AN: Another James/Lily… I LOVE that pairing! I wrote this literally half-an-hour ago because it'd been floating around in my head all day at prac and begged to be written… plus I was walking home so therefore alone… in the dark… and I had nothing else to do.

After The Fact

Chapter 1

Lily Evans was yelling at Severus Snape. James could hear her clear through the door of the classroom she'd dragged the git into when he'd approached her in the corridor on the way to Charms.

"How can you... You think a simple SORRY is going to fix this!" oh she was mad alright.

Snape's response was harder to hear but a quick spell fixed that.

"... ly, I didn't mean it!"

Her response is scornful "And why not Sev? You call everyone else of my birth that, why am I any different?"

Even with the spell he couldn't make out the mumbled response of the other boy.

Lily's exclamation in answer to It he could hear clearly however.

"ARGH! You... You..." she seems to be too angry to form a coherent response to whatever it was he'd said.

He assumes that whatever Snape tried to convince her of next is also unsuccessful as the resounding sound of a slap reaches his ears. Her next words are music to his ears.

"I never want to talk to you again SNIVELLUS! You know something? James tried to tell me that you were up to no good... You know what I told him? I said that no way would my best friend do the things he'd accused you of and called him a lying scumbag! But he was RIGHT! I HATE YOU!"

The door is thrown open so hard it bounces off the opposite wall and he'd only just managed to scramble out of the way in time. She stares at him and he stares back, partially in shock for hearing her call him 'James', the other part frozen in mortification at being caught eavesdropping. What happens next surprises him as much as it does her. She throws herself into his arms, sobbing brokenheartedly. His arms circle around her slender waist tenderly and he murmurs soothing nonsense into her hair.

Lily is too caught up in her own pain to notice when Snape exists the classroom but he does. The look of deepest loathing that etches itself onto the other boy's sallow features at the sight of him immediately dispels any slight sympathy he might have been inclined to feel towards the Slytherin. Although, considering the crying girl in his arms, that sympathy would have been short-lived. Ignoring Snape he re-focuses his attention to the sobbing red-head and therefore misses the dark eyes fill with pain. When he next looks up, Snape is gone.

AN: I've got an idea for a second chapter… should I write it?