Finally made a come back and now for my special guest star. My favorite character in Naruto, Sakura!

Sakura: Really? You really like me over any other Character? Well, I must say no one has an ass like mine.

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GArrow: Well, I did promise Hinata, Hanabi, Kushina and Mei. But, it's up to you Sakura to decide based on people's votes. Oh and as a warning, this will be the only chapter that I can do with Kushina. I feel wrong typing a mother screwing her son. Oh and it's not the Kushina that you'll recognize. First off she is actually a clone of Kushina, just to make it easier on me on typing her. Which still was hard and there you. Now, Sakura would you like to the disclaimer?

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GArrow: At least.

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Naruto was sitting at his desk as he was doing paperwork with two clones either dusting the room or sorting the paper work after reading it. Naruto had two clones outside his doors practicing a new jutsu, they were hitting each other's hands as wind flew around them and the energy rotated around them. The clones then popped at the human sized rasegan blew up breaking some of the roof.

Naruto sighed as he then heard a knock at the door. He then looked up as the door opened. Naruto starred at the female that was standing in front of him. She had long red hair pulled into a braided pony tail that wrapped around her left bicep and swung at her hip. At the base of the tail was a hair decoration that looked like a pair of fox ears. She had blue eyes and smiled at him, she wore a green tank top with an orange leaf icon on the front. Her bosom was a c-cup easy and her pants were blue jeans that had a couple of pockets, but still tight around her curves.

Naruto then stood up as he said to her, "Uh, hello, I'm Naruto and your name is?"

She then smiled at him and blushed as she said to him, "I'm Kushina Taromaki, I'm here to ask you if you wouldn't mind going on a date?"

Naruto then said to her, "Well, uh you see, I'm already kinda seeing someone actually."

She then said to him cutely, "Alright, thank you for your time."

Walking out she then pulled out a bell as she swung it in a corner of the building. She then spoke to the bell, "I have come to the village and my mission has been blocked. What am I to do Sound of the Hare?"

In a cavern somewhere was a throne chair with a figure in the chair. The figure stood up as it was revealed to be a woman. She walked forward with white hair that went to her jaw line and was straight. Her ears were hidden, but on top of her head were a pair of brown bunny ears with the right one bent down a little. She had dark skin that was not black, but was darker than tanned. Her eyes were red and seemed near piercing with a pair of lines that swirled in the red iris. In the middle was black snake shaped pupil that was coiled in a circle with the head in the middle. It could be seen as a snake by the silver lines that showed the circle wheel rolled snake with the head in the middle. She wore a white sling bikini with a brown bunny tail coming in the back. Her breasts were a heavy set pair of f-cup with her nipples hidden by the bikini. Around her waist was a utility belt that was slanted to the right with a small pair of javelins dangling on both sides by the small chain that was wrapped around the buckle of the belt.

She then spoke into a bell around her wrist as she said to the bell, "Very well, get that block out."

At the Huyga compound a brown haired girl stood wearing a white frilly apron. She had a c-cup chest and white eyes. Her hair was ass long as the girl stood at 5 foot 7, with a shake in her step wearing a pair of black pants Hanabi was the vision of young sexiness.

Hanabi was rolling up some rolls as she put wet cinnamon on the dough. She then put the cinnamon rolls into the oven as she then wiped her forehead. She then took the can and took a swig as she then said with a vibe through out her body, "Whoa!"

Hinata then saw the can as Hanabi walked out the door with some fresh cinnamon rolls. She then took up the can as she then said to herself, "Hmm, gets rid of periods and itch. Now, that's something I could use." Taking the rest of the potion from the can she pulled the aluminium from her lips. Pink tainted her cheeks as she then said outloud drunk on lust, "Now, to bag me a fox."

At Naruto's desk was Sakura who was with Tenten, the two some how had fit under his desk. Was it cramped as all get out? Yes, was his cock worth it? Yes. The two of them were licking and sucking on his cock with balls. Sakura pulled off as she said to him, "You know you could have fucked her right?"

Naruto grunted as he said to her, "Yeah, but I have dedication."

Tenten looked at Sakura who gave a nod as she then vanished leaving the weapon mistress by her lonesome. Well, not exactly her lonesome, she did have a nice mushroom to eat.

Sakura was standing in front of a cauldron as she was stirring. She pulled out mushrooms, sausages, bananas and whole pickles. She dumped them in with various herbs and a bottle of blue pills. She then smiled as she said pulling out a tub of lemon slices, "Now for the final ingredient, lemons."

Dumping the lemons in did a cloud of smoke come out as she pulled back. She looked at the elixir, she smiled as she chuckled. She then looked up as she said outloud, "Now, to get that Kushina chick."

Kushina the sound infiltrate was walking trying to look for a secret path to the office of the Hokage. A pair of mist nin walked in with the Mizukage as Kushina looked at her. She had a blush on her cheeks as she then said to Kushina, "Who are you?"

Kushina then said to the red head, "I'm Kushina Taromaki, you must be lord Mizukage."

Nodding the Mizukage then smiled as she then said to her, "I am."

Sakura walked up as she said to the two, "Greetings, Lord Mizukage and citizen of Konoha. I have refreshments for you."

She held out a can of Narutonic water as the two ladies took a sip from the two cans. Waves went through them as the two began to feel the itch they had gained a few days ago become uncontrolable. The two women then looked at Sakura as she smiled and said to the two, "Yeah, you see that door, go and get him."

Mei then threw her arm as water came out of her hand creating a wall of water. Sakura walked with a shake in her step as Kushina formed hand seals making a dome of sound around the room. The three walked through as the wall of water came down. The men couldn't break the wall of sound, they saw the door close with a waving hand of Sakura who smiled teasingly at them.

Naruto was pounding Tenten in the pussy who had no clothes on anymore and was on all fours on the desk. He came in the squealing girl as she fell to the floor and slumped. Naruto saw the three women as Sakura then made a couple of hand signs. Naruto felt chains come around her ankles as he said to her, "What are you doing, Sakura?"

Sakura then grinned as she said to him, "Well, I knew you wouldn't stand still to get fucked. So, now at least you can't escape."

Mei then moved in pulling off her clothes, she moved to his waist as she kissed his hard cock covered in juices from the previous girl. Kushina grinned as she began taking off her clothes as well, Sakura pulled off her top and shorts. She smiled as the three were about to attack him sexually.

Kushina placed her hands together as hairs flew from her and weaved into seals. They had chains appear from them that wrapped around the blonde boy. They pulled as he was stapped to his chair, the medic then placed her hands together as his cock got slightly longer and bigger. Grunting from the Hokage as he groaned until it stopped growing.

The three ladies looked at his cock as they licked their lips. Mei then lowered herself down on his cock as she placed him inside her and screamed in passion. Her eyes were rolling as she came down onto the hilt of his cock. She moaned as she drove down kissing his lips as she licked his lips.

Kushina then walked up as she took his free lips after Mei was done kissing him. Kushina kissed the knucklehead laying her lips on his and lapped at his tongue. Sakura then sat down as she began fingering herself as she watched the pair of reds attack the blonde.

Mei came down on his cock as she felt herself cum, shuddering she pulled off. The pair of reds began licking his chest as they removed his jacket. Feeling his cock dance Mei got down to the ground as Kushina joined her. Kissing his cock both sides the women lapped at his cock as they felt the heat flare off it.

Sakura then gasped as she felt herself cum from her fingers, Naruto then saw her do this. He placed his hands together as he created a clone that walked over to Sakura. She blushed as she saw his cock and reached up from her lying down position. She grabbed his cock as she then licked the slit. Sakura then said to him, "Oh Naruto the clone tastes just like you. (Smiling widely) Now, let's get into this!"

Latching her lips to his cock she began nursing it as she looked out of the corner of her eye. She saw the red heads take their breasts up to his cock and place it in between their breasts. Giving him a double tity fuck they moaned and lapped at the head of his cock.

The door flung open as the pair of Hyugga sisters walked in with swaying breasts and shaking hips. Naruto saw what was happening as Hinata opened her jacket. Both sister took off their tank tops as Hanabi opened the dish of cinnamon rolls. Taking the rolls hanabi placed a couple on her large breasts, not nearly as large as her sister. Taking one herself hinata bit into it as she chewed it. Kissing naruto's clone she pushed the bit of the roll into his maw.

Moaning came from both parties as the red heads were splashed with white thursts of sperm. Licking the balls of his clone's cock was the pink haired inventor of the exhilir. Licking up the backside of his dick made her drool as she tasted the meat pole.

The tongues of the pair of red heads stretched out as they licked each others eating organs covered in cum. Sucking up the thick rich cum as it left the head of his cock and entered their lusicous lips.

Pulling his mouth from hinata's lips did he move to the breasts of hanabi the younger of the hyugga. Naruto ate one of the rolls as he then bit lightly on her breasts and licked at the red from his teeth. She moaned and groaned as she let out mewls and growls of pleasure. Stroking the whisker mark on his cheek made him purr as he growled and let out a bark. The gaggle of girls giggled as they saw and heard his pleasure, liking the fact they gave him pleasure. The reactions he exhibited were a bonus, a very delicious and soon to be exploited to the fullest.

The pair of red haired women grinned toothly as they stood up and wrapped his cock in their twisted arms gripping his hard on with their hands. They began pumping their hands in synch as they then licked his whisker marks with much joy. He purred and stuttered as Hinata then said to her Naruto, "Stuttering compliments you my dear Naruto."

Sakura then felt all the signs as she then said to the sisters, "HE'S READY!"

Hinata then sat down on the ground as she shook ass pulling her pussy lips apart. She felt the young blonde go nuts as he plunged inside her as she bit her lip. She then heard him growl as he ploughed her senseless, spills of incoherent words came from her mouth as she moaned. She said things that made no sense, only a pleasure and lust over dosed idiot could understand what she was saying. Pumping and pulling was the blonde beast as his face marks became more darker as red chakra came from his back. He roared as he came inside the hyugga as she screamed at the top of her lungs as a small crack came across the window.

Hanabi forced down the blonde in lust as she squealed said to her sister barely recognising her with the exception of seeing her sister as a lust pleasured bag of flesh, "I want your pleasure, sister."

Hanabi grabbed his knees and lefted her legs into the air as she spun on to his abs. She smiled as she attacked his mouth with hers as she lifted up her pussy. She then went to his cock as she placed him inside as she moaned and bit her lower lip in pain. She then plunged past the pain as she let blood spool from inside her as she sighed and shuddered with a shiver. She then began pumping again with tears as she began letting out yips. She then came as he came inside her with the white spills out as she fell on to his chest.

Kushina was on Naruto's penis as she then saw flashes of light playing through her mind. She saw Naruto as an infant as she then moaned and groaned. She came on his cock as she then panted and fell off as she then thought, 'Why do I feel like I just fucked my son?'

Sakura then grinned as she saw the clone puff away. She then said outloud, "Mission accomplished: next is the Chunin Exams."

Mei then said to her, "Yes, that's right, I am here for the Chunin exams."