A/N: I was watching Leap Year again with my friend and for the first time I noticed how Declan's expression changes when Anna talks about her 60 seconds moment. This is just a little drabble and a half that I came up with about that little moment. Sorry it's short but I hope you enjoy it! :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

60 Seconds

"When my 60 seconds came around…"

He didn't hear anything she had to say after that, not really.

Instead he found himself quickly and carefully assessing her for injuries, worried about what might have happened to her. Dozens of different scenarios spun through his mind, most of them ridiculous: how he hadn't been there, that he wouldn't have known if something had happened.

Then something she said caught his attention and he realised exactly what she was alluding to when she had said those words.

A small, relieved smile graced his lips and he shook his head slightly at how silly he had been.

Nothing sinister had happened; she was here because of him.

He'd been given a second chance at his 60 seconds and this time he was going to 'grab' what he needed with both his hands.

This time he wouldn't let her get away.