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She stood in the kitchen staring at the cookbook like it was written in some long lost language impossible to understand. What she had been thinking when she decided to make Lucie's cake by herself she would never know. She should have taken Greg's advice and bought one to palm off as her own but not Sara Sidle. Sara Side could make a cake. It was easy; she had seen people do it before, whipping up glorious cake creations in no time at all. She was intelligent, methodical and creative. It should have been easy.

It was not.

First of all the abbreviations made absolutely no sense, there were T's and t's and C's and c's all over the place. It would take some kind of a genius to decipher this code!

"She's out cold, need some help?"

He must have taken pity on her confused expression as he stepped out of Lucie's bedroom with a smile. He crossed the room and with just a glance at the cookbook he was pulling utensils and ingredients out of the cupboards with such self-conviction and confidence she was half tempted to just leave him to it.

Grissom, of course, wouldn't let her away with that. He threw ingredients in the bowl and instructed her to mix. She did as she was told, she may not have been able to read a cookbook but she was good at following instructions. She watched him adjusting the stove out of the corner of her eye; she loved it when Grissom was in the kitchen. He was a very skilled cook, he claimed it was due to living alone for so long but she argued that she had lived by herself for most of her adult life and she could just about boil an egg.

"Ok line the cake dish with butter, that stops the cake from sticking once it's cooked"

She nodded and stuck her knife into the butter which earned her a chuckle from her husband standing beside her.


"Sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty Sara"

He plopped two fingers right down into the butter and hooked out a lump before running it along the edge of the tray. She was sure he was just trying to give her a cookery lesson but she suddenly had other ideas. She slipped one finger into the butter slowly and drew it out while maintaining his eye contact. With a smile she ran her butter clad finger down the length of his nose, pausing on his lips and then placing the finger in her own mouth.

His expression was priceless, he was still astounded when she teased him even after all this time however it was her turn to be astounded when Grissom dipped his hand into the bag of flour and covered her in the powder with a victorious smirk.

"That's just childish Gil Grissom, you should be ashamed of yourself" she retaliated with her own 'Flour Shower' and he slipped his hands around her waist to pull her close.

"You're right Dear, I should know better than to come anywhere near you in the kitchen"

"Well I got 20 minutes for you to keep me out of the kitchen…" she smiled suggestively as she led him to the bedroom.


The cake may have turned out a little crispier than she would have liked but after it was adorned with piles of white icing and delicate sugar butterflies she was generally happy with the result.

The rest of the evening was spent wrapping presents, blowing up balloons and sticking up banners before they trudged off to bed.

In the morning Grissom passed Sara the last of the gaily decorated presents with a smile as she carefully positioned it with the others. The amount of effort she put into placing it in just the right place was endearing, especially considering that it would no doubt end up in a jumble of paper an boxes.

"I can't believe she's one, where did our little baby go?" she mused as she turned a photograph of Lucie over in her hands.

"She's not going off to college just yet Sara"

She sighed as she stood at the doorway to the nursery watching as Lucie slept soundly in her crib. She couldn't have predicted how much her life would have changed in the space of a year. On one hand it felt as though time had sped away from them, that every second she spent with her daughter was slipping through her fingers and yet it also felt like she had always been around.

Sara struggled to remember just what it was like without her, what it was like to get out of bed in the morning to the sound of an alarm clock or relax to read the newspaper. Now it was the sound of Lucie's voice that called out to her at silly-o-clock and the newspaper was replaced with an array of children's books and a lifetime subscription to the Disney channel. Bedtimes became less about falling into bed whenever exhaustion finally claimed her it now became a beautiful routine of bath time, cuddles and story time. She loved bedtimes more than anything, when they were all at home they would slip into the huge king sized bed and read to Lucie together. Lucie preferred Grissom's lilting tones but then that probably had more to do with the vibrations than the actual sound.

Grissom slipped his hands around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. He didn't understand her need to slow the pass of time. He seemed to have escaped the sort of nostalgia she was suffering. It wasn't so much that she was sad about Lucie growing up, in reality she was growing more proud of her wonderful daughter every day. She just wished she had more time to appreciate that.

With some gentle coaxing Grissom pulled her away from the nursery and they settled on the sofa with the obligatory morning coffee. Lucie didn't allow them too long to relax, within a few minutes she was calling out into her empty bedroom. She had become a lot more vocal recently. While yet to form actual words her voice was certainly not lost to her completely.

With an excited smile Sara practically ran into the bedroom and gathered Lucie into her arms, showering her with kisses and signing 'happy birthday'. Meanwhile, Grissom was attending to the buzzing of their front door. He hadn't been expecting anyone and definitely not this early in the morning but as it turned out everyone seemed to have the same idea. Catherine, Greg, Nick and Brass all stood outside the door with wide smiles and piles of presents. Bringing up the rear, equally surprised by the commotion in her son's hallway was Mrs. Grissom. Gil ushered them all through to the living area and Lucie greeted them with her sparkling smile.

She sat on the floor surrounded by brightly colored boxes and she had no idea what to do with them. Greg took up position behind her, coaxing her into ripping the paper and revealing the treasure inside. He had been an unexpectedly wonderful uncle to Lucie; he was a natural with children. Sara liked to tease it was because they shared similar mentalities but in truth she was impressed by Greg's ability to bond with Lucie and entertain her for hours with just a length of string or a piece of paper.

When she and Greg were finished destroying the mass of presents Grissom brought out her cake, one huge candle taking pride of place in the center. Lucie enjoyed the singing immensely, she smiled and clapped her hands and looked around at her extended family with glee.

She seemed fascinated with the flicker of the candle; Sara lost count of the times she had to pull her chubby little hand away from the flame. Teaching her to blow it out was another challenge. She seemed to find their demonstrations hilarious and eventually a sneeze did the trick, garnering a round of applause from all the adults.

By the time everyone was gone Lucie had curled up on the sofa beside one of her new cuddly toys. The room was littered with ribbon and bows and colorful paper of every description. Plates with remnants of cake crumbs and coffee mugs were scattered everywhere but for once Sara and Grissom didn't rush to restore order to their normally immaculate home.

They sat on the other sofa, arms around each other and a coffee mug in hand as they watched their baby girl sleep.

Sometimes the mess could wait; sometimes savoring the moment was much more important.