Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Jason pulled against the chains that held him securely to the brick wall of the warehouse. How had he gotten there? Well, as far as he was concerned it was all Grayson's fault. He had crossed Jason's path and, well, an argument broke out. Next think he knew smoke had surrounded both on them and he woke up here.

"Good of you to join us" a calm voice said, quickly followed by the distinct sound of a gun being cocked.

Jason's eyes flew to a very familiar mask "What do you want Two-Face?" Dick's voice came from the floor between his brother and the villain. Like Jason, he was chained; unlike Jason, he was chained to the floor, hands securely behind his back.

The man smirked "you know, there are some days I just want to kill someone. Just to get at the Bat. And what a night, I caught two little birds" he stood "now the question is, which one"

Jason narrowed his eyes as he noticed the gun that Two-Face was holding, it was his.

Dick managed to get to his knees "just shoot me Harvey" he said

Jason balked "Can it, Nightwing" he snapped "Don't go all hero on me"

Two-Face laughed "I don't play that way, Boy" he answered "However, you willingness to sacrifice yourself for your brother is amusing"

The sound of the coin being flipped echoed in Jason's ears "Looks like you get your wish" Two-Face brought the gun up.

Jason's jaw dropped. This can't be happening. His mind screamed. There was so much he needed to say. That he was sorry, that he wanted their friendship back, that…

The gun went off, not once, but eight times, as Two-face emptied the clip into Dick. Jason's armor-piercing bullets ripped into his chest and tore through every vital organ in their path.

Two-face watched for a moment "Enjoy" he said and with that he was gone.

Jason fell to his knees "Grayson" he shouted "Hang on man"

Dick coughed from where he lay on the concrete floor, blood choked him as he felt his body shutting down. He couldn't breathe. Jason. He wished he had been there for him more as a brother. More understanding.

"Dick, don't you let go" Jason screamed from where he was, just far enough away to be unable to do anything.

Glass rained down on them as Bruce appeared through the window. Damien ran and freed Jason before moving to Dick and Bruce's side.

"Richard" Bruce removed his cowl "Dick"

Dick's breathing hitched as he looked at his family "Sorry, I should have been…" he choked.

"Shut up Grayson" Jason snapped "Don't waste your energy"

Dick smiled slightly "Jason" he coughed again, blood flowing down his chin. "Better brother" he looked at Bruce "A better son"

Bruce looked at his eldest; holding him tightly in his arms "Dick" he closed his own eyes for a moment. When he opened them again Dick had gone still "No"

Dick was buried with his parents. At the funeral, the remaining members of his family had maintained composure long enough to disappear to their personal hiding places.

Tim had cried, they all had in some way; Tim shamelessly cried for not meeting his brother for patrol like they had planned that night.

Damien hid his tears until he locked his bedroom door. The last thing he had said to Dick was that he should go jump off a cliff and leave them alone; he had meant it too.

Bruce sat as his Desk and let tears fall silently from his eyes as he wished he had been a better father.

Jason stayed at the cemetery the whole night. "I'm sorry Dick" he whispered "I wish we had been able to mend things"

They all shared one regret; never saying I love you.