. "The castle is your home now, so can go anywhere you wish. Except for the West Wing." He told her.

"What's in the West Wing?" She asked, the fact it was forbidden intrigued her.

"It is forbidden!" He replied angrily, causing Victor to sigh. Soon they were at Rachel's new room. He opened the door for her. "Now, if there's anything you need, my servants will attend you." He said almost tenderly as she walked into the room.

"Dude, ask her to dinner." Victor told him.

"Would you...I will be expected at dinner!" He said and slammed the door behind him. Rachel couldn't bare it any longer and rushed over to the bed, crying hard from the events that had just taken place, but especially from being unable to say goodbye to her mother. She didn't know it then, but things were going to change in her life for the better.

FINALLY CHAPTER THREE IS FINISHED! I am so sorry for the long wait. I hope you all like it. I'm going to take a small break before working on Chapter Four, but I hope everyone's still enjoying the story.