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Chapter 27: May the Best Man Win

Lucy and Gray went out of the forest, with Lucy leading the way. Everyone witnessed their bickering but even though the two of them are quarrelling, it seems like Gray was enjoying it.

Loke saw this and the feeling of jealousness started stirring inside him once again. He kept holding onto the words that Gray once said…

"I won't even dare fall in love with a man-hater girl like her. And you know that I'm waiting for someone."

He believed on what his best friend told him and he'll hold on to it…but still, why was he hurting?

And now even Natsu was on his way. Dammit! He curses. He doesn't like it when Natsu's being oh so close to Lucy and Lucy reciprocating the affection. Why does it felt like he's being left behind?

Loke's grim expression was replaced by his infamous flirtatious smile as he saw Lucy part ways with Gray, with the latter being scolded by the redheaded president. He approached the blonde swiftly making Lucy flinch in surprise by Loke's sudden appearance in front of her.

"Hey there, Princess." He greeted, pushing his glasses up using his middle finger.

Lucy, who recalled Loke's confession a week ago, blushed and fidgeted. She doesn't know how to act in front of him. Yes, she's was known as a man-hater and had acted like one, but she never was. In fact, she's scared of them because of the 'Laxus' incident during her first year in high school. She was given that title since she dumped every guy who had the guts to ask her out/ flirt with her. But, why can't she just dump Loke like she always does?

Loke saw how Lucy act awkwardly in front of him and all he could do is sigh. He knows well that she was like this because of his confession. But he is not like those guys, who tried to flirt with her and will stop after being dumped, or worse, getting slapped. NO. He won't back down. Loke will try his best to win Lucy's heart. But, why didn't she ever slap him when she knows that he was the great 'flirt' of their school?

That thought gave him hope. He really wished for Lucy to finally acknowledge his feelings for her, that what he feels for her is true.

"Hey," he started, trying to break off the awkwardness she's feeling. "I'm sorry for my sudden confession." He said, giving her a smile, a smile that Lucy always returns with a smile of her own.

"But, I'm not going to take it back. I'm going to wait, no matter what" He continued, firmly.

Lucy blinked her eyes but nonetheless smiled at the boy's persistence. She doesn't know why but she found herself nodding, making Loke grin. It wasn't bad right? Since she had to forget her feelings for Gray?

"So, it's a good thing you found Gray quickly. Erza's been furious and even ordered us to find him." He said, changing the topic for the blonde's convenience. Lucy chuckled. "Well, it's a good thing I know where to find him. That made it easier for me."

What Lucy said confuses Loke. She knew what? "Ne, how did you know where to find him?" he asked, rather suspiciously, while raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, well, I know that he likes peaceful and high places so I tried to look for him at the cliff. Mr. Yajima told me how to go there earlier that's why I found him easily." She answered thoughtfully with a smile etched on her beautiful face, which Loke found upsetting.

"You know him real well…" Loke said out of the blue without him realizing it while Lucy heard him making her flustered.

"I-It's not what you think it is! It's was just a suspicion and I'm just lucky I found him there!" Lucy said waving her hand frantically. Loke smiled at her. "You don't have to be defensive about it," he sighed. "Well, the next activity will start. I guess I'll see you later." He said winking at her before walking towards his team.

Lucy followed Loke's retreating back with her eyes. She knows that his smile was a fake one and it made her worried. What did she do? Did she say something wrong? "Loke…"

"I'm really sorry!" Lucy heard. She turned her head and saw Gray having a hard time explaining everything to the president and all he could do is apologize because Erza won't let him explain. The teachers didn't even help him. Poor Gray.

She gave Loke one last glance before walking towards the fuming redhead to stop the fuss once and for all.

As Loke got to where his team is, he leaned his back on a tree trunk folding his arms across his chest. His eyes travelled from Lucy, who was now stopping Erza from her 'disciplinary actions' towards one certain raven haired boy who caused all of the commotion, to Gray who'd been repeatedly apologizing to the simmering president. Loke's brows suddenly creased as he clenched his hands. He was seething as he looked at Gray.

"I told you Gray, I won't lose." He muttered while clenching his fists. Why was he mad? He just told himself that he would hold onto Gray's words, hasn't he? After that thought, he later loosens the tight clenching of his fist as he continued. "I won't give up. At least not until I'm sure I could give her up for you."

That sentence made him chuckle bitterly. "It's not like she's mine in the first place." He sighed as he looked back at Lucy, not aware of the sad eyes he's been receiving the whole time.


"Okay. After wasting our time looking for a certain someone," Erza started, stressing some words to emphasize her point.

"I said I was sorry!" Gray said for the umpteenth time, cutting Erza's speech. Natsu snickered, annoying Gray. And Gray, being Gray, snapped his head at the salmon headed boy and bumped heads with him, starting off an impractical fight. Of course Erza just glared, stopping the argument immediately.

Coughing, she continued. "We could now start the second activity for today which is Tag of War." She announced. Erza then explained the rules.

"We have 20 teams, which make 10 games for the first round. The 10 winners the will then proceed to the second round which will give us 5 winners for the third round. Those winners will then compete with each other until we have our top 3." Erza then showed them the battling teams.

And unfortunately, the first team to battle were Loke's and Gray's team. The two leaders looked at each other. Loke's gaze faltered and stared at the ground before him while Gray's brows furrowed in confusion. But instead of pondering over it, Gray shrugged it off.

Both their teams went to their respected positions. Gray offered Loke his hand to shake but Loke merely stared at him; instead he looked determinedly at Gray before speaking. "I won't lose." He said.

Gray stiffened. There was something wrong with Loke and he knows that what Loke said implied something else other than winning the activity. But, what was it? What was he trying to say?

With each team holding on both ends of the rope, they started the battle. Loke's team has the upper hand since Gray kept on losing his concentration due to what his friend said. Loke yelled "PULL!" at his team and they did as told.

Gray snapped out of his trance as Lisanna shouted at him. "Gray! Concentrate!" she said, but before he could, Loke took the chance to beat the other team out. Gray's team stumbled to the ground as Loke's team screamed in victory.

Gray clicked his tongue for his lousy performance and ran a hand through his hair, disappointedly. He was bothered by what Loke said earlier and because of that, his team lost.

Gray stood up and dusted any visible dirt on his shirt before walking towards the unexpectedly displeased friend of the other team. They won, why isn't he happy?

"Congratulations. I guess you won." Gray said smiling, trying to offer his hand again. Loke stared at him and smirked. He took Gray's hand without breaking the eye contact. "I always try my best to win, because I don't want to lose…especially to you." He said and walked off, leaving his team behind.

"Loke…" Gray said as he dejectedly looked at the retreating back of his friend. "What's wrong with you?"

"Gray," Lisanna called and patted Gray's back. He looked back and saw how Lisanna smile reassuringly at him.

"I'm sorry for our loss." He said in utter regret but Lisanna shook her head and smiled once again.

"It's okay but," Lisanna trailed off, taking her hand off Gray's shoulder. "Why can't you concentrate earlier? Is something bothering you?" Lisanna was referring to Gray's feelings towards the 'Getting Gray Jealous, With the Help of Natsu' Plan, even though she wouldn't admit that there is something breaking inside her because of it.

Gray shook his head and smiled instead of giving a reply.

"Well, if you say so. It's Natsu's team next. Would you like to watch it?" she asked. Gray then glanced at where Loke disappeared to before nodding his head at Lisanna.

Natsu's team won their battle as well. Lucy hugged Natsu as they screamed in anticipation for their triumph. That's when Gray realized everything. He snapped his head where Loke was.

"Loke…was jealous?" Gray mulled over as he absently scrunched his hands into balls of fists.

Lucy then saw Gray and skidded towards him with a wide smile spread across her beautiful face.

"Gray! We won!" she said happily. Gray flinched at the mention of his name. He didn't respond that made Lucy wonder. Her cheerful expression was then replaced by a troubled one as she gave a glance at where Gray was looking at. "Loke?" she muttered.

"Ne, Gray? Is Loke alright?" she started.

Gray clenched his fist. He can't believe he's doing this again. Sighing, he said, "He'll be fine," and then walked away. But Lucy tried to follow him.

"He's been like that since lunch. What do you think is bothering him?" she said that made him stop but he didn't look at her.

"I don't know," Gray answered and started walking again, faster this time.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Lucy asked as she grabbed his arms. Gray stared at the blonde blankly. "It's none of your business." He said bitterly and yanked the girl's hand off his arm, walking to the woods without another word.

Lucy was left dumbfounded. The two of them are in good terms a while ago. What did she do this time? She shouldn't be hurt. She shouldn't be involving herself with Gray anymore. But she…she at least have the right to be his friend…right? Even just a friend.

"Why are you being cold again?" she muttered, gathering enough strength not to accumulate more tears so that it won't fall from the corners of her eyes.

"Lucy!" she cringed and instantly dried her eyes before Natsu caught her shedding tears. She spun and phonily smiled at him.

"Come on! We're up against Loke's team next!" he said while grinning from ear to ear.

Lucy nodded and went to their places, not before giving Gray a quick glance.

As Lucy and Natsu got to the showground, Lucy noticed that Loke wasn't there by their team. Where could he be? She thought as she grabbed the other end of the rope. He's been weird today. Even Gray…wait.

Lucy's eyes widen. "Did they fight?" she mumbled.

"Lucy! You should concentrate if you wanted this team to win!" Natsu yelled, snapping Lucy out of her short stupor. "PULL! WE CAN DO THIS TEAM! PULL!" Natsu yelled. Lucy sweat dropped. Natsu's totally serious about winning this match since Loke won against Gray's team, which means that if their teams beats Loke's, then Natsu could proudly say that he won over Gray…indirectly, that is.

With another loud resolute yell from Natsu, the team did their best to pull the rope with all their might, making them win the match. Natsu and the others screamed joyfully.


"What's wrong with you Loke, Gray? Where did you guys go?" Lucy asked herself, not bothering to join her triumphant team.

"Lucy! We won!" Natsu shouted at her but it seemed like Lucy was preoccupied with something and was not bothered to even glance up at him.

"What's wrong?" he asked a little louder making Lucy snap out of her trance. She looked at Natsu's worried expression and smiled while she shook her head slightly. "It's nothing." She said and once again looked around.

Natsu was about to leave when Lucy thought of something. She pulled him closer to her and whispered something.

"Is there something bothering Gray and Loke?" she asked. Natsu raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"Well, it seems like the two of them fought over something. Do you know what kind of things they are fighting about? It looked serious and–"

Lucy didn't finish her speech since Natsu was giving off an irritating smirk. "What?" she asked with blushing cheeks, thinking of what she did as to why Natsu was being so wickedly annoying with his stupid smirk.

"Oh nothing. Gray and Loke? So the game had begun, huh?" Natsu said to himself as he rubbed his chin, as if thinking, without taking his infamous grin off his face.

"What game?" Lucy asked but all Natsu did was to shrug his shoulders before walking away with his hands behind his head. Lucy didn't think that asking Natsu would make her head spin more due to curiosity.

"I wonder how long this game would end." Natsu muttered softly, not letting anyone to hear anything.

Erza's team did a great job as well. Surprisingly, Laxus was helping them win. It made Erza suspicious. Laxus NEVER joined anything. He never goes to any event the school holds. But this time, he was so eager to join and it made her curious. Does he really want the prize that badly? Erza pondered but shrugged it off immediately after winning from Loke's team.

The activity ended at sunset and Gildarts announced the winners.

"Okay, so the winning team for this activity is Natsu's team and they have 20 points for it." he said lazily. Natsu's team rejoiced.

"Second place goes to Erza's team. You guys get 15 points." Erza just nods her head as Jellal and his teammates cheered – of course except for Laxus.

"Third is Loke's team, gaining 10 points. Now, let's go and eat!" Gildarts said and left, leaving the students sweat dropping.

Loke's team jumped in gladness but their team leader was nowhere to be found. Lucy looked around, trying to find Loke and Gray but she still can't find them.

"Lucy! Congratulations!" Lucy turned and found Levy coming at her direction. She waved her hand at her.

"Come on! It's dinner time!" Levy said and took Lucy's hand.

"Wait Levy, I need to tell you something." Lucy said seriously. The petite girl nodded her head in understanding and dragged Lucy somewhere nobody could hear them.

But someone saw them and trailed after them hearing everything, making that person angry.


Gray walked briskly, having a pained expression on his face. He stopped, far enough so that nobody could see him. He brought his right hand on his pounding chest while his left hand found its way to his head.

Remembering Lucy's shocked and bewildered face disturbed him. He just can't take what he just did so he decided to walk away.

Gray just realized why Loke was being weird. It's because of him.

He shouldn't have let himself get closer to Lucy as they already were. Now look at what happen. He's…he's…






"I'm hurt?"






Gray let his arms fall to his sides, his eyes widen at the sudden understanding of what he truly feels. What I truly feel?

Gray leaned his back on the tree near him as he slid to the ground.

"What's happening to me?" he muttered, distressed, as one of his legs outstretched on the grassy ground and the other leg is folded, giving support to one of his arms where he leaned his head.

He then heard footsteps. His immediate reaction was to look up but as soon as he did so, his eyes widen once again.


Loke kept on walking towards him as Gray stood up wearily. The brunette stopped two feet away from the raven haired boy, his eyes that were hidden behind his glasses darted at the obsidian orbs of his friend.

"Tell me, Gray," Loke started, shoving his hands deep within his pants' pockets.






"Have you fallen for her?"






Gray doesn't know why but he can't answer the question as if something caught his throat. Was the question directed at him? Was Loke asking him – Gray Fullbuster – that question? If it is, why can't he answer him? It's a damned 'Yes or No' question! He can simply say 'NO' but why can't he? Has he really fallen for her? For Lucy? Is that the reason why he's been hurting? Is she the reason why he's happy? Is she the reason why he's having this strange emotions he'd been feeling?

"So you do, huh?" Loke said, breaking the little argument Gray is having inside his head.

"N-No! You're wrong! I told you I won't fall for Lucy, didn't I?" Gray quickly defended, but it must be the worst move he ever did.

"Really now? Whoever told you I was talking about Lucy in the first place? It could be Erza, Lisanna, Levy or Juvia but instead of just making it anonymous, you said Lucy." Loke asked as he smirked and looked somewhere else.

Gray was taken aback.

"I…I" was all he could say. He could practically hear the loud thumping of his heart.

"That only means I couldn't trust your words anymore." Loke added.

"N-No…you're mistaken. I'm still –"

"Waiting for someone?" Loke said, cutting Gray from his words. Chuckling, he added, "You're always saying that. But tell me," he said, looking back into Gray's eyes, his smirk can no longer be seen and was replaced by an agonized expression.

"Are you still waiting for her ever since Lucy came to your life?"

Again, Gray couldn't answer. Well, it's not that he couldn't answer, he just doesn't know the answer himself. What is happening to him? But now that Loke brought this question up, was he still waiting for her? Was he still hoping to see her again?

Gray clenched his fist, answering the question unconsciously.

"I-I don't know…"

"I see." Was what made Gray snap out of his trance and look at the pained expression Loke is having as he looked at him.

"W-why are you doing this, Loke? Why are you asking me these questions?" Gray asked, halfheartedly, wanting to know the truth at the same time afraid of what Loke's answer would be.

"I'm doing this to make you realize your true feelings for Lucy. And it seemed like you already did."

"W-what? W-why are you doing this? I-I thought you like Lucy?" Gray asked.

Loke sighed. "I do – and can't believe I'm doing this as well – but…" there was a pause, making it seem like Loke was having a hard time deciding if what he was about to say would be for the best, before continuing. "I want to be fair."

What he said made Gray more confused. Fair about what? He wanted to ask that but it's like he doesn't have the voice to say it. Why was it hard for him to converse with Loke? For the past ten years of being his best friend, this is the first time he had seen Loke act so seriously and the first time having it hard to talk to his friend.

Gray didn't ask anything but Loke saw the curiosity in his eyes. He knows that Gray wanted to know what he meant by what he said but instead of explaining every single detail, he said a popular phrase that will justify everything he wanted to say. Loke led out his hand and looked unwaveringly into Gray's eyes before speaking.






"May the best man win?"


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