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It turned out to be around break when Butters Stotch almost stumbled into the main atrium of school, a new bruise adorned his face and he pulled down a woollen cap to try and shield it from curious onlookers. The hat itself was a light sky blue toque, and it had been a present from Kenny on his seventh birthday. The eldest boy in the year pushed through the crowds of students that were coming out of their latest classes, he knew that Kenny wouldn't be in any of these classes; judging his work ethic, although it had gotten better with his rather unusual teaching techniques. Forcing his way through the corridor and out to the back, past the canteen and through to the bleachers, knowing that his boyfriend would be smoking a discrete joint; sheltered with some of the other smokers under the shade of the ominous towering stands that over-looked the frozen ground of the South Park High football field.

The cold air bit into his skin as he slipped out the back of the boy's locker room and into the chilly December air. He really didn't know why South Park High bothered with a football field; in Colorado they only had decent weather for around five months in the year, and two of those counted as summer holidays. He spotted the other blond easily, pulling his hat over his slightly damp forehead he made his way over to the two Goth's and jock that accompanied Kenny's cancer stick ritual.

"Hey Ken what's the fag doing here?" one of the jocks asked, flicking his smoke to the ground, before stepping towards the smaller form of Butters. The blond didn't step back, but stood firm, he was sick of being pushed around, and realized that he needed to pull his act together if he was going to get through life and school. "Hey, fag, got any pot? That why you're here for Ken?"

Butters didn't reply, but still stood firm, he clenched his fists together, in a desperate attempts to prevent his knuckles rubbing together. "Just stand there and smoke your pot fella's Ken's got a book he owes me,"

The laugh from the jock (Larry, one of Cartman's new friends) stepped menacingly towards the scrawnier blue clad boy. "What on geometricicy?" he obviously thought it was funny as he let out a loud belly laugh.

"Actually I borrowed some lezzie-porn off B," Kenny had remained quiet throughout the whole discussion; he'd finished his smoke and flicked the butt in the heaped snow piled at the foot of the bleachers. There was a raised eyebrow from Larry. The boy knew that the two were dating, and hated Butters, but Kenny let everyone know that anyone who messed with Butters messed with him; and messing with Kenneth McCormick was a very bad idea. The dark haired jock stepped back, obviously in disbelief over the comment, but not wanting to deal with the volatile hoodied boy. "C'mon Butters," Kenny grunted, grabbing the boys arm a little more forcefully than was needed, directing him towards the open double doors.

As soon as the pair were in the safety of the deserted school corridor, he dragged the slimmer blond out of sight of the others and into the empty locker room. Ignoring the protests from his boyfriend the blond yanked off the toque, clearly displaying the darkened purple bruise, it was a stark contrast between his pale ivory skin. Butters watched in apprehension as he saw his boyfriend's soft blue eyes darken to a stormy sea azure.

"I'll fuckin' kill him," the boy swore, his hand reaching out tenderly and brushing the bruise gently with his fingers.

"Kenny, please," the other blond begged. Butters loved his parents so much; he never really knew why his father was so violent towards him.

"I'm sorry," Butters looked up surprised, grabbing his boyfriend's hands and giving them a gentle squeeze, ignoring the raised eyebrow from his other half.

"You can't be sorry; it's not your fault,"

There was a moment of silence, disturbed only by the dripping of a busted tap in one of the sinks. Before he could stop himself Kenny wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, before pulling his blue hat over his head. The dusty haired blond hugged Kenny back, breathing in the musk of cigarettes, cheap aftershave and something that was just Kenny.

He desperately wished that the words his boyfriend was repeating over and over again would be true.

But everything was not going to be okay.

"Hey," Kyle couldn't help the smile on his face as he saw his super best friend leaning against the lockers arms crossed against his beloved football team jersey, with his handsome face pulled into a bromancy grin. "What's got you so down?" He asked knowing that something was up.

"Oh I'm just swamped," Kyle replied, pulling several heavy looking Chemistry text books out of his locker.

"Dude, really?"

The glower that struck him was amusing and Stan couldn't help but laugh as he shoved his best friend lightly on the shoulder. The red head sent a playful glare back. "Up yours," he snapped. Although there was no threat in it, and there was a hint of underlying enjoyment.

"That's why I'm taking philosophy,"

"You don't have to do any work in philosophy, that's why you're taking it," the taller boy retorted. His super best friend raised his eyebrows, and shoved Kyle playfully.

"I have to do philosophical thinking,"

Kyle couldn't help but snigger as he shut his locker, scooping his math books into his bag as well. They started down the corridor to the science labs - where they had to part ways for class. Kyle bit his lip and looked across to his super best friend, being about an inch taller than the other boy he could easily see what his friend was doing. Even though his best friend was a little shorter, the teen was well built, with muscles to die for and a stance that made him look taller than he actually was. Biting his lip the red head broke the question he'd been dying to ask all week. "How are you and Wendy doing?" it was a simple question, but he knew that the answer could turn either way. Part of him felt guilty, due to the fact that both people in the relationship were dear friends and he didn't want to hurt either with selfish desires. He liked Wendy, he really did, but she was his best friends present, long term, off again on again girlfriend - that's why he had a problem with Testaburger. The girlfriend element of their friendship, scratch off the girlfriend label and everything between them would be just peachy.

His super best friend shrugged nonchalantly. "I dunno," his playful mood from the earlier conversation was broken. "She wants to go further,"

"And?" Kyle raised his eyebrows. "I thought it's every guy's dream to get laid,"

"Well it's supposed to be isn't it?" he gave him an exasperated look. "But I still feel this stupid sick feeling in my stomach every time it's over 3rd base, and I just back out,"

"At least you're not puking on her any more," Kyle teased, trying to get his happy best mate back (he really, really, didn't want Goth Stan to make his infamous return).

"DUDE!" the black haired teens voice rose slightly. "So not cool!"

"I've got super best friend rights!" Kyle sang.

"With that it doesn't count," the other replied stubbornly, not before swiftly swiping the beloved ushanka from his friends head, exposing the soft mass of soft autumn red curls that framed his face.

"Hey!" Kyle made a swipe for his hat, desperately trying to get his garment back. He really didn't want to go into his science with his hair on full display to the world. Grinning Stan held it behind his back, and started to walk backwards down the corridor. Kyle started to chase, but the bell rang for next period. Scowling the red head glowered at his shaggy haired companion before stalking off to his class.

"Hey Curly!" there was a good natured laugh as the red headed boy slipped into the large auditorium, Kyle scowled at the good looking dark haired boy.

"Shut it Clyde," the teen replied. Dumping his book filled bag onto the table and swinging his acoustic guitar case from around his back, pulling the strap from around his head. "Where's the others?"

"Up here!" there was a yell from Red as she flicked back her long dyed hair. Kyle waved back to his other friend, motioning her to come down from the second row of seats lining the theatre. "The others are chasing down people,"

"Didn't they read the notice?"

"Dunno," she hopped up onto the stage, her legs tapping out a beat as she sat down. "Mr. Anderson was trying to decide what set of songs we're singing for nationals,"

"Huh," Clyde grunted, the bass singer had joined the local singing (glee for a better word) club just at the start of the year, not realizing how much of a commitment the club actually was.

"Hey fella's," Butter's voice signaled his arrival as he carefully placed his bag down and sat on an arm of a chair.

"Hey Butters," Kyle replied, Clyde raised his hand in a casual greeting, whilst Red smiled warmly at him.

"We're missing a lot of the cast," the blond stated worriedly, this was the last practice that they had before they broke up for Christmas, and they desperately needed the practice, much more on the choreography than the singing.

"Yeah," Kyle absent-mindedly strummed his guitar, tuning it delicately. "Most of the guys didn't read the notice that we had the auditorium booked."

"Has-" Butters was interrupted by the rest of the female cast, a familiar dark haired beauty, and her blond haired best companion. Lola and Kal stumbled in close behind, obviously having run around the school trying to find the rest of the club members.

"Have we got everyone yet?" Mr. Anderson sidled into the room; a man in his mid thirty's dressed in a casual shirt and a pair of dark jeans. He was one of the best teachers that the school had ever had. He was a music teacher, and could play a range of different instruments, from piano to the bass guitar; the students loved him because he was down to earth and generally a nice person.

"Everyone except Pip, Craig, and Damien," Red jumped off the stage and sat next to Butters.

"They've got Phys-Ed haven't they?" Kal asked, retying her pink bow, pulling her dark rowan hair into a high ponytail.

"Yeah," there was a chorus of general agreement in the room.

"Everyone sit down," Mr. Anderson talked with an authority that he really didn't need. Clyde and Kyle jumped gracefully off the stage and sat with the rest of the cast. Once all his students were seated together the teacher pulled out a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket. "Right, I've decided to pick a range of songs that will use everyone's abilities. When it comes nearer the date we can pick definite ones just to be sure. So I thought-" the door slammed open to reveal three boys, all looking rather red, scruffy and not to pleased with themselves. "Nice to see you've finally revealed yourselves boys," the rest of the group chuckled, noticing that the ever so present Craig had his fly undone. Craig being Craig he promptly zipped himself up and sat down - not before flipping the entire hall off. "Anyway. I've got down, Queen, Bowling for Soup, Big D and the Kids Table, The Darkness, and some Slash," there were grins and a small cheer went up at the mention of Queen and the Darkness. "I wanted Queen because we can really use Butter's voice to our full advantage,"

Butters blushed at the notion, and sank down a little, but he was smiling. "B you're too modest about your singing talents," Kyle laughed and pushed him lightly. The blond boy rubbed the back of his neck.

"We've got Head Long, or I Want It All for Queen," Mr. Anderson stated.

"We could do I Want It All. B could dress up as Prof Chaos," Red giggled, there was a joint laugh, and the boy in question blushed.

"I would prefer to Head Long," Butters interrupted. "Or Play The Game," he paused, "but it depends on what everyone else wants to do,"

"Hmm," Anderson stroked his chin in thought, "All right, hands for I Want It All," there were only two, "Hands for Head Long," almost all put their hands up. "Play the Game?" only Kyle and Butters volunteered. "Sorry boys, we've got all the votes for Head Long I'm afraid," Butters shrugged, but grinned.

"I think we should start practising Head Long," he walked over to the piano that was on the stage. "C'mon, let's warm up,"

Kyle joined the rest of the group on the stage, running his hand through his curly locks. Bebe sent a dazzling smile over in his direction, he grinned back - apparently people still thought that he had a tight ass. He didn't mind, he smiled in Wendy's direction, she scowled back in reply. He raised his eyebrows, but didn't retaliate.

"Kyle we would like your input as well," Mr. Anderson grinned knowingly, and Kyle couldn't help but blush. Following the rest of the group in the warm up, the red headed boy realized that this was going to be a long lunchtime.

Sighing in relief Kyle stood and stretched from his study period, the bell had rang for the end of school, and he popped his back, wincing as the bones went back to their original position. He rubbed his hand down his face, and scrubbed at his eyes, trying to get the focus back into them. The numbers and shapes of his AP geometry homework had blurred around the edges. Yawning he marked his text book page and pushed both of his books into his bag. Slinging it over his shoulder the teen exited the library, waving goodbye to the elderly librarian seated at the desk. He walked out into the corridor, grinning at the sounds and shouts of the school on a Friday afternoon. He dashed to the hallway that his locker was in and scooped in all the books, before throwing his schoolbag over his back.

"Kyle!" he turned to see Kenny, along with Butters, waving him over. Slamming his locker door shut the red head maneuvered through the throngs of school students, wanting to get home for the weekend. "Here," he handed the red head his guitar.


Kenny was grinning as they walked down the steps of the school and round the corner; he knew what the blond was trying not to laugh about. "Someone steal your hat?" he mocked.

"Fuck you Kenny," Kyle shoved his free hand into his coat pockets, it was cold without his hat, and a chill breeze blew, ruffling his rustic red hair and making him shiver.

"Cold?" Kyle glowered, and Kenny couldn't help but fall into the snow drift on the side of the pavement in laughter.

Butters watched slightly confused, and turned to Kyle. "I think you look good without the hat," Kyle blushed from the comment. "It b-b-brings out your eyes,"

Smiling Kyle nudged Butters, "Thanks,"

"Yeah, he looks like a Cocker Spaniel that my aunt had years ago," Kenny was still laughing and clutching his sides as he rolled in the snow. "Had a perm recently red head?"

"Hey!" before Kenny knew what was happening Kyle had handed Butters his guitar bag and launched himself at the blond effortlessly pinning him. Grabbing a fist full of snow the Jew easily unbuckled the dirty blond's torn jeans and stuffed a handful of snow down into his boxers. Kenny yelped and shoved the green eyed boy off, swearing profusely; even Butters cracked a smile as his boyfriend danced around trying to get the snow out of his pants.

"You little shit!" he swore, shaking the snow out of his pants, before zipping them up and scowled at the Jew. In retaliation he grabbed a handful of snow, balled it, and threw it into the side of Kyle's face. But before he could even register that the snowball had hit its mark, Kenny had a face full of snow from a very well aimed snowball. He sputtered and spat out snow, glancing at his boyfriend in question, Butters shrugged.

"Now, now children play nice," Kyle smiled unintentionally as he felt two strong arms wrap around his slim waist. His head felt instantly warmer as the hat was returned to its rightful owner.

"Fuck you Stan," Kenny replied, still spitting out snow.

"Well at least Butters can warm you up," Kyle grinned, shooting a knowing look towards the blond. The sudden heat from the blonds face could probably be felt for miles.

"Shush," Kenny replied, and the pair started walking on towards their destination. Butters handed Kyle the guitar, to which he smiled in thanks. "Wanna get pizza and a movie later?"

"Sweet dude," replied Stan's voice next to his ear. "Meet you at the Pizza House at eight?"

"Awesome," the two fist bumped and Kenny slung his arm over Butters shoulders, whispering something in his ear as they walked away, something that was making the elder blond giggle.

"You look good without the hat,"

Kyle swallowed at Stan's low voice, he was perfectly comfortable to spend the rest of his life here, just in this spot, with Stan's arms wrapped around his waist keeping him warm. "You should be without it more often,"

"Stan," he bit out, "Stop fucking around,"

"Am not," the darker haired boy replied. "I love your hair, dude its fucking perfect," to make his point the elder teen ran his hand underneath his hat and caressed the soft locks.

Kyle needed to suppress a shiver that went through him at the motion. He heard footsteps crunching over the ground and pulled away, noticing his super best friend's face fall into a bit of a frown at the loss of contact.

"Stan?" Kyle cursed, it was Wendy Fucking Testaburger.

"Wendy!" the elder boy almost jumped in surprise, turning round so fast he slipped and Kyle rushed to balance him with his free hand, pushing the heavier boy upright. "Thanks dude,"

"Are we going out tonight?" Wendy asked, her dove grey eyes flickering to where Kyle still had his hand on Stan's back, and giving him a look that clearly said "back off he's mine" surprised the red head pulled back.

Stan rubbed the back of his neck. "Actually I was gonna spend some time with the guys, full evening, sorry," he added quickly as he saw her face fall.

"Stan we always go out on a Friday," she pulled a pout, making her lips look bigger than they actually were.

The black haired boy pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration and sighed. "I'm sorry I forgot. I haven't been able to spend any quality time with my guys,"

Ha, take that Testa-Kyle was just about to do a victory dance in his head before Stan spoke up again.

"Can we move it to Saturday; I promise I'll take you out,"

The mental victory dance stopped.

"Sure," Wendy perked up again, and moved to kiss her boyfriend quickly on the lips. "Pick me up at seven?"

Stan quickly returned the kiss, knowing how awkward this was making his super best friend - he hated making Kyle the third wheel. "Sure,"

Kyle sighed mentally, could this crush that was clouding his mind get any bigger? Or was it just going to disappear like he sometimes wished Wendy Testaburger would?

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