Hey people . How are you all ?

Anyway as you can see i started another story .

The couples are :

Red X Yellow

Green X Blue

Gold X Crystal

Ruby X Sapphire

Pearl X Platina

Black X White

Cheren X Bianca

don't worry . Silver , Emerald and Dia will also be in this story .

I hope you already know ... but Green is the boy and Blue is the girl .

Ah and also ... the boys are princes here and the girls are princesses soooo ... the boys are brothers and the girls are sisters .

You all know how the boys and girls look like , i will only tell their hair and eye color .

Anyway I only own the story and the boys dad and the girls mother . On with the story .


I was training my pokemons with my twin brother Green ( author note – what ? They are the same age so i just made them a twin . ) a boy with light brown hair and sharp green eyes . While i have black hair and red eyes . Until our younger brother Silver , a boy with red hair and silver eyes came and told us that our father wanted to see us and our other brothers . So Green and i went to the meeting room with Silver behind us . When we went inside the meeting room everyone was already there waiting even Diamond , a boy with black hair and dark blue eyes . We went to the front since we are the oldest we sat the closest to our father . So when we sat down -Green was in front of me , Silver next to him in front of Gold ( a boy with black hair and gold eyes ) , next to him sat Ruby ( a boy with black hair and dark red eyes ) in front of him sat Emerald ( a boy with blond hair and light green eyes ) next to him sat Diamond and in front of him sat Pearl ( a boy with blond hair and orange eyes ) next to him sat Black ( a boy with brown hair and brown eyes ) in front of him sat Cheren ( a boy with black hair and grey eyes ) to make it easy i just say it in this way ... on the right side sat me , Gold , Ruby , Pearl and Black on the left side sat Green , Silver , Emerald , Diamond and Cheren . And to make this also easy me and Green are 19 years old and a twin , Gold and Silver are 16 and a twin , Ruby and Emerald are 13 and a twin , Pearl and Diamond are 12 and a twin , Black and Cheren are 11 and a twin ( author note - sorry for the last 2 twins , i could not find info about how much younger they would be in the manga )-

okay ... father why did we have to come here ? I asked my father . ( author note – you guys can image by yourself of how their daddy look like ... cause i have no idea O_o )

Well son it seems that i have very special news for you guys . He told us in a very serious way .

What is that news father ? Ruby asked .

Well ... i don't think you guys are going to like it but ... Red , Green , Gold , Ruby , Pearl , Black and Cheren ... you guys are going to get married to some princesses from another region ... region Unova .

... WHAAAAAAT ? me , Gold , Ruby , Pearl and Black yelled . Green , Silver , Emerald and Cheren sat just there with a very chocked look on their face ... but Diamond was staring with a blank look at us .

I'm not going to marry some girl i never met before . Pearl said .

Actually Pearl you guys did met those girls before . But you were to young to remember .

We did , father ? When ? Green asked .

You and Red were 10 years old Green in other words 9 years ago .

9 years ago ... ah now i remember . Me and Green used to play with 2 girls back then ... i can't really remember how they look like and what their name's were . I told father .

Yes , but believe me sons you will be very happy to see those girls again .

I guess it would be fun to meet long lost friends ... . I told father .

Red are you crazy ? Gold yelled at me .

No Gold and no need to yell i sit next to you . I told him with an annoyed tone in my voice .

You say no well i say yes you are crazy ! Like hell i'm going to marry a girl i don't even remember . And even if i did i won't marry her . Gold told me in a very angry way .

... sure you won't . if the girl is pretty you would do everything to get her to like you . Silver told him .

Whaaa ... that is not true Silver . Gold told him .

... whatever ... . He told him with a smirk .

Oh yeah , i prove it to you all . Gold told him and then ran away to who knows where .

... Silver did you really have to do that ? I told him when a sweatdrop came on the back of my head .

It stoped him did it not ... . He told me .

I guess ... for now . I told him .

Father can we go now ? Red and i were in the middle of a battle when Silver came . Green told our father .

Hmm ... oh yes , you can go boys and Silver you go get Gold . I need to tell him something important . Father told us .
... yes father ... . Silver told him .

With that he left and we went after him out of the room .

Alright Green ready to start our battle again ? I told him .

He smirked . Sure you are going down Red . He told me .

I don't think so Green . I told him also smirking .

Hey wait for us , we wanna see the battle . Pearl yelled and ran after us .

Ah , Pearl wait for me ! Dia yelled running after him .

Ruby , Emerald , Black and Cheren just went after us .

Okay guys , this is the end of this chapter . I hope you enjoyed it and that it was not confusing ... hehe but if it was i'm sorry then . Anyway the boys region is Kanto okay ?

The girls are next people .

Until then ... see ya !