Daniella: This is new

Therese: I wanted to try something new. Well, this is my forte when it comes to original stories but I never done this in fan fiction before. I somehow write romantic comedies here because I see the characters of Yu-Gi-Oh as silly and comedic characters… so I want to try something new for my fan fiction writing.

Yami: That's brave of you

Yugi: Wait! Was her second sentence a compliment?

Therese: Well, enjoy the prologue of this new story

I'm Here

Darkness. Nothing but darkness. A young boy was running away from it, his amethyst eyes filled with unshed tears and his tri-colored hair messier than usual. He was afraid. You can tell by his unnaturally pale skin, shaking limbs and trembling lips with each pant that escapes it. He wants to escape the darkness; he wants to go home to his grandfather and friends. He doesn't want to part of the darkness. He doesn't want to feel loneliness, regret, despair and everything that this darkness brought him since it became part of his life. No, since I became part of it, the thought made him run faster, finally letting the tears fall from his red tinged eyes. He needs to get out before the darkness completely consumes him. Faster! Faster Yugi! He heard a deep commanding voice say. So he did. But it seems that this voice made him panic and made his body tremble more that his legs were giving out on him. He was right, he feel face first and began to cry in anguish and misery as he heard the voice laugh evilly at his pitiful attempt to escape. He stood up, his legs and arms still trembling from exhaustion and fear. As he was about to run again, the darkness wrapped around Yugi and materialized into two strong human arms that held him in place. His eyes wide in fear, his lips partly open into a silent scream and his heart beating faster and faster that his body his trembling inhumanly.

He could hear breathing behind him, like a real human was there but he knew better. This was the embodiment of the darkness his trying to escape and now… his trapped. "You can never escape me Yugi" It breathe into ear "You're mine and though you try to escape, I'll always find you, I'm always here" That's when Yugi screamed. His voice mixed with the maniac laughter.

Therese: /evil laugh/

Daniella: WHAT THE HELL?

Yami and Yugi: That's not enough!

Yami: What happened to Yugi?

Daniella: Who's the darkness?

Yugi: Why is it torturing me?

Therese: Oh you'll find out… This is just the prologue people! I'll try to make it longer next time but I want to write the next chappy for Hannah Montana first.

Daniella: So this is a test run if somebody would like it?

Therese: YUP! So review if you want to know why Yugi is in that darkness /evil laugh/

Daniella: PLEASE DO!