Oh God, please tell me I'm dreaming and not actually waking up with that damn American. England opened a bleary eye. Unfortunately, he wasn't dreaming: America stood before him screaming and waving his arms about in an extremely panicked mannhold the phone.


Was that...was America...?

The bushy browed country sat up instantly.

Oh Lord...America was a...pony?

How much more idiotic could he get?

Not to mention patriotic: the bloke was white with red and blue hair - erm, mane. And were those wings on his back? England narrowed his eyes and attempted to stand up for a closer inspection - and tumbled backwards instead.

He gasped and supported himself backwards against a tree. Oh please no, please no... England glanced down at himself.


Dark green pony.

Just as he had feared.

His breathing got heavier as he tried to think things through - though this was quite a task with America still spinning about in shock. The spell... He tapped his chin. Perhaps it did, in fact, work: we are in a world of nonexistence after all. But maybe...it took us all instead of just the Axis Powers! England's eyes widened in realization of what must be the truth, and gripped the tree behind him for dear life.

"Oyy, England, you will be letting go of me soon, da?"

"EEP!" The Brit spun around to see the gray pony that must've been Russia, who was fixing his white mane and scarf, seemingly undeterred by this change in species. "Don't be frightened, Iggy - at least not yet, I'm not quite ready to destroy you!" He tilted his head and smiled.

England returned the smile nervously, "Um, right..." He cleared his throat, regaining composure, "Have you seen the others, Russia?"

The gray pony paused for a few moments thoughtfully, then pointed a hoof to the left at a nearby tree. "I found America."

England turned and groaned: the patriotic pony had discovered his wings and took immediate use of them by flying into a tree, where he seemed to be scouring his surroundings. England facehoofed. "Thank you for that, but I already knew of him...unfortunately." Sighing, he glanced back to Russia. "What about China and France?"

Before he could say 'vodka', a distant yelling filled the air, and fast grew louder...until two ponies dropped out of the sky on top of the Russian. England nodded his head. "Good, it seems you've located them quite rightly then."

Russia stood up from under the dog pile with the two other ponies draping over his back: one was a red pegasus with a black mane, and the other a stunning blue stallion with a long, golden mane.

England tapped them both with a hoof. "Jolly to see you made it, China, and...well less so for you, France, but nonetheless," The two ponies climbed off Russia's back onto the grass and faced England, shaking themselves off.

China pawed at the ground and huffed, "England, I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that spell was not supposed to turn us all into miniature, four-legged, hooves equines!" He reared up in anger and gave the Brit a close-up look at two of those four hooves. "What kind of idiot messes up this badly, tell me?"

"Obviously him," France purred out, stroking his mane casually with one hoof, "Not that it matters to me: I still look gorgeous no matter what species I am."

England fumed and flattened his ears. He stepped forward. "I did not mess up! We just happened to be too close to the after shock of the bl-OOMF!" His body was flat as a pancake and weighed down by an annoyingly familiar voice: "Aha! My troops! It seems I've discovered a new battleground for the war - behold!" America hovered upwards, releasing England, and thrust his hoof to their left. The five ponies turned to see a village not far off from where they stood, perhaps a half-mile away. Ponies could be seen walking about the houses and buildings, and if one looked closely enough, a sign could be seen near the main road reading, "Welcome to Ponyville!"

France narrowed his eyes. "Ponyville? Honestly, they couldn't come up with anything more creative than Ponyville?"

England trotted up next to him, brushing himself off. "Yes, as opposed to something like Trottingham or Stallondon." He whinnied at his own joke, while France shook his mane in distaste. "Hilarious."

"Enough chitchat!" America zoomed over their heads to the front of the herd. Waving his white hooves, he grinned and yelled, "Onward to battle! I'm gonna be the hero!" And down the hill towards the village he flew.

The others followed along at a more leisurely pace, still a bit wobbly on their new hooves.

England kept his head down as he trotted along. He couldn't help but thinking bitterly, Of all the things that could happen, I get turned into a pony with America...Bloody hell, someone shoot me.


Not too far east, the Axis Powers were finishing the same journey into Ponyville, having already been through the whole we've-been-turned-into-ponies-freak out. Germany was leading the way with his head held lower than normal; he wasn't particularly please he had been turned into something so...girly. "Of all the animals, it had to be talking carnival ponies for little girls..." he had grumbled after seeing his dark gray fur.

Italy and Japan trotted on either side of their blonde leader, each in his own little world: Italy's being one filled with all the bright new things he was seeing around him. The little blue pony couldn't stop vehing, sticking his nose into every plant and bouncing after every animal. Japan shared Italy's curiosity for this new world as well; his was just less...exuberant. The white and black pony searched every detail, thoughtfully taking it all in.

They reached the town in good time - although that wasn't exactly pleasant news for Germany. He stopped, narrowed eyes looking around. There were so many ponies, walking, laughing, shopping...and they all looked like...girls.

Shizah. Germany watched a green and white unicorn pony kiss a pink and purple earth pony on the cheek, each giggling delightedly. I really have ended up in a little girl's dream.

"Germany," Japan came forward, "We have a slight problem with Italy."

Germany huffed. "Everything's a problem with that boy." He turned, scanning the marketplace for him. "As long as there's no gren-..." Germany froze and his eyes grew wide. "Oh shizah."

Italy - while his friends' backs were turned - had figured out, after a few moments of close study, the main gender of the populace. And with so many ladies around, how could an Italian resist? He was now chatting away to five or six mares, animatedly waving his hooves and wings about and making them all laugh.

"...And so now I'm so happy to be here with you all! It's so pretty here, I lovelovelove it! We've never been around po-"

"ITALY!" The mares screamed and scattered as the German landed on Italy and pinned him to the wall with his hoof. "What do you think you're doing? We do not have relations with the locals! This could be an Allied trap, intended to get our defenses down against these seemingly harmless ponies." He threw Italy across his back. The pegasus pony simply smiled at his friend. "Don't worry, Germany: everybody's just-a so nice here! They're so cuddly and cuuuuuuute..."

Italy continued talking, but Germany wasn't listening anymore. He was instead trotting across the square to the approaching unicorn that was Japan. "Germany," he called, "I've found somewhere we could hide out until we find a way home."

The German's blue eyes lit up for a moment, before returning to their normal seriousness. "Show me. We don't need Italy in the public eye anymore than necessary." Japan gave a quick nod before gracefully turning and trotting around a corner; Germany followed, easily keeping Italy on his back.

"Weeeeee, pony riiiiiiiide!" He held his hooves over his head. "Veh~!..."

After a block, Japan stopped in front of their destination: a giant tree with a sign in front reading, "Wooden Public Library."

Germany stood next to Japan, looked it over briefly, and nodded. "Yes, this looks nice. We can hide out behind the bookshelves for a few days and-" Germany suddenly peered at his back: Italy's weight was no longer there.

"WEEEEEE, GEEEEEERMANY! GEEEEERMANY! LOOK I CAN FLY, GERMANY!" Japan and Germany looked up right as Italy flew over their heads and through the library door. A loud crash! was followed.

The two stood silently for a moment. Japan murmured, "So much for 'hiding out'..."