Yugi stood in front of the arcade waiting for his supposedly "date." He shivered at the thought.

Yes, he agreed to hang-out with Yami, who, henceforth will be known as the "Gaybecile." See what he did there? "Gay" plus "Imbecile" is equals to "Gaybecile." Alright, his thoughts were once again astray.

Back to the subject, he agreed to walk around domino with the Gaybecile in hopes of giving him a chance and really get to know him. The way the over-confidence that usually overtook the ruby-eyed man's very being dropped and was replaced by concern for his sister. The argument between them being the product of it. The way Yami thanked him for his help made him rethink his impression of him.

But Yami has to blow it with one phone call! So, why was he there waiting for the only person on the face of the earth that he hated?

That also troubles Yugi. Even he doesn't know the answer to that. Maybe he was hoping that there was a slight possibility Yami would once again prove his judgment wrong during their afternoon together? That it would not be that annoying Gaybecile he use as a façade but the real Yami? The true Yami.

After a few more minutes, when he was about to give up and go home, Yami finally arrived. He was wearing a red sleeveless top with the words "heartbreaker" written in silver. An unbuttoned white and black checkered polo over it paired with denim skinny jeans. On his waist was a black belt hanging loosely around the said body part and his usual belt-like choker.

"Ready to go?" Yami asked when he reached his "date-in-denial", taking in the outfit the other has chosen to wear on their afternoon together.

Yugi wore a black t-shirt under the sleeveless blue hoodie that was unzipped, showing that the t-shirt had no design but the puzzle hanging around his neck. He paired it with loose jeans and sneakers. The choker that was identical to Yami's was missing though.

Yami also noticed that the boy has his eyes fixated on his shirt, glaring at it like it somehow offended him.

"How appropriate," the smaller of the two whispered for him to hear, making Yami raise an eyebrow at him.

"Excuse me?" he sounded annoyed.

"Nothing!" Yugi exclaimed with a smirk on his face. The print of the redshirt amused him. "Can we eat first? I'm starving."

Yami nodded, thinking it would be better if he asked him over coffee, "Is Krispy Kreme cool with you?" he smiled when Yugi's eyes suddenly sparkled at the mention of the establishment and before he know it, he was being dragged to the direction of Krispy Kreme unconsciously intertwining their fingers.

Yami watched with a small smile on his face as Yugi happily tear the Ham and Cheese pull-apart he ordered before taking a bite off the half on his right hand. He paid for their snack and surprisingly, Yugi didn't take advantage of that. Yami was sure that the boy will annoy him by ordering something crazy expensive on the menu but he stand corrected.

Yugi noticed the pair of ruby red eyes fixated on him as he took another bite of the pull-apart. He tried to ignore the stare by putting the pastry down on the porcelain plate and carefully picked up his cappuccino to take a quick sip from it.

Those gaze never wavered away. Yami didn't even touch his iced coffee yet. It was a bit uncomfortable and he couldn't concentrate on his food. Maybe Yami was waiting for him to speak up first? Maybe the Gaybecile knows he was making Yugi uncomfortable just by staring at him so he decided to torment him?

"So?" Finally! Yugi can stop worrying about him suddenly pouncing. He watched as Yami picked up his iced coffee and took a sip for the first time since he bought it, which was five minutes ago. The ice would have melted by that time and the iced coffee would have lost its bitter-sweet taste. "Can I ask you "Can I ask you what was 'appropriate' a while ago?"

The small teen choked on his coffee before setting the cup down to avoid spilling the beverage. He forgotten about the little remark he made on the print of Yami's shirt which was out of sight because of the polo covering it. How many girlfriends and boyfriends did he have? How can he be sure that this man in front of him wasn't going to "flirt-and-run"on him? More importantly, why was he so worried about it? It's not like his falling in love with this guy. That is just cliché! Besides, Yami can have a gazillion relationship if he wants. He doesn't concern him.

So, why was he making such a huge fuss over a stupid print on a stupid shirt?

Yami noticed that Yugi's eyes were on his shirt. He looked down on his shirt as well and he can't see what was wrong. There was no stain neither was the material wrinkled. He shifted his gaze back to Yugi and raised his eyebrow in question for the second time that day. "What?!"

"Your shirt," Yugi said hesitantly, taking a sip of his coffee to distract him from looking at the said clothing.

"What about it?" Yami said, once again inspecting his shirt, lot curios now than how he was when Yugi was mumbling to himself.

If it was another person who was fussing over himself from a little hanging comment he have made, Yugi would have giggled or laughed. In fact, if it was another person wearing the shirt all together, he wouldn't even notice the print. He wasn't one of those people that pay attention to detail. He just does that to this one person. "The print," Yugi tried faking a smirk. "So, you admit that you are a heartbreaker!"

Yami stopped his fussing and started chuckling, "No, no, no. My sister gave this shirt to me and besides," he leaned on the table, mirroring the smirk of the smaller boy. "I only have been in one relationship my whole life."

The smirk on the ruby-eyed boy's lips widen when he saw how shocked Yugi was with what he just disclosed. "Doubting?"

"YES!" Yugi answered. He almost stood up from his seat. It took all his will power to stay seated. He was more curios now about Yam than ever! "Who in their right mind would even consider being in a relationship with someone as annoying as you?" he added without thinking but he soon realized the possible consequences of the words that escaped his lips.

Yes, it was meant to be a joke but it was not right to say something like that to someone he barely knew. Not only was it rude, it could make Yami mad and he could lash out on him because the ruby-eyed man seems to be one of those people who could get easily offended.

Rich baritone laughter stopped his train of thoughts. He looked at his companion who was having hard time breathing because he was laughing so much that he can't even properly inhale air. Yugi, to say the least, wasn't expecting the reaction but relieved that he was once again wrong about Yami.

Wow, twice in one day? That was a record for Yami.

"Am I really that annoying?" Yami asked once his laughter has died down.

"Yes, yes you are," Yugi replied with a smile. It felt nice hearing Yami laugh whole-heartedly. It changed the atmosphere between the two of them. Maybe this is what Yami's past lover saw in him. "Can you tell me who that person was?"

Yami gave Yugi a sad smile. One that told him that it was a subject Yami didn't want to retell. You are full of surprises, Yami, he though as he waited for Yami's response.

"Her name is Kiley. I met her in Wisconsin long ago. My family moved there after staying in Italy for a few years and I saw her at a small café not far away from our house," Yami started the story, looking out the window. Yugi leaned forward a bit to hear the story better.

Yami sat on the wooden chair near the window with a book on his hand, reading while he waited for the coffee he had ordered from the small coffee shop.

The shop was covered in chocolate-colored wallpaper with faded white swirls that curves into a heart when it reaches half the width of the wall. The tiles are maroon that contrasts the color of the counter of the store which is a beige color with a bronze antique cash register on top of the said furniture. The chairs are the same shade of beige with intricate carvings on the back. The table was the same color as well with an engraved picture of a leaf in the middle with the stand carved to look like a trunk of a tree with the four feet of the table looking like roots.

It was owned by an old man, who was probably in his sixties, named Arthur Hawkins with the help of her granddaughters Rebecca, who was eleven years old, and Kiley, who was nineteen years old.

Yami haven't seen bot girls, only Mr. Hawkins who was in a state of depression which Yami instantly detected when he first walked past the shop.

It was his third day stalking the old man, making sure that his prey is still in his worst state.

And he was.

Yami smirked as he watched the old man look through a bunch of papers with a desperate look on his face. It was the bills he was unable to pay.

If Yami's research was correct, Mr. Hawkins was approached by a man who introduced himself as a business man and was interested in investing to help expand his little café. All he had to do was give the stranger a hundred thousand dollars. He gave the amount that was asked of him but after a few days, he has heard news that the man ran away with the money of all the people he had fooled, including his expansion money. None of his granddaughters knew about it.


Ruby-red eyes sparkled with amusement as he saw the black flames dance around the old man. With each passing second, it grew bigger and bigger around him.

"Who ordered mocha latte?" a soft female voice called out.

Yami suppressed a chuckle when Mr. Hawkins quickly hid the papers in a drawer under the cash register, plastering a smile as a girl about 5'2 in height with the same hairstyle and hair color as his, bright circular amethyst eyes and small lips dressed in a crimson red dress with a corset like top hugging and following the built and curve of her torso as well as the long sleeves attached to the corset. The balloon skirt of the dress has a white apron that was wrapped around the waist.

"Kiley," Mr. Hawkins said. "The mocha latte is for-"

"I ordered it," Yami cut in, closing the book he was "reading" and placed it on the table.

The young lady smiled and set the cup down from the tray to Yami's table. "Here you are," she said with a bright smile on her face. "Is there anything else you require?"

"Company," Yami replied with a small smile. "Kiley is your name right, milady?"

The amethyst-eyed girl looked at his grandfather for approval. The old man gave her a knowing smile. "Go on, dear. You may take your break."

With that said, Kiley took off the apron around her waist and sat down on the vacant chair next to Yami. She folded the apron neatly and placed it on her lap. "You are quite a charmer," Kiley said.

"Why, thank you," Yami replied before he took a sip of his drink. "Nice little shop you have here."

"You don't have to flatter me, sir," Kiley replied with a sad smile. "This place hasn't been selling like it used to back when I was still a child." She gestured around her.

The place was completely empty. It was clean and presentable with the feel of being at you are at home but it lacks the people who could enjoy the atmosphere of the little café. Yami felt the unfairness of life again after a very long time. He doesn't see any reason why no one would patronize the coffee shop.


"You are no good at lying sir," Kiley's voice interrupted Yami's thoughts.

Yami once again gave a small chuckle, "Please," he said "Call me Yami."

"It's rude to address our customers-"

"You are on your break," Yami cut in. "Are you not?"

He took in the reaction of his companion. Kiley was shocked at first but them her expression turned into amusement.

"Alright," Kiley said, her eyes never leaving Yami's red ones. "Yami"

"Kiley!" a high pitched voice shouted from the counter.

They both looked at the owner of the voice and saw a little girl about 4'8 feet in height with long blonde hair. She was wearing a pair of glasses over her green eyes and her face has freckles on them.

"I need your help with something," The girl said as she ran back to the door that Yami assumed led to the kitchen of the café.

The amethyst-eyed lady stood up from her sit and gave a courteous bow to Yami before excusing herself from her companion.

Yami watched as Kiley disappeared through the door as he took another sip of his mocha latte.

He wonders if the little blonde girl, who he assumes to be Rebecca, has found out about the bankruptcy of their little coffee shop. That she has called Kiley to inform her of her discover. Or it could be another thing all together. Either way, he found the tri-color haired girl interesting.

Her light was unwavering and Yami felt it. Yami saw it. Maybe she was the one he's been looking for. He needs to be sure or else, he would just be wasting his time.

Yami took off the necklace around his neck and set it down on the table carefully beside the half empty cup of his mocha latte. He walked to the counter where the old man was watching him as he approached him with his hands in his pockets. Yami gave his payment to the old man with a small smile on his face.

"My boy," Mr. Hawkins said as carefully put the money in the cash register when it popped open with a load ding. "I believe you have left your necklace on the table."

"No, I didn't," Yami said as he closed his eyes, leaning on the counter with his arms cross on the top of the wooden surface, supporting his weight and bowing his head, concealing his eyes in the shadow of his blonde fringes.

Mr. Hawkins gave him a confused look. As he was about to ask what the young man in front of him meant, red-glowing eyes snapped open and met his own eyes.

The pupils were contracted into a small dot that it made the red stand out even more. It was mesmerizing and… hypnotizing.

The old man's vision was fading to black and the last worst he heard was a command from the owner of those dangerously alluring eyes. "You never saw me today. I was never here."

Kiley returned shortly and hurriedly returned to the table but she stopped short when she saw the occupant of the said table was gone.

"Grandfather," she said, her gaze not leaving the table and she slowly walked to it. "Where did the young man sitting on this table go?"

Mr. Hawkins gave her a confused look, replying, "What do you mean, dear? No one was sitting there all day."


"You should rest, I guess the heat is getting to you," the old man added as he picked up a mug and a clean cloth and started wiping the inside of the mug.

Kiley stumbled back a bit, a look of disbelief on her face. Was she just imagining a while ago?

She grabbed the edge of the table to steady herself and heard a soft clinking of metal behind her. She looked at the table where a triangular pendant with the eye on the middle was laying.

She picked it up by the chain necklace attached to it and examined the rather large pendant. It was an upside-down pyramid and when she looked closely, it was made up of puzzle pieces. She smiled for she knew who owns the bizarre necklace. "Yami." She breathed out the name with a small smile on you. "You are a mysterious young man."

The owner of the pendant watched from the other side of the street, leaning on one of the buildings with a satisfied smirk on his face.

It was now dark and no one was in sight as Yugi and Yami walk to the direction of the Kame Game Shop. Their day together has already come to an end and Yugi can't believe how one afternoon could turn his view on Yami one hundred and eighty degrees.

He was still annoying, no doubt about that, but Yugi now knew that the Gaybecile, rather, Yami did have a heart. He just finished his story on how he met Kiley, his previous girlfriend but he felt that Yami left out a few details and Yugi knew he had to say something, anything!

"You used the same tactic on me!" Yugi said.

"No I didn't" Yami denied, faking innocence.

"YES YOU DID!" Yugi countered with a soft and playful glare.

"No I didn't!" Yami stood his ground. He smirked and as he looked at Yugi. "I talked to her longer and she didn't have toast in her mouth."

Yugi's face turned red at the mention of their first encounter. Why did he have to bring that up?! "You win this round Sennen." The taller of the two laughed, amused that Yugi saw him as a rival.

They finally arrived in front of the Kame Game Shop. Yugi turned to Yami with a smile on his face. "I had a great time Yami," he said and added in a mumble. "Surprisingly."

Yami stared at Yugi in confusion. "What was that?"

"NOTHING!" Yugi scratched the side of his face, laughing nervously. "I said I had a great time."

"You like mumbling to yourself, don't you?" Yami said with a small smirk. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"

Yugi rolled his eyes, "I don't have a choice don't I?" he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "We have school tomorrow. I'll see you even though I don't want to."

Yami once again laughed and ruffled Yugi's hair who tried to slap his hands away.

"You better get going," Yugi informed him once he escaped the hair ruffling of his look-a-like. "It's getting rather late."

Just then Yami gave him his mischievous smirk. That can't be good. "What? No good night kiss?"

Yugi pouted and glared at the ruby-eyed teen. It looks like everything will be back to normal after this. "You are the only one that considered this as a date!" Yugi retorted.

Unexpectedly, Yami tilted his head up by putting a finger under his chin. Yugi's face turned red when he realized how close Yami's face was to his, and how serious his expression was. HE WAS NOT KIDDING ABOUT THE KISS?! Yugi screamed in his head. So, he closed his eyes and waited for Yami's lips to connect with his.

Instead, he felt Yami kiss his forehead and then… nothing.

He opened his eyes to see that Yami has disappeared. Yugi shook his head with a small smile on his face. "Typical Yami," he said to no one in particular. He opened the door and stepped inside the shop. He looked back to where he and his look-a-like where last standing adding, "You are a mysterious young man." Then he closed the door of the game shop, not noticing Yami watching him with a small smile on his face.

Then that smile vanished when he realized that he no longer want to torment Yugi. No, never again. You promised yourself Yami, never again.

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