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Genre: Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, Humor, Hurt/Comfort

Main Pairing: GrayXLucy

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Chapter 34: Sense of Impending Doom

Do you know that satisfying feeling you get when you've had a good night's sleep? That feeling when you eat your favourite food or hear you favourite music? Or when you're basking at the beach with the scenic view of the setting sun? Can you imagine how you'd feel if you win the lottery?

Because that is what a certain Lucy Heartfilia is feeling right now. It's as if she's walking on clouds or flying in the sky. She feels other-worldly, unburdened and able to see without restrictions because she feels free from all that. There's a skip in her every step, everything around her sounds music in her ears, and it seems like everywhere is colourful and everyone is in high spirits just like her.

Walking to school has never been like this to the blonde. It didn't occur to her that she'd be this excited.

But here she is, prancing and humming a happy tune while smiling brightly and greeting everyone she comes across a good morning. Yes, everyone. Miss Supetto who she danced around with the moment they met in the hallway outside her room, her father who almost choke on his meal when she tackled him in a hug while he eats, the auntie that is always watering her plants whenever the blonde walks by her house, the grumpy traffic enforcer who she didn't mind retorting snidely at her greeting, the kids walking their way to school, and even the dog that is peeing on a telephone pole. Lucy has never been this cheerful in her life.

Ahh, what a beautiful day this is~

By the time she enter the school gate, the first warning bell rings. Her eyes turns to saucers after realizing she took too much time walking to school that she'd almost arrive late. As she hastily put her shoes in her shoe locker by their school entrance, she sees Levy walking aimlessly with her face contorted to a grimace, as if she the warning bell that usually jerks the still sleepy students awake didn't faze her at all. Seeing this, Lucy smiles mischievously and creep up to Levy before embracing her from behind, making her petite friend jump in surprise.

"Levy-chan, good morning!" came Lucy's gleeful greeting.

The stunned Levy turns to look at the blonde's face, and gazes at her in confusion…when her confusion changes to sympathy, and then breaks into forced cheerfulness. "Lucy! Hey! Good morning!"

Lucy's expression quickly turns to worry at this. Her high pitched greeting gave her away. "Is something wrong?" she asks.

Levy shakes her head and hand animatedly, dropping her books in the process─ yep, definitely not okay. "No! Nothing's wrong! Nope! Nothing! Really! Ahahaha…haha…ha…" she anxiously answers, as Lucy help her pick her things up.

She's really a bad liar. It kind of stung when Levy refused to tell her what was wrong. Lucy wants to help her friend just like how Levy had helped her in the past. But she choose to continue smiling, not wanting to dampen her jovial mood. Because she knows Levy will tell her when she's ready.

"Uhm, okaaaay? Well, I'll see you in the classroom! I need to check something from the SC Room first." The blonde says, handing the books to her friend. She starts speed walking towards the Student Council Room, afraid to be marked late by her homeroom teacher, when Levy grabs her hand and nervously opens her mouth as if to say something. She held Lucy's gaze for a moment, and the blonde's mind starts reeling as to what her friend had to say. But then as if changing her mind, Levy flashes her a smile and shook her head once again.

"I'll see you later," was what she said, squeezing Lucy's hand in a way of assuring her that everything's fine, before running towards their classroom.

Okay. That was totally weird. I wonder what that was about.

Then she continue walking and her mind wonder off to the papers she needed to finish by the end of the day. A sigh escapes her lips thinking she brought it upon herself when she volunteered to do it alone and refused Erza's help. Well, I couldn't help it. Not when I'm losing myself to my overthinking of things. I'd gladly overwork myself than to wallow in self-pity in my 'Gray-sort-of-kind-of-hates-me' period.

But rather than be saddened by this, a smile adorns her face just by the thought of the raven haired lad and images of the school trip surfaces her mind once again.

I can't wait to see him, she thought. What would I do when I see him, though? She put her hands on her blushing face and squeals silently, unaware to the stares of curiosity and pity directed towards her.


Levy sits on her chair in the front and put her head over her folded arms on the table. The books she once hold with utmost care are in a discarded pile beside her feet. She tries to force herself to forget what she saw the night they went home after their weeklong school trip. Because, seriously, her eyes and ears could just be playing tricks on her.

That couldn't have happened, could it? But she can't seem to get her mind off it. Up until today she still can't believe it. What is worse is she doesn't know how to tell Lucy.

That Gray is with 'the girl he was waiting for.'

But he shouldn't be, she insist, because that girl is supposed to be Lucy. Right?






"How could mom forget the honey? I mean, it's her favourite?" Levy muttered to herself as she adjust the beanie on her head, stomping away from the cashier of the nearest convenience store she could find. Right when she was about to pass the aisle that leads to the exit, she saw Gray's familiar face on the seat outside from the glass wall of the store. Only this time, the usual scowl that lined his lips was turned up into a bright smile. And it seemed he didn't notice her.

Good, she thought, because what caught her attention after seeing Gray was the blonde seated in front of him, her back facing the bluenette. "So that's why he's in such a good mood," she mumbled. "He's with Lucy."

The thought of disturbing their lovely moment together just to embarrass them for catching them in the middle of their date was really tempting. And she was about to do it, too. But the moment she was out of the store, readying herself to call their attention, she took a good look at 'Lucy' and a very unpleasant feeling crept through her spine.

She is not Lucy. But their similarity is very uncanny she felt her skin crawl. Her hair, the same shade as Lucy's, which flows a few inches below her shoulders was framing her face, but unlike Lucy's thick side swept bangs, hers is thin and wispy that expose just a bit of her forehead. And while having the same colour of chocolate brown, Lucy's eyes are downturned while the doppelganger's (as what Levy decided to call her) are a bit upturned, making her look pretentious and snobbish. That was just Levy's perception of her, but she's always had keen eyes in reading a person, and she's mostly never wrong.

But the most prominent difference the bluenette had─ unwillingly─ observed was how the girl carry herself.

Lucy may seem naïve, pompous, bold and confident, but in reality she's knowledgeable and modest, timid and shy. But most of all, she's afraid. And you will see it in her eyes (more so if you know her well), that there is a small glint that indicates she's experienced things, unpleasant things that generated her fears─ fear of being confronted, of being hated, of being avoided, of being alone.

Still, she makes herself SEEM strong.

And that is how they are different. Because unlike Lucy, the doppelganger IS the words 'strong, bold and confident' personified.

But it was just so eerie that Lucy came to her mind the moment her eyes caught sight of the doppelganger and it made Levy decide to stay and calm down for a bit, a couple tables away from them. It's a good thing that Gray couldn't see her from where she was sitting, but she had a clear view of the blonde.

She wasn't meaning to eavesdrop, but 'Lucy's doppelganger's' irritating squeaky voice was loud enough to hear from her spot. And what they're talking about confuses her to no end.

"I still can't believe I'll see you again, after all these years." Gray said, awestricken.

"You're still saying that? Geez!" the doppelganger fake-pouted, blushing cutely. Levy was certain then that she hates the girl. As well as herself after realizing she thought of her as 'cute.'

"I mean, that time you were just suddenly saying goodbye without really explaining anything to me. And now you're here." He replied, shaking his head in disbelief.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to leave so abruptly. Even if we only knew each other for a few days, I considered you as my friend, my only friend, and I still feel guilty about leaving without so much as an explanation. But you know that I was being bullied then, right?" she said, with her phony sad smile ready (yes, Levy think everything she do is fake), "My father immediately went to the school and requested a letter of transfer after the bullying got too physical. We went abroad afterwards and I couldn't find time to say my condolences to you after your parents…you know, passed away."

There was silence then and Levy's puzzlement rose. What is she talking about? Passed away? Isn'tGray, Lyon and Ultear senpai's mother alive and well? And what the heck? Why is her story the same as Lucy's?! Save for the 'going abroad' part.

"It's…okay…" Gray's answer was bordering to a whisper, a hint of doubt in his tone. Then, as if suspicion weighed on his mind, he immediately followed it with a question, "How…did you know that?"

Levy shifts on her seat, not believing what she's hearing. So does that mean Gray parents are dead? Then who is that person he called 'mom'? From the looks of it, Gray's family situation isn't a known fact. As far as Levy know, nobody from the council has had an idea about it, except that Gray is Lyon and Ultear's brother and that they are raise by a mother.

Lucy's doppelganger stiffen at the question and, smiling nervously, she said, "S-someone told me."

Levy's eyebrows met at this. Her answer is contradicting her previous explanation. 'Someone' told her. But who could it be if she said Gray is her only friend. Suspicious… She thought. And from how Gray sat silently after, she believed he's having doubts, too.

Levy's head swirled with baffling informations. Who this girl is. What she is to Gray. AND WHY THE HECK DOES SHE LOOK A LOT LIKE LUCY?

'Lucy's prettier, though,' the bluenette thought and stood up indignantly. Now, can you imagine yourself sneaking out of the house but you're not allowed to? And then you suddenly knocked a piece of decoration, say, for instance, a vase, and as if by slow motion you try and reach for it but you didn't catch it in time and the sound it made felt like a siren blaring in the dead of the night? Well, let's just say that was how Levy felt when she saw the chair she was sitting on falling on the ground.

Levy flinched when it finally fell with a loud thud and wished it wasn't loud enough for the people she was unintentionally spying on to notice. Because it would totally look like she's spying on them and─



The petite girl slowly turned her head and saw Gray, twisted on his seat and looking at what the commotions is all about ─ of course Gray recognized her. The smile she gave him must have been so awkward to look at because of the way he squinted his eyes on her.

"Gray! Hey!"

"…hey, yea. Uhmm…what are you doing here?" he inquired, giving the petite girl a dubious look.

Levy was at a loss for a full five seconds until she held up the not-so-forgotten paper bag that contains the honey she purchased earlier (thank you, mother!) with one hand and points at the store with the other. "Just bought something."

Gray eyes the chair suspiciously, the one still lying on the ground. Levy followed his eyes and laughed nervously. "Oh, I was just… planning on taking a little break… you know…before going home… and I accidentally knocked the chair down when ─"

"Who is she?" came a question from the doppelganger. (Thank you for cutting me off, doppelganger!)

"Oh right. This is Levy McGarden. She goes to our school." Gray introduced, pointing a hand at Levy and the blonde looked at her, scrutinizing her, when faint recognition appeared in her eyes for a brief moment before it was gone. But the thing that doesn't sit well with Levy is what Gray had said.

"Wait, 'our' school?" she repeated his words, in case she misheard him.

The dark haired lad looked at Levy again and smiled shyly ─ odd, because Gray doesn't do shy ─ as his hand found its way to his nape to massage it, and maybe a way to deftly hide his ear that was slowly turning pink, "I don't know if either Natsu or Loke told any of the SC members about this, and it's kind of embarrassing, really, but I've always been wanting to meet someone again." He explained and jerked his head in the doppelganger's direction, wordlessly saying that she was the person he was talking about. Levy doesn't like where this conversation is going. Especially when she felt the smug aura the doppelganger was giving off.

She's already feeling sorry for her friend. 'Is it really too late for Lucy?'

Then the worst came…

"This is Amanda Gonzales, she'll be attending our school starting this Monday." Gray said, before he squints his eyes and bring one of his hands to his chin in thought, "Although, that name strikes me as familiar. I just don't remember where I've heard of it."

"W-what are you saying? O-of course you've heard of it. I yelled my name when I was leaving, didn't I?" the blonde laughed nervously.

But Levy's mind stopped processing then. One word kept on replaying in her mind over and over.


She doesn't know how she said goodbye, or if she did say it. And she doesn't care if she came across as rude if she just left suddenly. She doesn't know how she got home. She doesn't even know how that night ended.

All she knows is that her heart plummeted to the ground for Lucy.






How the heck am I gonna explain this to her?

"Hey, did you hear? There's a transfer student coming to school today." Levy's ears perks up at this.

"Yea, I saw her entering the school head's office earlier. She's pretty, but it's kind of weird is that she looks a lot like Lucy."

"Right? And I hear that Gray Fullbuster is with her. Poor Lucy…"

"Why would you say that? What's Lucy got to do with them?"

"Didn't something happen between her and Gray back at camp? Aren't they together now?"

"Oh right! Now that you mention it, a lot of people are saying that. But it seems that's not the case at all. Not when that girl is in the picture."

"I hear Gray's been waiting for that girl for a long time now. It's kind of romantic of him, actually, to wait for her."

What? How in the world did they know that? Who is spreading it? It couldn't have been Gray, he's not the kind to do such, especially when it concerns him. Natsu then? Or Loke? Or someone else?

"Shh… Lucy's here."

Levy's head shoots up and sees Lucy happily entering the classroom. It seems like she hasn't heard anything yet. But the bluenette is sure that this day would not end without her friend knowing.

"Poor Lucy…" she heard her classmate mumbled.

And her unconscious mind had to agree.


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