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Lindy tentatively opened the scroll that Hunter had given her. It was quite thick. A closer glance showed that they were handwritten letters. Her interest was piqued.

If she would have glanced out the window, she would have seen Hunter, chasing the train and screaming, "Don't read that!"

But she didn't hear him, and as the train sped up, Hunter hung his head. He'd given her the wrong letter, the one he wanted his father to have. Now she would hate him forever.

I hate you. You are ugly and stupid and I'm so glad that you're out of my world. Just FWI.

There were many more pages, but Lindy could read no more.

Furious, she crumpled up the scroll and stuffed it in her purse. Fine, she would never see him again.

I've been thinking a lot about letters recently. And how it's terrible nobody's writing them anymore.

"What the hell!" Rob Kingston asked himself as he read a thick scroll his secretary had given to him. It was from Kyle...and the letter said that he, Kyle, loved him, Rob.

Rob shook his head. What was the kid trying to bribe him to do? He tossed the letter in the fireplace, not bothering to read the rest.

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