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Chapter 11: 2 gems… complete 1 gem

Sapphire's POV:

'This will be your room for the time being.' Ruby told me opening a huge door.

The room was huge and look a lot like my old room back home. So I felt very comfortable.

While I was busy looking around I didn't notice Ruby staring at me until I felt eyes staring at me.

Finally noticing him staring at me and that freaked me out a bit because I don't know how long he has been doing that.

'WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT !?' I yelled at him before I realized my mistake. 'um… oops… I didn't mean it like that prince Ruby.' I managed to force a fake laugh and sweat dropped when Ruby was staring at me like I was insane.

'…erm, yes. Well I should leave now. So you can get ready. I'll be back in 2 hours for dinner. The maids will be coming here in 30 minutes, so I would take a shower if I were you. Well then, I'll see you again in a few hours.' With that Ruby walked out the door en left my alone.

'…I'm not sure I got all that babbling. But I guess I'll take a shower.' I told myself and went to the bathroom.

-10 min. time skip-

'Nyaa, all done. What to do now? Would they mind if I went outside? I won't be long gone, they probably won't notice.' With that I went to the window and opened it. I was about to jump on the tree when I heard a familiar voice.

'Princess? What are you doing?' I turned my head to my right and saw Ruby sitting there with something in his hands I can't see what it was.

'Oh, prince Ruby. I didn't see you there. I wanted some fresh air so I opened the window. And please you can call me Sapphire. I like that better.' I told him being as polite as I could. And that was not easy since I was not used being so polite. And also trying to hide my disappointment because I was caught by him of all people.

'I see, but you also don't need to address me as prince. Just call me ruby. We have to get used to it after all. But I have to warn you to not stay to long outside while you just took a shower. You could catch a cold or worse.' He warned me with a strict look in his eyes.

'…But what about yourself pr- I mean Ruby? You also just took a shower did you not?' I asked him slightly annoyed that he was trying to order me around.

'No, I will take a shower in an hour or so. I need to do … something first. But… I can give you something that will go perfectly with your dress. Hold on… I have it here somewhere.' Ruby said to me before he ducked in his bag that was clearly full with stuff. So I guessed this was going to take some time … until.

'Here it is. Catch!' He threw something an I catch it easily. When I look what it was I was shocked. It was a necklace with a very beautiful sapphire blue gem… or at least a part of a gem. I wonder where the other part is… by the looks of it. The form of this half was shaped like a half of a heart.

'If you are wondering about the other part. I have it with me.' Ruby told me showing another necklace. His gem was a very Beautiful ruby red one. I was confused. Why were we both holding the a part of 1 gem.

'Um… if I can ask… why do we both have a part of 1 gem, Ruby?' I asked him. Still very confused and I was staring at him with confused eyes.

'Well… I guess you can say it's a memo or something.' Ruby answered me but he looked away and what I could see from where I was. He was blushing. But what he said made me even more confused then I already was.

'…I don't understand. What do you mean with a memo? For what?' I asked him, trying to look in his eyes and still trying to be polite. And I really, really hate it.

'For our wedding of course. For what else?' Ruby asked staring at me. Which caused me to blush and I looked away. Before I could answer him… not that I knew what to say to him. Someone knocked on my door and the person on the other side of it asked if he/she could come in.

'Looks like your maids are here. I guess I'll go inside now. I do not want to bother you while you are busy preparing yourself. And please don't forget to put on the necklace.' And with that. He walked in his room and closed the window.

'Princess Sapphire?' someone called to me from my room. And when I turned to look I saw 2 maids holding something that looked like a dress. I sighed to myself knowing that I have to do this. There was no escape. I won't lose that bet I made with Blue.

'Pleased to meet you. Please call me Sapphire. There is no need for the princess part.' I told them walking in my room and closed the window.

'Alright, Sapphire. We should start getting you ready if you want to be very beautiful before prince Ruby comes here.' one of the maids told me.

-1 hour and 20 minutes time skip-

When they were done putting my dress on and fixing my hair. ( Author note : The link is in the previous chapter if you want to know what Sapphire looks like. ) I putted on the necklace Ruby gave me. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe that I was actually looking like that.

'You look so beautiful Sapphire, prince Ruby. Will really love this. He should be arriving any moment now. As if on cue there was a knock on the door. Probably Ruby.

One of the maids walked to the door and opened it. I blushed slightly at how handsome he looked. ( author note : he is wearing the same thing as the other boys. But like before, where it should be white. It was red.) Ruby gave me a cocky smirk and bowed to me when I walked over, trying not to trip.

'You look very beautiful princess. Shall we go? Better early then late I would say.' After he said the he offered me his arm and I took it. and while that happened I notice the necklace he was trying to hide under his vest, but didn't say anything about it. while we were walking I noticed one of Ruby his brothers walking on his own. Probably going to go get Crystal. He didn't notice us and neither me or Ruby bothered to let him know that we were here. We were completely silent when we were walking and when we took the last turn we saw Blue and Yellow with their partners.

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