This isn't exactly how I had planned our conversation to go, but I was definitely enjoying it. Edward grabbed my hips roughly, swung me over his shoulder, and with vampire speed ran to our room and tossed me face first onto the bed. I was about to flip over when he shoved my face back into the silky sheets. I gasped in shock but didn't turn over. I turned my head just enough to peek at him with lust filled eyes.

"So, does the thought of Carlisle spanking your creamy pale ass turn you on?" he hissed between his teeth, but I could see the grin in his eyes. I loved it when he talked dirty.

"It makes me wet just thinking about it love," I said with desire in my voice.

"Well, fuck me, Bella. Maybe you need to be punished for your nasty little thoughts," he whispered as I felt the fire of his slap across my ass. I squeaked as the sting spread and I felt it at my core. I leaned back and rubbed my ass along the length of his shaft.

"I didn't tell you, you could fucking move, now did I?" And with that his hand came down hard across the other cheek.

"Uhhngh," I moaned. I needed him inside me now, but he wasn't through playing just yet. He let his cock rub against my already slick center. I moaned as he hit my clit. Then he pulled way and I groaned in frustration.

"You know maybe I should just go find Alice and fuck that little pixie's tight cunt. I bet she would love a good rough fuck," he said with an off hand look about him.

"Go ahead, but I bet I could make her come faster than you could," I replied with a devious grin.

"Oh you think so? Well let me show you exactly..." he thrust in his length fast and hard, "how..." he slammed into me again. "I would win that little bet."

His hand fisted into my hair as he fucked me from behind. My body shivered in anticipation of my release. If he could play dirty so could I.

"I bet Emmett would love to hear my nasty thoughts and how I want to ride his big luscious cock the way Alice did."

Edward let out an animalistic roar. He moved faster as I felt my climax build. His fingers found my aching clit and pinched. That was all it took to send me over the edge. As I rode out the waves of my orgasm, Edward came soon after. We collapsed into each others arms. I laid against his chest as we both glowed in the aftermath of our lovemaking.

"Edward if we are going to do this we need to set a couple of boundaries."

He caressed my hair and said, "Okay like what?"

"Well we leave Nessie out this for one thing. She can have her fun with the others, but I don't want to know anything about it."

" I agree, but what about the mutt?"

If I were still able to blush I would have been beet red. I look down at his chest and he squeezed me into him. I didn't want to admit that Jake was one of the reasons I agreed to this.

"Bella, my love, I know you have always wondered what it would have been like for you and Jake," he sighed, his breath fluttering my hair. "but I also know you love me and would never leave me for that canine." I looked up at him and placed a tender kiss on his lips.

"Just so you know love I won't be with Esme in any way," he looked at me and continued, "I've known Esme longer than the other guys have. She truly is a mother to me. I couldn't look at her any other way." I thought for a moment before replying.

"Edward do you want me to stay away from Carlisle considering he is your father?"

He gave me one his crooked grins and said, " After how I saw you take those slaps just now, I couldn't even think of denying you the pleasure or should I say pain of getting to know the real Carlisle."

I giggled and he grinned.

"So should we talk about what we do with the others?" I questioned.

He rolled me over onto his chest. His now hard length pressing against my thigh. He leaned his head back against the mountain of pillows.

"Babe, just the thought of you screaming as Rosalie finger fucks you and sucks your swollen clit makes me close to coming, and I would love to hear how she tastes to you."

His face did look as if he was very close to releasing as he imagined me with Rosalie.

This is going to be fun! I thought and I gave my husband a devilish grin.