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Published: 08/29/11

Edited: 08/19/13

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Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, some Humor, Hurt/Comfort.

Main Pairing: GrayXLucy

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CHAPTER 1: Family

The world is a mystery, a strange place. It's wonderful and happy, but not always. You don't know what will happen to you the time you are born in this world, what you will become in the future. You don't know what it will give you― may it be family, friends, or love. But at the same time, you don't know what it will take in return. Humans are not immortal. They die. Everything in this world has its own beginning and end, humans, animals, and plants, they all die, in fact, feelings also fade. Why would a wonderful place like this have to be this way? Why would a person die? Why would feelings fade? It's cruel, and sad...

These are some the thoughts that Gray had in his mind. Why did it take his parents from him? Why does he have to suffer like this? Why?


"Gray! Son run! Get away from here!" yelled his mom with tears flowing down her now bloody cheeks.

"Gray! Run!" yelled his dad.

It was raining and three masked men suddenly jumped up to them and started hurting the little boy's parents. At first, he didn't know what was happening as shock took over him. But after a series of punching and yelling, he snapped out of his trance and found himself staring at the horror in front of him.

The scary masked men were there, taking everything they have― worst case is, they have to take their lives as well.

The little boy's father, carrying the responsibility and title of one, defended his family and fought for them. But there is always someone stronger than you in this world, and the terrible thing happened.

The robbers had guns.

They were stronger.

And as the little boy's father was on his way to hide his son, he got shot on his left leg.

"DAD!" the boy yelled, worried at the state his father was in.

He couldn't stand― moaning in pain as he covered his leg with his hands, as if it could lessen the pain if he did. He looked up and stared in horror as his wife, being the beautiful woman she is, cried while extending her hands to him and her son as the monstrous beings, should they be called, continued abusing her femininity.

"MOM!" the boy cried, not knowing what to do. He wanted to do something but the question is: what?

The only thing he could do is to watch his parents getting hurt. He cried more realizing how weak he is― how useless he is.

How did this happen? Everything was just doing fine. They were just enjoying themselves today. They're supposed to be laughing together by now, eating dinner. But these fiends suddenly attacked them and dragged them to a dark alley where no one could hear or see them. Why does it have to be them?

"Run, Gray! RUN!" his mom yelled at the top of her lungs.

"SHUT UP!" one of the goons said, kicking Gray's mother in the stomach.

"MOM!" little Gray said, crying. He took a step closer but stopped when the armed man stood in front of him, making his parents shout in fear.

"You boy, don't dare run or I'll kill your parents!"

"Please, I'd give everything, just please, don't hurt my son…" his father pleaded.

Gray stepped back and jerked as almost instantly, the man pointed the gun towards him. Shivers ran up and down his spine and his breath hitched as if someone caught his throat.

Gray's father, eyes almost closing due to the wounds he got from the criminals, willed his self to protect what's important to him till the end. He slowly and quietly sneaked behind the armed man and tackled him to the ground.

"RUUUNNN!" he yelled and with the sound of a fired gun, Gray run as fast as he could, not thinking clearly from terror.

"HEY, GET BACK HERE!" one of the goons yelled and tried to follow him, but Gray was quick from a wave of adrenaline rush running through him and was now nowhere to be seen. He blended perfectly in the crowd.

"SHIT, he escaped!" said one of the assailants to the other which was answered by a "forget about him."

The third one nodded as he pushed the bloodied body of the boy's father off him, "It's not like he could do something. Let's just finish this and get out of here!"

"Stay safe, Gray…" the woman said under her breath as she cried at her fallen husband. "We love you…"




"Mom, Dad, I'm so sorry! I couldn't do anything! I'm so useless!" Gray thought. He ran so fast with not as much as a place to go.


"OUCH! Hey, watch where you're― ehh? Gray?" a dark-blue haired lady said as she looked down and saw a familiar raven haired boy.

With the mention of his name, Gray looked up with his teary eyes and recognized the lady in front of him.

"A-Aunt Ur…"

"Hey, what are you doing here all alone at this time of night? Where are your parents? Don't tell me my brother is allowing you to wander about at night? Where is he? Let me at him!" she said, irritated.

"Aunt Ur!" Gray tackled his Aunt into a hug and wailed, surprising the lady. "Aunt Ur, please help them! Aunt Ur, please! I'm begging you!"

Curious and worried at the same time, Ur held the boy by the shoulders and broke the hug. She stared at his horrorstricken face and asked, "Hey, what happened? Tell me? Why are you crying?"

"They're hurting Mom and Dad!" And with this statement, Ur immediately got the idea.

"Where are they?" she asked.

Gray stated her the way to where his parents are before she started running straightaway, not wasting any more time. She wondered how long was Gray running and thought of the worst but was still hoping that she'd get there just in time.

Tiny footsteps were heard not long after and she suddenly stopped, knowing where it was coming from― rather, who was it from. She looked back at Gray who's following closely behind.

As soon as he caught up with her, she crouched down and grabbed the boy's shoulders. "Gray, you should stay here," Ur said.

"But I want to see them!" the boy protested.

"NO! What if those fiends are still there? They might hurt you! I don't know if I can protect you from them if I let you come with me. Your parents, they let you escape because they don't want you hurt! And I don't want you coming along to get hurt and waste their sacrifice!" it taste awful in her mouth. She doesn't want to think about it, but they might be in a bad condition, or worse dead, and she doesn't really want Gray to see them like that.

"But―" he tried arguing but was cut off immediately.

"No buts!" Ur said, fishing something from her pocket. She then handed it to Gray and said, "Here, take this. Call the 911 and tell them where your parents are, okay? And if ever you go there, be sure that the police are with you, understood?" Gray hesitantly nodded in response.

Ur patted his head and smiled which didn't reach her eyes and started running to where Gray's parents are. "Big Brother, please, don't leave Gray alone. He's still young…please," Ur thought to herself.

As soon as Ur was gone, Gray started doing as told. "Mom dad, please, hang in there we're coming for you! So please, please…be safe," he thought.




As Ur got to the place, so many people are swarming around.

"How could someone do this?" She heard someone say. Her heart started beating faster and all negative things circled inside her head.

"Excuse me! Please let me through!" she said, trying to pass through the large group of people accumulated in the area.

Ur's eyes widen in terror at the sight. There, in front of her, lie the remains of her brother and his wife, Gray's parents.

Bloodied and lifeless.

"B-Big Brother…? C-Cornelia?" she uttered, voice below a whisper. Her heart sank.

"BIG BROTHER!" she screamed, "CORNELIA!" and she ran towards them, hugging their bodies close.




Gray got there a few minutes after his Aunt Ur.

He hopped out of the car and ran towards the place where his parents are. There were so many people, but he got his way through the crowd.

"MOM DAD! I'm here! I came back to res―" he cut his own words as his eyes grew wide, watching his aunt crying at his now dead parents. Everything seemed to play slowly in his eyes. His heart started beating incredibly fast, he doesn't know he's capable of doing.

"W-what happened?" was all he could voice out.

"I-I'm s-sorry…I-I was too late…I'm sorry Gray!" Ur cried.

"No," he said, taking a step closer, "It can't be... No! THEY'RE NOT DEAD!" he ran towards them and took his father from Ur, shaking him awake.

"Hey, Dad, I came back! See? I came to rescue you."

"Gray, please stop,"

Gray looked at his mother this time and pleaded, "Mom, wake up. Please, wake up...WAKE UP!" Gray screamed at them but still, no sign of life.

"Gray, I said stop," Ur tried to stop him again but he didn't listen, "WAKE UP! MOM! DAD! Please―"



Gray's eyes widen once again. His mind started processing everything and before he knew it, large drops of tears were cascading his cheeks. Seeing this, Ur hugged him.

"I'm here and I promise you, I won't leave you alone," she said, holding the boy closer. One of her shaking hands started stroking circle on his back while the other travelled upwards and patted the boy's head as soothingly as she could muster.

"It's ok to cry," Ur whispered and with that said Gray wailed.

"That's it…cry as much as you want," she said, hugging him tightly as she cry, "I will never leave you alone. I'll take care of you. I promise…"


"GRAY~ Breakfast is ready!"

The said boy opened his eyes and has come eye-to-eye with his white ceiling. He groaned and shifted in bed before getting up.

"That dream again," he muttered softly as if anyone would've heard him.


"Yea I'll be there. Just a minute," Gray answered, yawning loudly after.

"You better be, or you'll be late for school~!'"

Gray stretched and sighed before going to his bathroom to take a bath.




"Good Morning, Gray~" mom said with her daughter, Ultear (Ur's first child), greeted me as I went my way towards them.

"Yo," was my only greeting, sitting in my spot on the dining table in front of Ultear.


I turned my head on my right to see a white headed lad sitting comfortably on his seat while sipping his drink. Lyon, mom's second child, looked at me and winked making me roll my eyes.

Uncle, Aunt Ur's husband, left her years ago when she adopted me. Apparently, he doesn't want me to be HIS son and Aunt Ur, whom I called 'mom' now, didn't listen to him and still took care of me as she promised. Weeks after that, he filed a divorce. Mom was shocked seeing that her husband made her choose between him and me. Her eyes were wide and I could tell that her heart is constricting in a painful way at how she tremble, at how her hands clench and unclench, at how her lips quiver and at how her eyes began to water.

I was going to say that she could give me up and hand me over to some orphanage, seeing how she's having a hard time choosing. I don't want to go between her and her husband. I don't want to ruin their family just because of her promise to take care of me. I was determined with that thought, but her next words brought me to tears.

"I'm choosing Gray,"

I could still remember that day. I could still feel the emotions that flowed within me that day. Happiness. The thought of having someone care for you was overwhelming, even more to a child who just lost both his parents. Sadness and guilt. Thinking that I'm the reason why their family was broken. And relief, seeing that I wouldn't be alone in this cruel world and that I still have them to call as a family.

I still love my parents and there's nothing that could replace them in a special part of my heart, but I love Aunt Ur like my own mother and at the same time as father. This is my new family with Aunt Ur as my mother and acting-father, Ultear as my elder sister, and Lyon as my brother (I refuse to call him 'big brother' because there's not much age difference between us, only months). And I swear I'm gonna cherish them for as long as I live. I'm not gonna lose them anymore. I will protect my new family no matter what.

But there is one problem, nothing they do could change me back to my cheerful self. The cheerful, loving boy they once knew had been replaced by a cold, indifferent boy that only shows his true self to his new family and never to anyone else.




"Alright, time to go," Lyon suddenly said, snapping me out of my thought, "Bye, mom."

He stood up along with Ultear, who gave mom a kiss goodbye, and started towards the main door. I sighed while grabbing my bag from the floor beside me before turning towards my adoptive mother and smiled, giving her the silent farewell.

"Be careful." Mom said. I nodded my head once before following Lyon and Ultear.


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