"Hey Dick, can we reschedule? Something's come up in Gotham"

"No big deal Tim. Tomorrow?"

"You bet, catch you later man"

Tim sat on the balcony of Dick's apartment; dried tears stained his cheeks. In his hand he held a photo of him and Dick at the park, right after Bruce had legally adopted him.

"does it get easier?" he had asked "Will the pain ever fade?"

Dick had smiled, not his usual smile, but a sad one "No, Timmy it doesn't" he paused "But if it does then you forget"

Tim shook his head and wiped away his stubborn tears "Damn it Dick" he muttered "why you?"

His cell phone went off but he ignored it. The buzzing in his pocket continued in the regular short bursts for several minutes

Tim picked it up and, without looking at the caller ID, he flung the phone at the wall. The pieces fell to the floor as the young man jumped from the balcony and walked into the apartment.

Tim walked around the room, his eyes taking in everything that made up his brother's day life. There was hardly anything decorative or memorable anywhere; save for the image Tim had held and a picture frame that sat near the door.

The landline in the apartment rang, after three rings Dick's voice echoed as the answering machine did its job. Tim lost it.

Jason gave a small laugh "going to put me in my place 'big brother'?"

Dick slipped from the kitchen "No" he answered slowly as he leaned against the door frame "I want to know why"

Jason gave another dark laugh "Why what, why is the sky blue?"

"Why are you doing this?" Dick asked carefully

Jason looked at him "He replaced me" he snapped "He flat out ignored what happened"

"He replaced me with you" Dick said calmly

Jason's eyes flashed "yeah, well clearly I'm not you. I want it behind me"

"Then why did you come back?"

Jason shook his head as he hung up his phone. Tim wasn't answering, not that he really expected him to but…

Jason shook his head and, out of instinct, left the cemetery for Bludhaven.

The sound of glass breaking echoed out the door as Jason landed on the balcony. He narrowed his eyes and stepped cautiously into the apartment.

Tim was on the floor sobbing, debris completely surrounding him. Glass from the television, lights, and picture frames mingled with wood and fabric from the furniture. Jason stepped forward cautiously. A picture lay face down on the floor beside his younger brother. "Tim?"

The younger man's head shot up, tear stained face suddenly overcome with shock.

For the second time in his life, and in the last three days, Jason felt his heart genuinely break "Are you alright?" he asked, unsure of what to say.

Tim's face clouded with anger "since when do you give a damn?" he snapped

Jason flinched, he really should have expected that "Tim…"

"Shut up" The younger man snapped "Just shut up! Do you think you can replace him? What right do you think you have?" Tim clutched one of Dick's shirts with his bloody hands, obviously from his escapade with the apartment, "You are not Dick, so drop the act and…"

"Stop…" Jason shouted, but Tim pushed off the floor, grasped his waist and charged them into the bedroom. They wrestled around for a moment before Jason's slightly clearer head gained the upper hand and he had Tim pinned underneath him "This is not an act Drake" Jason hissed "He was my brother too"

Tim continued to fight against him "You tried to kill him before" He shouted, tears returning "Why would this be any different?"

Jason shook his head "I could never, ever go through with it" he swallowed "I got hurt about two months ago. Dick saved my ass and patched me up" he swallowed again as tears threatened his eyes "He asked me why I bothered to come back when revenge was clearly no longer my intent" he coughed and let Tim up as he stood "I could not answer him until that night. But we go in a fight instead and…" he choked and slid to the floor "he killed my brother with my own gun. I may as well have done it myself" he whispered as tears finally escaped his eyes "I never told him I was ready to come home"

Tim swallowed and stood "Then…" he coughed "Then let's go home" He extended a hand to Jason.

Jason hesitated, and then gratefully accepted the hand. Once he was on his feet the two brothers walked to the door. Tim paused and picked up the photo that was once by the door; its frame shattered. It was a collage of images of the two of them as well as Bruce, Damien, Alfred and Jason, some old and some as recent as two weeks ago.

Tim gave a sad sigh and swallowed down his returning tears.

"Tim?" Jason bent down and picked up an envelope.

Tim glanced over, on the back it said 'just in case'.

Jason hesitated a moment before opening it and unfolding a small piece of paper.

They both couldn't help but smile.

I Love You Too.

OK, So I tried really hard to make a video scene, but i hated every single one i did~Sorry