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Chapter 3 – Overwhelmed

Sam yawned and stretched as he walked from the human rec-room to the Autobot's much larger room. It had been two weeks since his rather mind-blowing threesome between he, Optimus, and Bumblebee, and he was glad that neither of them treated him different. Optimus would smile in that kindly way of his, no trace of seduction, while Bee would tease and play music at him like he always did.

However, they had become a little secretive lately.

He couldn't figure out why.

Mentally shrugging, he went in through the humans door and frowned. Something wasn't right. The gigantic TV was off, most of the lights weren't on, and it was too quiet. No 'bot was there.

"Guys?" Sam called out, warily looking around. Part of him hoped this wasn't some Decepticon trick. He was not in the mood for that stuff.

No response.

Walking through the hangar room, he headed for the second room behind it, the private room in which no human was allowed.

Bumblebee had taken him there though. He and Will Lennox had been the only ones allowed into the sanctity of the Autobot's shared quarters (due to the lack of room). The young man was surprised, when he reached the entryway, that it was partly opened. As if waiting for him.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Something was going to happen, he could feel it.

Stepping in, again he cautiously called out, "Hey…any Autobots in the house?"

All at once the lights within the private rooms went on, revealing the four vehicle forms the Autobots favoured, arranged in a semi-circle around the entranceway.

Optimus Prime's holoform was grinning at him from where he leaned against the grill of his alt mode.

"Good evening Samuel," he purred. And as that purr rolled out of his mouth, Sam felt his knees weaken at the same time as his mind connected the dots. He knew what they wanted. They wanted to have sex.


A husky laugh echoed in the space as Bumblebee's attractive blonde holoform appeared a few metres in front of him, walking to him to sling an arm around his shoulders. Lips brushed the shell of his ear as he whispered, "Hey Sammy…cat got your tongue?"

"Oh shut up…you guys are trying to proposition me again," hissed Sam in a semi-embarrassed way, knowing that if Optimus and Bee spoke in their sexist voices again that he wouldn't be able to resist.

Not that he was going to in the first place…

"Well…of course," smirked the tall, dark-haired male, bright blue eyes travelling over the two younger males. "After all, if would not be fair for Ratchet and Ironhide not to enjoy the same experiences Bumblebee and I did."

On cue, two new holoforms rippled into existence.

The brown-eyed man could only stare.

Ironhide – for it was undoubtedly Ironhide – was the most muscled of them all. Wearing a wifebeater and a pair of jeans only enhanced them. His pectorals bulged, his abs were finely cut, and his biceps were drool worthy. His skin was tanned as if he had worked on a farm in the sun all of his life instead of being a robotic organism. Like Optimus, the weapon specialist's eyes were a bright blue, and his inky hair was cropped short with splashes of grey running through it. His square jaw only enhanced his easy smirk as he nodded toward Sam.

Ratchet was identifiable by the slight frown lines marring his otherwise younger and intelligent face. His eyes were a slightly softer blue than Optimus or Ironhide, and his features were – like Bumblebee – slightly softer in comparison. His hair was a rich mahogany with streaks of dark crimson, slightly wavy, a reasonable, smart length. His build was toned and muscled, but less so than the two older mechs. His chest was impressive, though his waist was trim and taut.

Both of them made Sam's mouth go dry.

Why, but why did the Autobots have to be so hot?

"Uh…wow guys, you look really good…eh, but are you sure you…all want to?" he stammered, cheeks flushing a deeper red as his eyes roved over their rather pleasing forms.

"Only if you want to," Ratchet said immediately.

"'Course, it'll be more fun with you than with just the four of us," Ironhide chimed in.

"C'mon Sammy…say yes…let's have some fun," purred Bumblebee into his ear.

It was Optimus who tempted him completely.

"Samuel…let us share some pleasure with you," the leader whispered, in that low tone that caused him to feel like his head was spinning.

Sam had barely began to nod when he was dragged to a large bed, big enough for all of them to position themselves comfortably. He barely noticed as holoform clothing disappeared, leaving nothing but their glorious naked forms. It was when two sets of hands tried to yank his t-shirt off that he yelped, "G-guys…isn't this weird to you?"

"Remember Sam, as Cybertronians, we do not keep pleasure as a taboo subject within our race. We are free to find equally consensual pleasure with another…or perhaps more if others are willing. Interfacing is not about embarrassment, or who is better than the other, but about sharing something that makes us all feel good and accepted," Optimus reminded, a strong hand reaching over to stroke over the younger's cheek tenderly, such a protective gesture that Sam smiled, racing heart slowing a bit. How could he ever have doubted? He was safe with them.

He leaned up, allowing Bumblebee and Ratchet to help him out of his shirt, while Ironhide and Optimus attacked his waistband, pulling his jeans and boxers off in one clean pull.

"Wait!" Sam yelped, hands flying down to cover his privates under the four piercing gazes.

Ratchet held his arms out, saying softly, soothingly, "Relax…we want to explore you. We are a bit impatient unfortunately."

The younger nodded, still feeling vulnerable. He didn't expect them to undress him so quickly. In his moment of distraction, Bee leaned down and covered his lips in a slow, sweet kiss. It was familiar, and he melted into it. After a few make out sessions, the scout had really gotten the hang of kissing.

As Bumblebee retreated, Ratchet leaned down, cradling the back of Sam's head and pressing their lips together too. Sam made a soft noise of enjoyment. Ratchet was good too. Since they could kiss in their mech forms, he was glad that none of them were inexperienced. Ratchet was different. He was methodical. He was thorough and completely distracting. As the medic pulled away, he realised that all four pairs of hands were touching him, sliding over the skin of his shoulders and chest, over his thighs and own to his calves, threading through his hair. It felt good, but the touches coupled with the situation and the attractiveness of them all made his shaft grow to full erection, and he moaned as they purposefully avoided it.

"Oh…and I forgot to mention," Optimus purred with a wicked smile, "we all decided to do our homework."

"Fuck," gasped Sam as a pair of fingers pinched his nipple, sending a bolt of pleasure/pain shooting all over his body.

"So very sensitive," Ratchet noted.

"Just wait till you see him in overload," chuckled Bee.

"Promises," hissed out Sam, writhing as fingers brushed his erection teasingly. No doubt that was Optimus, having already broken that intimacy barrier between them. It felt amazing, but it was too fast. Sam knew he could only be good for a few rounds with breaks in between before he could no longer do anything.

Ironhide looked at the hardening flesh between his thighs and frowned at it. "So confusing how humans reproduce. Feels strangely good though," he murmured as he caressed it with his hand, getting a feel for the skin on the sensitive appendage.

Optimus grinned at his friend. "It's wonderful when you have a hand, mouth, or any other opening clenched hard around it."

"Hey Boss-bot…wanna demonstrate?" the blonde piped up, a wicked, hedonistic gleam in his eyes.

Optimus chuckled, nodding, and he and the scout pulled away from the group, but still in full view of Sam, Ratchet, and Ironhide.

Sam sat up, wanting to see. Ironhide and Ratchet didn't leave him, sitting to the sides and maddening him with touches to his thighs and chest. He watched with wide brown eyes as Optimus pinned Bee to the bed and begun to kiss him. He had to bite down on a loud moan. It was one of the hottest things he had ever seen, to see that tall, muscular body ravish the slighter, paler one. Bumblebee moaned as knowing fingers caressed the nape of his neck, and those watching could see as both holoformed erections rose to prominence.

"Mmm, looks like Prime's a big boy," rumbled Ratchet thoughtfully.

"Oh yeah," breathed Sam in agreement, remembering how it had felt cleaving deep inside him, making him see stars.

Now the same shaft he had taken was rubbing against Bee's as the pair kissed.


He was broken out of his stare by something being thrown at Optimus. Ratchet had thrown it, and immediately Sam recognised what it was. A bottle of lubricant.

If his insides weren't melting before, they were now.

The Prime shot a smirk their way, popping open the bottle and slathering a generous amount on his hands. The blonde beneath him stretched, luxuriating in being watched and pampered as deft fingers massaged over his back entrance, popping in once, before watching the strong hands of his leader stroke himself with the lube. Optimus was always a considerate lover, and….

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