Title: Rewind

Rated: T

Genre: Angst/Romance

Summary: After severely hit by an Akuma, Allen was left with no memory - not even remembering his own name. Kanda could no longer see him in the same way he should - when he was the main cause of it, and a possibility that he might be gone forever. Yullen.

Edit: Guys, you all might be wondering why there is a note here. This is the new version of this chapter. I have resubmitted this chapter because I found some mistakes which need to be corrected in order for me to continue this story. I only amended some parts, so the storyline will not change much from the previous one. Enjoy, and review if you want, if you want to clarify with me or simply comment on it. I have finished the second chapter, and will be posting very soon :)

Please note that this fic is semi-AU, which means there will be spoilers up to the current manga chapters.

Despair is anger with no place to go. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Chapter 1: Forgotten


He was out of breath, staring at a silver-haired figure standing in front of him. That eyes stared at him, before a smile lit on his face.


His eyes widened. Blood slowly seeped through his head and streamed down the sides of his face, slowly dripping onto the ground. The crimson liquid made its way to his nose and his parted lips, painting everything in its redness. And that person was still smiling.

His body started to shake. It was starting to crumble inside. That grey eyes which were once bright and once clear started to dim, clouded by darkness and emptiness. The wind blew, taking some drops of the blood away, but more were flowing down, almost endless.

Even so, he was still smiling.

He opened his mouth, wanting to shout, wanting to scream out loud to that moron and that bastard for doing this upon himself, but nothing came out of his mouth. He wanted to reach out and wipe away that disgusting blood off his face. The colour of red did not suit him at all. A clean and clear white suited him more than anyone, but he couldn't do so. He couldn't do anything.

"No...no, no, no! No, you cannot be doing this to yourself! No!"

Many memories of him replayed in his mind, but no matter how he tried to avoid, it would always return back to the reality that he was seeing with his own eyes. He could only see redness staining everything; the trees, the ground, the river and the water. And the person whom he hated so much yet...

"No! You cannot do this to me! You can't!"

Silver eyes softened, as he shook his head gently.

He stared at him, horrified.

"Does it matter?" At those words, that terrified heart of his sank down deep to the bottom. They stung him slightly, and painfully. They sounded so distant, as if he was going away and never coming back. His breath hitched as he glared at him hardly, giving him a warning like he always did if he had done something which pissed him off. He gritted his teeth, so hard that his gums started to bleed. He knew all of these was entirely ridiculous, that someone like him wouldn't feel so much for someone, especially that beansprout. He knew he was just being stubborn and did not want to admit to anything in regards to him.

But, he did not want him to leave. No, he couldn't leave. Not without his permission.

"Whatever. You still hate me, till the very end..." Allen let out a soft laughter as silver eyes slowly closed.

He couldn't let him leave just like that.


Kanda's eyes snapped open, breathing heavily as he stared at the ceiling hardly, as if something was going to fall onto his face this instant. His chest heaved up and down as he took a few deep breaths, before he slowly sat up, realising that it was all nothing but a dream...


His eyes widened for a second at that hollow voice whispering at his ear. The raven-haired teen got up immediately and grabbed Mugen by the table, pulling the sword out and turned to the direction where the voice came from. The translucent curtains fluttered lightly as the morning wind entered from the windows which was opened since yesterday. Even so, he was so flustered and so irritated by this. No matter what he had done, it just couldn't get off his mind and disrupted everything he once had.

He closed his eyes, and repeated himself. This was all a dream. It was all a dream, and everything would end now. He would forget everything, and lived on with his life. It was just a dream different from the others. A dream...

Whatever. You still hate me.

"Kanda, Allen has finally woke up!" A shout was heard from the golem. The grip slowly loosened, as the sword fell from his hand and landed on the floor with a loud, hollow clang. His heart contracted painfully at those words and the memories which would not lie to him.

This was not a dream.

It was real.

Lenalee dropped the books she was holding, stunned completely on the spot. Lavi could not believe what he had heard as well. Bookman just stopped what he was reading, looking up at the black golem which had transmitted Komui's announcement.

The olive-haired girl threw everything aside and ran out of the library, the door slamming shut behind her. She continued to sprint at full speed towards the infirmary, wanting to confirm what her brother had said earlier. As she rushed through the crowd and apologised on the way, she finally saw the infirmary with her very eyes. She ran towards the door and pushed hardly.

"Lenalee, please do not run inside the infirmary!" The Head Nurse heard the loud commotion from the entrance, but Lenalee did not hear a word that she said, her mind preoccupied by her brother's words. She turned right and ran along the corridor, before she turned to the last room and opened.

"Lenalee?" Komui turned around, startled by the sudden noise. The doctors and nurses were surrounding the bed, analysing the latest result of the patient. Lenalee couldn't care less, as she went up to her brother who was standing at the side of the patient's bed.

"How is it, nii-san? How's Allen-kun?" Lenalee asked quickly, catching her breath at the same time.

"Calm down, Lenalee. The doctors and nurses are still checking on his current condition -"

"But Allen-kun has slept for over six months! How can I calm down at this kind of situation?" Lenalee exclaimed. At this time, the doctors and nurses were getting away from the bed, giving her a better look at the silver-haired boy. Lenalee peered closely, a smile gradually appearing on her face when she saw Allen sitting up on the bed, awake. But soon, the smile slowly faltered.

"Nii-san, what...what happened to Allen?" Komui looked away, deciding not to answer his sister. The doctors just patted the supervisor's shoulders gently, before they left the room. Silence filled the whole place, no one saying anything for a few minutes.

"Allen-kun has finally woke up, but...he has lost all his memories, including his past with Mana. He can't even...even remember his own name," Komui murmured softly. Lenalee just sank down on the chair, shocked at the news. She had been waiting for him for so long, and yet this was the outcome that he should have in the end?

"No..."Lenalee stifled and began to weep, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. Komui stood there, unsure on whether he should go over to his sister and comfort her. It was a painful truth which they had to accept from the start. It was already so lucky that Allen was able to survive after the war, yet they had to be prepared that Allen would return with permanent injuries that could never be healed.

"How's Allen?" Now, it was Lavi who entered the room. But judging by the heavy atmosphere inside, he assumed that he should prepare for the worst. The redhead slowly walked up to Komui.

"Komui, what is Allen's current condition?" Hearing no reply from Komui, Lavi was about to ask Lenalee when he caught a slight glimpse of Allen. His eyes just widened in astonishment at what he was seeing.

The silver-haired teen's eyes were dull and empty. He seemed to be in a dazed, looking everywhere in confusion, wondering where he was, and why he was here. His friends were here, yet he did not look at them and greet them with that familiar smile on his face. He just stared blankly ahead, not recognising any one of them. Lenalee sobbed before she broke down, turning around and hugged Lavi lightly by his shoulders. As she cried, she felt a slight tug by her uniform. She turned around, only to see Allen staring back at her with innocent eyes.

"Why are you crying?" He asked. Lenalee's eyes widened, and at that moment, she felt her whole heart shattering into pieces.

Kanda was sitting at the side of the training room, looking at the greenery outside silently. There was some commotion about a certain person who had woken up, but he did not bother to go and check it out. Komui had contacted him via golem about his current condition, yet he did not want to get up. He did not want to see him. Did he have a reason to see him?

He breathed out slowly as he played with his white bracelet at his wrist. His bare foot moved across the wooden floor slightly, making a soft screeching sound. The bell attached to the ceiling was jingling softly as the breeze blew by. He leaned his head against the opened doors, feeling a little exhausted. It wasn't surprising though. He had only been killing people again and again for years. Akumas or not, they were all the same.

His heart wrenched slightly. Was it because of the sudden coldness that invaded inside him?

No, it wasn't. He had a feeling it wasn't.

His loose pants brushed across his skin lightly. The surrounding was so peaceful, tranquil and quiet. It was just a perfect place for him. There was no noises, no irritating chats, nothing. There would be no one coming here to pester him about missions or whatsoever. Kanda sighed as he closed his eyes.


His eyes snapped open immediately, his body jerking forward so hardly that he almost fell forward onto the ground. Kanda controlled himself, his eyes still widened in shock at what he was exactly doing. It was stupid, or rather, ridiculous to be thinking of such...things, yet he could not seem to push that thought away. That particular thought which had been haunting him ever since Allen took that entire blow for him.

I'm glad that you...are okay.

That guy was still smiling at the very end, his heart always worrying for someone instead of himself. And because of that, the feelings towards him was guilt and more guilt. Sure, his pride as a samurai was hurt as well, but at that time, what he was only concerned on was whether he was alright. It wasn't...a playing matter when one took the whole blow from a level four Akuma. At that time, he was supposed to slap that boy as punishment for being a busybody, yet he didn't.

"Shit," Kanda muttered, clenching his hands into fists. Why was he making extra frustrations for himself? Was he too free, having nothing to do? Yet, he couldn't forget that face expression he showed to him before he closed his eyes for almost an eternity. He looked happy. Damn, that fucking beansprout actually looked happy. He was happy that he was alright. He was happy that he took the blow for him.

Damn. Kanda ran his fingers through his hair, hissing lowly. He had been sitting here for the few hours since the last announcement was announced. He should be the one going to infirmary and see for himself. Yet he was hiding here, not wanting to be noticed. Was he acting like a coward? Was he afraid to see the truth and not being able to handle it? His guilt towards Allen...had to stop. There was simply no way to continue on like this. He must put an end to it.

He got up and slowly walked out of the training room. He realised that he was walking slower than usual, his feet getting heavier as he stepped forward. He was fidgeting more than usual, to his astonishment. His eyes looked around, not daring to see people straight in their eyes.

He was afraid? Afraid of the heavy consequences which he had to accept, which would increase the guilt towards him? Kanda snorted at that. There was no way he was going to feel like this. After all, he was him. He did not give a damn on how others felt. He only cared for himself, that was all.

The infirmary was right in front of his eyes. He could see Krory and Miranda at the entrance, their face expressions unsure on whether they wanted to go inside. Some Finders were also crowding there, whispering among themselves. Kanda frowned in silence, wondering whether he should step up and enter. He wasn't sure whether he was making the right choice or not. Should he go in and visit that weak and hopeless Moyashi? He could state a million reasons on why he should not go in, yet something was stopping him from leaving.

"Kanda-kun?" Miranda asked, staring in his direction. The others had heard as well and turned, staring rather incredulously at the raven-haired Exorcist standing a distance away. Kanda hissed in annoyance, realised that he was discovered. That woman did not need to call him right? And what exactly was he doing? Was he scared over them? Hell, as if it would! He scoffed to himself and walked towards them.

"Are you visiting Allen as well?" Krory asked in curiosity. They were probably thinking that a miracle had happened, because it was nearly impossible for him to come and visit Allen for himself. He knew that himself as well, yet he couldn't stop his mind from thinking about him and couldn't stop his body from moving here. And since he was here, he couldn't just do nothing and go back. It would hurt his pride.

Kanda pushed the door and went inside, with Krory and Miranda following him behind. After asking a nurse for directions, they were walking along the corridor to the last room. The raven swordsman gripped his sword tightly, feeling his nervousness gradually rising. For what reason was he getting nervous about? He felt the tips of his finger, his heart pounding hardly on his chest as he was approaching the room. As he was in front of the door, Kanda stopped and took a deep breath slowly. Controlling his hand which was slightly shaking, he turned the doorknob.

"Yuu?" He opened the door, seeing Lavi and Lenalee inside. Komui probably had other things to do and left. Kanda paused for a moment, wondering what atmosphere this was. It seemed so cold and heavy. Wasn't it great that Allen had finally woke up? His mind was finding answers, when he got a glimpse of the silver-haired teen on the bed. Immediately, he froze, his eyes widened and his heart almost stopped beating.

"What...is this?" After a few seconds, he managed to say something out of his lips. Lenalee could not hold on anymore and broke down again. Lavi was showing a grimaced look on his face, while Miranda and Krory just stood at the side, not uttering anything. Shock turned to anger as he stomped up to the front of the bed, staring angrily at the silver-haired teen who had no idea what was happening inside this room.

"I said, what happened to him? What happened to this Moyashi?" Kanda demanded, his finger pointing at Allen's chest.

"Yuu, calm down!" Lavi said.

"How could I calm down when...when this happens?" Kanda hissed in a fluster. No matter how he looked at this, it was so obvious that Allen looked so different than usual. He might look fine, but he just knew something was wrong here.

"It's not your fault this happens! Accidents do happen -"

"Accidents?" Kanda scoffed in disbelief. Everyone stared at him in astonishment, bewildered on what he meant. The raven swordsman sighed and felt his hurting forehead, the pain hammering cruelly into his head. Everything was not an accident! He was the one who did this to him. He was the one who couldn't avoid this to happen. He...was the one who needed Allen to do the saving, and now because of that, Allen ended up like this. It was his fault, and the worse was, there was nothing he could do.

Till when would he be able to forget this guilt and move on?

"It wasn't an accident!"

"What do you mean?" Lenalee asked, staring at Kanda.

"Do you know why I only suffer minor cuts and bruises, when all of you have deep cuts and severe wounds? Do you know why?" Lavi's eyes gradually widened at his sentence, but he chose not say a word, probably not wanting to affirm his thoughts.

"Don't tell me..." Miranda's voice trailed off.

"Yes! This bastard shielded me! When I was able to cover myself, he shielded me from the attack! It was unnecessary! Yet this bastard here thinks that it was just nothing and just made his own decision so easily!"

"Kanda, don't say that so loudly in front of Allen!" Lenalee cried. Miranda sobbed softly while Krory comforted her silently. Kanda turned towards Allen, thinking that the Moyashi might have slight reaction to it, when he received no reply from the other. He turned and saw the faded colour in his eyes and the blank expression that the silver-haired teen made. Sapphire eyes widened in shock as realisation dawned upon him hardly.

"Who are you?" Those empty words hit hardly at his chest - so hard that he started trembling in slight fear.

"Don't tell me that he...he doesn't even remember his own name?" He asked, slightly shaken. Realisation hit onto him hardly when he said those cruel words towards Allen who had completely forgotten everything. He had forgotten that moment when he jumped in to save him. He had forgotten what words he said to him at that time.

He had forgotten everything. Everything.

Including himself.

"I cannot guarantee that Allen-kun would recover. When he was picked up by the medics, he was almost half-dead. The severe damage taken by his head might be the main cause, but we won't know the specific details on what causes his memory loss," Komui explained inside his office, studying the medical report handed down by the doctor who was tending to Allen.

"So that means that he might not be able to recover his memories permanently?" Lavi questioned. He peered at Lenalee who said nothing at her seat. She had hardly said anything ever since they went out of the infirmary and came here. Her lips parted slightly, her face showing a winced expression. She did not want to accept everything that had befallen onto them.

"There might be a chance. We need to watch his condition closely." He nodded to Reever who came to his side and discussed something softly with him. Komui nodded his head as he got up from his seat.

"Well, I have something on, so please excuse me." He glanced at his sister who had not uttered a single word. Turning away, he walked out of the office and headed towards the Science Laboratory together with Reever.

"Is it okay? Do you want to stay by Lenalee's side for the moment?"

"No. It would be better if she is left alone. Furthermore, she cannot expect me to be with her all the time. Though this is a painful decision, but this is something she must overcome herself," Komui replied calmly. He tilted his cap, wondering whether this was a right decision he had chosen. He let out a heavy sigh as he stared at the ceiling above him.

"Allen-kun..." He wondered what heavy feeling this was. He had created a miracle, only to create another despair. No, it wasn't him who made it but the Order which had constantly been pushing them to remind themselves of their important roles and to track down the enemy's whereabouts. No matter what, he just couldn't shake off the guilt inside him, because one side of him was forcing him as well. Forcing him to accept the truth, to kill people by his own hands and take it as just a mere responsibility as an Exorcist.

It was then he realised, that he was taking their job as Exorcists too lightly. He was not the one standing courageously on the battlefield, pushing away the fear and sympathy which would be in their way. How many times had their hearts been screaming out in pain and agony? How many times had they wanted to give up, not wanting to soak their bare hands with blood of humans?

Komui hissed as he covered his face. Had he...committed a grave sin onto these children? They had bright future laid out for them, only to be crushed completely by his bare hands. It was simply too cruel.

"Komui, are you alright?" Reever asked, seeing that the supervisor had stopped. His hand touched the wall, supporting his heavy body as he leaned forward, feeling slightly nauseous. Komui blinked, taking few deep breaths of air. He then realised that the air inside the Order reeked of the stench of blood and rotting bodies. Had it always smelt like that for a long time? Why hadn't he realise it till now?

"I'm...okay." He tried to stand up, staggering for a few steps. Komui straightened himself and gave a weak smile to the other, walking up to Reever who was waiting for him. He couldn't just collapse at this moment, and he shouldn't be the one collapsing compared to the others who were mentally exhausted.

It was partially his fault that Allen was reduced to that state, and he would do anything to save that lifeless soul of his. Even at the last moment, he wanted to realise his dreams for him.

His mind was still completely blank, not able to accept the fact that Allen had lost his memory, reduced to a vulnerable and ignorant child who did not know where he was. Kanda sat on his chair at his room, staring at the sky outside the window. He did not know that it would be that severe. He thought that it was just a wound; a physical wound inflicted which only caused intense pain and nothing else. After all, their bodies were meant to overcome different types of injuries as an Exorcist. He thought it was just nothing.

His eyes narrowed, his hand clenched into a fist as he slammed hardly on the table. He couldn't just live with that guilt trapped inside him forever. As long as Allen did not disappear on him, that bond between them would never be severed. So why couldn't he just forget him and move on? Why was it so difficult to forget someone he hated so much?

Or that he did not hate him in the first place? He knew it very well what that means. Somehow, he couldn't draw a line between him and Allen. The both of them were almost the same. They wanted to get stronger to overcome the fear, the anger and the guilt inside them. They were cursed, and they were alone, yet they were fighting their hardest to their victory. They did not bow down to their lowly fate which they detested.

Yet, he realised that nowadays, his attitude towards Allen was gradually changing. That immerse and heavy feeling towards him was slowly turning mild, towards neutral. He wasn't that annoyed with that Moyashi, and was slowly getting used to his presence. His appearance made him realise how lonely he was, and he realised that he had always hated that empty feeling lingering inside his heart. He wanted company. He wanted someone to be there for him.

Kanda groaned, massaging the middle of his forehead lightly to cease the pain. The painful stretched feeling had not disappeared ever since he visited that Moyashi. Allen looked extremely pale, and he showed no signs of recognising them when they were there. That pair of dead eyes which were once alive were looking forward without any emotions. He wore that expressionless mask on his face, and he thought that it was a lot worse than the fake smile which he wore previously. And somehow, this hurt him slightly when he did not remember him.

"Stupid. Ridiculous," He muttered to himself repeatedly, telling himself endlessly not to be deceived by that annoying poker face which filled with sympathy. Many times had he wanted to kill Allen by his own hands in order to stop from thinking about him. It was all because of the guilt built up inside him that was slowly driving him insane. Kanda stood up, his chair kicked back roughly as he strode out of the room. Staying in his room would only make him even more frustrated. He needed a breather. Anywhere will do, as long as he could get out of that suffocating space.

He walked down the stairs to the basement. He looked around, pondering on where he should go. He had a thought to go to the training room to meditate, but he walked off in the opposite direction instead. Kanda walked rather hurriedly, wanting to get away from the crowd and go to somewhere solely for himself. He paced between people, finding the space getting smaller and narrower. Their shoulders brushed against each other, and one stopped to apologise, but he just ignored him and continued his way.

I'm so glad that you are safe.

"Shut up," Kanda muttered.

Don't always show such a foul look. Smile more. Like me.

"Stop smiling like that." He lowered his head and hissed.

I wish that you will be happy. Even we would not be together.

There was a loud crash across the corridor as everyone stopped in their tracks, astonished.

I love you, Kanda, even if you will not return me the same type of feeling in the end.


There was a huge dent on the wall, his fist embedded on it as blood slowly oozed out of the wound and around his fingers. Kanda breathed heavily, feeling his chest getting so tight that it hurt. It hurt so badly that he couldn't stand the pain. He felt so stupid at this moment, feeling so wrecked and so confused and so lost in his whole life.

"Yuu-chan, what happened to you?" He heard footsteps approaching as Lavi came to his side and took his injured hand, examining it carefully. Kanda slapped it off and walked away, only to be stopped by Lavi again as he grabbed his wrist and swung him around forcefully.

"What the hell is wrong with you! What happened to you?" Lavi demanded, his angry voice buzzing irritably in his aching head. Without hesitation, his other hand which was uninjuried swung around and punched him straight on his face, throwing the redhead backwards. Lavi fell onto the ground with a loud thud. As he coughed hoarsely, Lavi looked up at the raven swordsman who was still standing.

"You...!" Lavi rushed up and planted a punch at Kanda's face immediately. Kanda staggered backwards, spitting out the blood as he wiped off the remaining blood stain left at the corner of his lip. Before he could send the second punch, Lavi grabbed both of his hands and slammed Kanda onto a wall forcefully, stopping him. Knowing that the raven-haired swordsman's strength was not to be underestimated with, Lavi moved his left leg forward and trapped him, making sure that he could not do anything.

"Yuu, look at me! Look at me!" Lavi demanded loudly. Kanda's eyes drifted aimlessly on the ground, before he looked up at the Bookman Junior weakly.


"What? You say what? Damn, is that the only word you can say, Yuu?" Lavi hollered angrily. Kanda did not say anything, not even bothered to struggle under his grasp. His messy hair was all over the place. His hand hurt, his face hurt. Everywhere hurt.

"Yuu, it's not your fault that Allen lost his memory! Why are you inflicting this upon yourself? It's not like you! You won't do this to yourself, no matter what situation you are in! You would never...let yourself fall into despair," Lavi said.

"It's none of your business," Kanda muttered coldly.

"Don't deceive me, arrogant swordsman. Your face expression already tells me everything. You cannot hide from my sharp eyes, Yuu," Lavi demanded angrily.

"Heh, good eyes of yours, Bookman Junior," Kanda said with sarcasm.

"I'm not joking with you now, Kanda! Doing this won't help! It won't...bring Allen back." Kanda's gaze dimmed as his eyes softened. He had known from the very start that starting this was simply meaningless. Allen would still be staying like this, and furthermore, what had it got to do with him? He was the one who wanted to severe the ties with that Moyashi. He was the one who...pushed him away.

The crowd was slowly dispersing, and a few minutes later, they were the only ones left at the empty corridor. Lavi gradually released him as Kanda slowly slumped onto the ground, showing a blank expression on his face. The redhead went to look at the damage done on the wall. Komui would most likely want them to pay for the damages, but it was shocking that Kanda could produce such a huge dent on the concrete wall as hard as stone. He peered at the raven-haired teen silently. Where did all the rage come from?

The blood at his right hand was still dripping down onto the ground. Lavi sighed as he walked up to him and lowered down, touching his wounded hand. Kanda hissed and winced at the touch, glaring hardly at him. Lavi just smiled in reply.

"Let's go to the infirmary to bandage that hand of yours, Yuu."

"There is no need to," Kanda replied as he pulled his hand away from him, hissing slightly at the wound. Lavi shook his head and grabbed his wrist, to Kanda's astonishment. The touch felt mysteriously warm. The sensation felt familiar.

"Let's go. You do not want Lenalee to worry as well, right?" Kanda just stayed for a moment, before he grunted in reply and struggled to stand up. Lavi put his hand at his shoulder for support as he helped the other up to his feet. The two of them walked towards the infirmary together, not saying a word.

"Please, Kanda-san! Don't injure yourself unnecessarily! The infirmary is a busy place as well, do you know that?" The Head Nurse lectured the raven-haired Exorcist who was also reluctant to come here and get his hand bandaged. He had the power to heal, and he had always hated the horrifying stench of medicine in the infirmary. He winced in slight pain as the Head Nurse made a tight knot to his bandage, before asking him to get some painkillers at the front counter in case he experienced pain through the night. Having used to the pain, Kanda refused and stood up, getting ready to leave.

"Going back?" Lavi asked, standing up from his seat as well.

"Yeah," He replied softly, his eyes staring at a particular hallway which led to the patients rooms. He gritted his teeth, wondering why he was still feeling so distaught and messed up. He still couldn't get that stupid beansprout out of his head.

Kanda started to walk inside, and soon, he reached Allen's room. As he peered through the glass, seeing the silver-haired teen's sleeping face, his heart wrenched slightly. It had been his first time seeing Allen sleeping so peacefully, unlike in the past which he would always be tense and alert around the surroundings he was in. There was a slight smile on his face, as though he was having a good dream right now.

Who are you?

He looked down, his hand touching the wall firmly as the other hand covered part of his face. He couldn't believe that he, Kanda Yuu, who felt nothing for no one, was affected by this. It was something he had never experienced it before, and as he experienced it, he began to fear this horrifying feeling which was slowly taking over his whole senses. He couldn't stop himself from trembling, even if it wasn't cold at all. Suddenly, he felt so empty and so lonely, as though everything had been robbed of him and nothing was left for him. Nothing.

It felt so bad, so bad that he was suffocating.

All because of this beansprout.

"We cannot give up here." He turned and saw Lavi standing beside him. The redhead gave a comforting smile as he put his hand on his shoulder, before peering at Allen.

"There will be a way to revert back everything, to allow Allen to remember once again. We cannot give up. If we give up and abandon Allen now, then there is really no saving for him. He really needs us the most at this time," Lavi said. Kanda said nothing and just watched in silence.

The clock ticked softly in the darkness.