Dear Faithful readers,

Welcome to the PJO rap studio!

And welcome back to those of you who read PJO TiVo lists.

If you haven't, you might wanna go do that!

Here, you leave a minor character, monster, or god from the PJO or TLH books (Not Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Nico, Leo, Jason, or Piper. Did you skip the word minor?) and a short description of the character/monster/god.

Then, hopefully within a week, I'll post a rap about this c/m/g.

And I'd like to get more entries than alerts please. Although if you enter a c/m/g than you can alert cuz i no you wanna see your rap be done :P

I honestly don;t think this will go very far... but it's worth a shot, right!

Rules of entry: Please have it be an interesting character. Not a boring one, one that has a lot of interesting qualities. Also, please only one entry per chapter per person. I don't wanna get backed up.

:D Luv ya bunches!

Read PJO TiVo!