*Gun shots heard*

Now, on with the A/N.

WARNING; This writer has accidentally deleted her documents from the USB stick and now does not have two thirds of what she has written, of which all of it is complete. Since ff take down anything that has even a cuss word in it with a M 18+ rating said writer is unable to ever get them back. She only has a small percentage of them on TWCS, so will not even be able to recoup a third of what she has lost.

So please forgive me and have patience while I lose my shit with everyone in this house and PMS their asses for saying what the fuck, mum?

Yep! I am a total bitch, no denying it, when that woman's problem arises. I hate being 46 years old.

I love writing my fanfiction and to have permanently lost them has hurt me deeply. I damn well CRIED. ME! So not what I normally do. I mean, I never cried as a kid when I saw my brother in the middle of a busy road getting bumped about by cars. I then witnessed it for real weeks later.

I never freaked out when one of my younger sisters ended up in hospital in an oxygen tent, then received a phone call saying Becca was in hospital in the oxygen tent due to asthma attack.

2002-2003 somewhere there, my youngest who is 14 years old now, started choking. The family in front of us at the local swim pool began panicking. Me? Hell! I placed him belly down as mum did to someone many yrs ago and started rubbing and patting his back. Not much upchuck, so picked him up and had his head facing over my shoulder, he tossed up god only knows what, but he was breathing. I got husband to get them all packed up and we went to the hospital to make sure he has nothing in his throat at all left there from that day. He got the all clear and they disapproved of my methods, and I smiled and said thank you.

Our family doctor believes I done what instinct called me to do. And that is what I did.

So me panicing means I am unable to solve the problem and I rarely have that PROBLEM

So my apologies to all who read my writings, I will try to get the incomplete on TWCS done and uploaded to it.

Regards and god bless you all

Wendy Bradley