I decided to do Travis (yes that sounds wrooooong) cuz theres a lot of info on him, he's older, he's in love with Katie, YADA BLAH.

Wazzup, I'm Travis

And that ends in Stoll

I'm so boss,

I'm on the honor roll!

People think I love Katie

But It's really the other

We're real and true rivals,

you can ask my younger brother.

And yeah, I'm oldest,

Connor/er's not my twin

And we both have the same

mischevious grin.

We're awesome tricksters,

Sons of Hermes are the best

And when it comes to pranking,

We could pass any test!

Our favorite was

The Mango of Aphrodite

But when they found out,

I had clown makeup for weeks!

Me and my bro are head of Hermes,

God of media-not alone

And though it's against the rules

I have my own cell phone.

And that evil Pheobe

might've splashed us with mud,

but we gave her a t-shirt

with poison centaur's blood!

I even tried hotwiring

the camp's SUV.

But Katie got us back with

many chocolate bunnies (don't ask)

And it was my idea

for Ann' and Perc' to be dunked.

But in the end it was an air bubble

that had us punk'd.

And yes, "Stol" sounds like "stole,

but you shouldn't make fun

Cuz Travis will be on top

when the day is done.

Who should be next? Travis RAAWWWWXXXX by the way ;)