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Narutonic Water Chapter 1

I own no characters to this story and this is a PWP, well that is unless you consider Naruto getting all sorts of pussy a plot. So, no plot unless if you're a perv. Kishimoto get's the credit on the characters.

Naruto was sitting at his desk wearing his hokage's hat with the robes of the Hokage as he was reading scrolls for missions to be assigned as his clones were doing the other paper work. Naruto then heard a knock hit the door. He looked up and said, "Yes, who is it?".

The door opened with Choji saying, "Lord Hokage, you have a request from Sakura.". Naruto then said, "Oh, Sakura's here? Well send her in.". Choji stepped out as Sakura came in and was smiling as Naruto then said, "So, how's it going Sakura?".

Sakura then said, "I've completed my new chakra booster drink for shinobi. All you need to do is approve it.". Naruto sweat dropped as he then said, "Well, I could just sign it off, I know that you use only the best of medicines and herbs to increase the body's production of chakra.". Sakura then said with a slight temper, "Come on Naruto, you can drink some of it you know, it won't kill you.".

Naruto then said, "That's an understatement.". Sakura then pulled out a can of Narutonic Water (You can actually find this online so just look it up and you'll have a reference.) as she then whined, "Come on, I even named it after you. All you have to do it drink it once, come on, please?".

Naruto inhaled as he then said, "Oh, alright, I'll drink it since you named it after me.".Naruto popped open the can and then took a sip as he then said, "OH WOW SAKURA IT'S GREAT!". The liquid hit his system as his chakra came out of his body as a wave could be felt that emitted from him that made a single ping. The ping quieted as Naruto then said, "What flavor is it, Sakura?".

Sakura had her head down as she was shaking and Naruto then asked worriedly, "Sakura? Are you alright?". Even though it was a whisper it hit him like the titanic hit the iceberg, "Naruto, I'm completely fine.".

Naruto then saw her tackle him and the next few seconds he couldn't see as he felt him self be landed on by Sakura. She was feverently taking off his jacket and ripped off the jacket with ease shredding it to bits. Looking at his well developed chest she admired it as she then took off her shirt as she said, "Sorry, if you want the top, but I think I'd be better at the top than you. So, let's get this on!".

She kissed his lips as she felt his cock begin to get big, she rubbed it through the cloth with her hand. Even under it's cloth prison she could tell that he was huge, and why shouldn't he? He is Hokage after all. She sat up and straddled his waist as she grinded her butt on his crotch. She squealed with a full smile as she felt him tenting as she said, "OH Naruto, are you getting the hots for me? Well, I do deserve it, let's make you feel good for making me feel good about my looks.".

She bounced her bcup breasts as she giggled with joy and was getting wetter by the second. Grinding with a shake as if she was dancing from left to right and back again. She put her arms above her head as she closed her eyes panting as she began sweating letting her look more sexually appealing. She was moaning as she was grinding on his tent causing him to close his eyes as he gritted his teeth.

Sakura then backed off as she took out his tool and began sucking it as she licked it. She loved the taste of his tool, it tasted like lemonade. She looked up to see the can of Narutonic say 'Lemons' as the flavor as she loved lemons. (If it isn't obvious that this is a lemon and the irony isn't clear I don't know what is wrong with you.)

She wrapped her warm and wet lips on the head of his cock as she sucked on his penis. She loved the sour taste of his man meat. She sucked and pulnged down on his cock. She then pulled up and began to take off her shirt.

She then took hold of her breasts as she said, "Now, I'm not as big as Hinata, but I'll do my best.".

She then heard Naruto say, "Sakura, Hinata's breasts are the biggest, but your ass makes everyone dead last.".

Smiling she then said, "Oh, in that case I'll have to change my wardrobe to show off this ass for you.".

She then decided to get on his six pack and place his cock between her ass cheeks. She then began to squeeze her cheeks making him whip his head about as he said, "Are you using chakra enhanced strength?". Seeing her nod and smile he knew is wasn't the full strength. Just enough to provide a pleasurable pressurizing. He then began to stutter as he said, "I'm going to cum.". Alerted she let go and moved to the cock of the Hokage. She slammed her mouth on his cock and tasted his 11 ropes of cum.

She tried swallowing it all as she didn't get it all, some leaking out of the lips. She moaned in satisfaction as she was muffled by his cock. She then pulled off having it fall out as she put her hands under it. She swallowed what he had and closed her eyes as his cock had an aftermath spattering her face with four ropes of cum. She was smiling with closed eyes as she had enjoyed it. She then swallowed a big gulp and showed a pleasurable face as she loved the taste. She then poured her right hand's serving of cum into her left. She then wiped off her eyes as she then took her right hand struck out her chest and leaned her head back. The cum dripped into her mouth as he saw this he got hard again. Pleased with this effect she had on him she slurped her hands. She then collected the amount on her face as she began licking her hand and lower arms sexily.

Tackled she squaeled as Naruto ripped her bottom off and slammed into her pussy. Screaming in both pleasure and pain she writhed as tears came down her cheeks.

Naruto stopped as Sakura screamed, "Don't stop, plow me like a 2 ryo whore.".

Naruto then said, "No Sakura you aren't a whore.".

Sakura noticed that he was being serious, she then realized that this was not her love Sasuke who would have treated her like this. He was Naruto, a kind soul, sure she had to kill her first love. But, that didn't mean she had to walk this world without a second chance and this time it would be with a man that treated her right. She then thought she would do whatever he wanted, when he wanted and with whoever he wanted. She was his property, she was his girl and his lover; no matter what she would be at his beck and call or fuck and call.

Sakura then smiled naughtily as she said, "Just adding to the spice Lord Hokage, if you don't like whore or slut references then. I share be your personal cock sleeve, you are too great of a man to be loved by only one. So, know this, after you screw me like crazy I'm going to find several others that want you as badly as I do. Now, use this cock sleeve right and slam you stud.".

Nodding Naruto began plowing slowly until she beckoned him to go fast and wild. She didn't care what he did with his huge cock as long as she was his. She desperately wanted it and he decided he would give it to her. He plowed away listening to her screams of pleasure and tears of sexual joy. She enjoyed the kissing of her womb, her womb and his cock were having a make out session. One that was driving her crazy, she came as she had her muscles clamp down on his cock. Naruto tried pulling back to get in a final ram in, but couldn't as he came deep inside her. She screamed nearly deafening him as she felt the rush of his cum, collapsing she hit the ground.

Sakura woke up in a bed as she saw that she was wearing his t-shirt, she saw him dressing up in his Hokage cloak. He saw her getting up as he said, "Oh, Sakura you're up. I had to make an excuse for you at the hospital. You might want to get back to work for there after missing half of your appointments yesterday afternoon.".

Sakura blushed as she said, "Oh, Naruto, that is so sweet of you. Say, who do you find attractive in this village sides me?".

Naruto went into a thinking pose as he said, "I guess I'd have to go with Tenten is pretty hot. Why?".

Sakura then feigned innocence like a little girl as she said, "Oh, no reason, now um let's see.". Searching she found another can of Narutoic Water and smirk as she said, "Hey can you take a sip of this again?". Quirking an eye brow he took a sip as she whispered slightly sinisterly and horny, "Peeerfect.". She then smiled as she closed her eyes and said, "You go on now Hokage, I just need a small sampling of you drinking your drink. You know as an advertisement poster.". Taking the can as he left she then made some hand seals as she placed it on a seal. She then slammed her hand on the unique seal that had a poff of smoke to show a fresh can as she then said, "Now, my Narutonic Waters will aid in girl's periods and aid in getting my Naruto more pussy. Speaking of pussy, let's get the Weapon Mistress's pussy.". She giggled perversely as she went to find Tenten.

Tenten then said, "So, you're saying not only will this get rid of my period, but it'll get rid of my itch too? How did you know I had an itch ever since yesterday?".

Sakura then said, "Come on, Neji is way too serious and doesn't seem like he'll make a move on you. Lee is too immature and Guy sensei, let's face it.".

Tenten then said, "You have several points, alright, here's to a day of enhanced training and period free month.". She took a guzzle as she froze as a ripple ripped through her as she bent over and was caught by Sakura who smiled evilly.

Sakura then said, "Come on, let's get rid of that itch.".

Nodding was the head of Tenten as the two jumped away, the can of Narutonic Water was on the table where they were just at. Hanabi saw it and said, "Hmm, Narutonic Water for Konouchi. Prevents periods, awesome. I'll save it for tomorrow when I get mine.".

Naruto sat down at his desk as he then felt under his desk a hand as he freaked. He scooted away as he then felt someone appear behind him. Pushing him to the desk was Sakura as she smiled as Shikamaru came in with a Mist Ninja. Tenten saw Naruto looked down at her as she waved at him. She then fished out his cock as she then began licking the head of his cock. Naruto twitched as he looked at Sakura who feigned ignorance as he heard Shikamaru then say, "So, Lord Hokage...".

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