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This is a Keyblade War fanfic set probably hundreds of years before Birth By Sleep, so all the characters are OC's.

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Chapter 1: The Dream

The first thing he felt was the sensation of windIt wasn't a rushing gale of air but a faint, gentle breeze that ruffled through his hair and brushed his face softly. He couldn't feel any solid ground beneath his feet and his body seemed as though he was lying on stomach yet there was nothing to indicate that anything underneath him was holding him aloft. At once he knew the cause for these odd circumstances. There was only one explanation. The boy opened his eyes slowly and saw that he was flying. He was flying swiftly over a starry ocean, though how this was possible the boy did not understand.

He looked at his surroundings in awe. The sky was a deep midnight blue full of stars, which were reflected on the water below him as specks in the distance. Splashes of vibrant colors were splayed across the sky like wispy paint on a canvas. He could almost say they were bright blue and pink clouds. The ocean beneath him stretched out as far as the eyes could see.

Or was it an ocean? The vast expanse of water was so still he almost hadn't noticed it.

The boy concentrated and maneuvered himself lower so he could touch the ocean's surface. He extended his arm and trailed his fingers through the crystal clear water…and drew back instantly in alarm. The spray he had been expecting leapt up at him as bursts of pure light. He ran his fingers back through the water. Yep, it was water alright, evident by the cool wetness left behind on his skin. As the boy continued to run his fingers through the water he stared at the beautiful trails of light. All the colors of the rainbow flashed by with each burst of that light, holding him mesmerized.

After awhile the boy shook his head and floated back up towards the sky. He had been flying for some time now with no clear destination. There was nothing but the brilliant, starry sky above and all around him. The thought that he might just stay like this, floating through endless space for eternity, crossed his mind and it perturbed him. Surely he must be going somewhere or else what was the point of flying on and on without purpose? No sooner did he think this did he suddenly find he wasn't flying anymore. Well, he was, but not of his own free will. He was being pulled forward by some unseen force.

His flying gained in speed , and that once sweet, gentle breeze turned into harsh gusts of wind pushing against his body. It seemed to be trying to stop him from going forward. Not that he could help it. The force tugged at him with more strength, making him fly faster. In response the wind seemed to push against him with more and more power.

The boy saw though squinted eyes that the stars around him had begun winking out of existence. One by one they faded until they had all disappeared. The once colorful sky had turned dark, mutating into a mass of swirling black and purple. The boy could sense he was being drawn into the epicenter of a storm of darkness. It filled his gut with a sinking feeling, and he knew there would be no going back. Whatever it was he was heading for would swallow him whole; it would consume him until there was nothing left. Straight ahead of him was a glowing object. It was no bigger than a dot at first, but as he sped closer it grew. It grew bigger until he gasped when he saw that before him was an actual world.

This world was unlike any other he had ever seen. It was a solid mass of ominous energy being sucked into a vortex. The boy could feel, he could see, the overwhelming darkness radiating off of it, the sheer power of it so enormous the vortex couldn't contain it all. The boy was being drawn into this nightmare of a world. He was being pulled straight to the surface, through it, to its black core.

As he passed by he saw orbs of dark energy raining down from the sky and exploding on contact. Jagged pillars of rock decorated the world's surface, resting on an invisible ground. The boy shot through everything as that mysterious force dragged him down to the heart of this condemned world. After passing through layers of thick darkness like a ghost, the boy reached his destination. At the core of this world was a cave-like room. In the center of this nightmare laid a single entity. The boy's eyes widened in terror.

Before him stood a massive creature that towered above everything around it. Its huge muscled form was wrapped entirely in tentacles as black as its ugly body. Demonic wings that were twice its height protruded out from its back to fill the cave. A crown of rough black metal entwined by twisted thorns rested on its head, which was also wrapped in those dark tentacles. Though the creature's body was a deeper black than even the darkest night, it was the eyes that frightened the boy the most. Giant, glowing golden orbs were fixated on the boy with a unblinking stare. The boy was being pulled toward this monster.

He suppressed a shudder throughout his body.

Something moved in the corner of his eye, and the boy glanced around to see objects falling down into the cave. They were the stars he had seen before being brought to this place; the same ones that were so beautifully reflected on the ocean. One of the stars fell to where it was only inches from his nose. Now that they were so close, he could see they were just tiny orbs of pure light. They emitted a warmth that temporarily made him forget about the creature in front of him That lapse in memory didn't last long. Suddenly the tentacles that were wrapped around the creature lashed out and strangled the stars. The stars were pulled into the creature's body and engulfed in shadow. As each one fell to darkness they screamed faintly before dying forever. The sound of their dying agony echoed through the cave. The boy was utterly appalled.

Then the tentacles grabbed ahold of the boy in a suffocating grip. He kicked and struggled in mindless panic as they dragged him closer to the monster until he touched it. Immediately upon contact a sickening shill overcame the boy's body. The numbing cold froze his limbs so he could no longer move or resist. He was sucked inside the creature without a sound of protest. His mind went blank and all emotion drained from him. The boy could no longer think, feel, care…There was nothing but the deafening roar of the beast as the boy succumbed to darkness. He was drowning deeper and deeper into darkness until only the roar of the creature rang in his ears.

Adage woke up with a start, snapping his eyes open and quickly shutting them again to the harsh morning light. His thoughts raced. So it was all just a dream; the ocean, that world, that creature, and the darkness…none of it was real. Sweat beaded down his forehead, causing his hair to stick to his skin. Whether it was from the blazing hot air or the fear coursing through him he wasn't sure. He could feel his heart beating so rapidly it felt like it would bounce right out of his chest. Adage forced himself to take deep breaths and calm down.

"Relax, idiot," he scoffed to himself. "It was only a dream. Honestly, it's a mystery how I ever got through life without dying of a heart attack."

This time when Adage opened his eyes he held up his hand to block out the sun. Adage eased himself off the dried grass onto his elbows. Brushing sticky brown locks out of his eyes, he scanned the area. Nothing had changed since he had fallen asleep. He was still lying in the same dry, yellow grass plain a little ways away from the main road. The endless, even plain ran forever towards the horizon and a forest of sparse trees in the distance stood outlining his surroundings. The sun was even in the same position as before. He must not have been asleep for very long, but it felt like he had been dreaming for hours.

For a moment Adage wondered if anyone saw him passed out on the grass. They probably would have thought he was some homeless bum dumped off the side of the road. He stared down at himself. As usual, he was wearing his short-sleeved white and blue kimono shirt with another tight-fitting black shirt underneath, tucked into navy blue pants by a belt. His pant legs were a teeny bit shorter than they should be, but that was to make room for his black boots. To his dismay, his clothes were covered in dirt and his boots caked in mud. That's right. I haven't washed my clothes for a while. The only thing that remained untouched was a stylized silver heart hung around his neck on a chain. Drowsiness stung at his eyes, but he refused to return back to that nightmare.

"Oh well," Adage muttered to himself, "no use sitting around here, seeing as I can't get any sleep."

Adage started to get to his feet when suddenly he froze. He remained that way for a second until he heard what he had been listening for. From just behind him he heard a low growl. Adage spun around looking for the source.

The dream!

It was the same roar of the monster he saw in his dream, only now it was quieter. All the same, it was right next to him. Again the growl came from behind him and Adage twirled like crazy searching for the creature. Then a rumble from his abdomen accompanied the growl. Adage stared down at his stomach and placed a hand on it. His stomach continued to growl violently, paining him to where Adage clutched it.

"Heh, I should have known," he laughed. "Of course you'd be hungry. I haven't had a bite to eat for hours!" His stomach agreed by protesting it angry starvation with another growl, this time louder than before.

"Alright, alright. I was just getting ready to go anyway."

Adage stood up and walked back to the main road. It was just a dirt path that was wider than the others branching off from it, but he knew it would lead him straight to the nearest city. His footfalls kicked up large amounts of dust with every step. The road was cropped by short grass that had obviously seen too much sun. Adage looked up at that ball of heat in the sky. He wasn't used to the extreme weather of this world. Unlike here, his home was almost never beaten by the sun. Though the daytime was always bright, the air remained cool.


Ever since he left Adage hadn't really thought about his world. He had done his best to be off the radar, so no real news about home ever reached him. What happened while he was gone? Did anyone try to find him? Adage hung his head and sighed.

Trying to think about it made him feel depressed, so he pushed all thoughts of his former life aside. Instead he turned his thoughts on his peculiar dream. Never before had his dreams been so vivid or so…real. He flexed his fingers. The numbness hadn't completely left him. He could still feel the icy cold touch of the creature and the suffocating darkness. And the stars; they reminded him of all the worlds out there within the Realm of Light. What exactly was that creature which snuffed out their light like the flame of a candle? Adage got an odd feeling of premonition, like his dream was warning him of something. He sensed he would soon find out whether that creature was real or not. A storm was coming that threaten to plunge the worlds into darkness, that much he knew. Now he had to figure out a way to stop it.

The ground beneath his feet had changed. Adage's footsteps now sounded like clop, clop. That brought him back to reality. He stared ahead with focus. Indeed, the road had changed. Instead of dirt, it was paved with cobblestones. He was nearing town now. His stomach rumbled in anticipation.

Adage chuckled. "Yeah, I can't wait too," he said while rubbing his stomach. "I'm going to go to the first restaurant I see and order six plates of the biggest meal they have. Hmmm…I hope they have some sea-salt ice cream for dessert, as well."

He was jolted out of his hungry pondering when suddenly the sound of scream reached his ears. Adage dashed forward on an instinctive response to the cries. About a half kilometer away he could see smoke rising over the grassy plain. Adage's eyes narrowed in determination and he put on a burst of speed as he sprinted towards town. He passed a wooden sign that read:



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